068 VL Christian & Oliver - (2011-04-04)

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I already have a replacement for Dionysos in mind.
Lucino. An English thoroughbred. Very talented. Won several races.
A new horse? Dana said Dionysos is already doing better.
We should take our time with Dionysos.
Besides, Dana wouldn’t be able to get him in shape in time for the race anyway.
Yeah, that’s right.
Hello! Do you know where Andi is?
Er, we have a date.
I’m off. I have to talk to dad.
Um ... I wanted to say thank you.
It was really great how you got in front of the camera with Olli.
No, really! I got goose bumps!
And I’m sure that the viewers of ’Everything Noble’ will love you guys!
And someday, when you can adopt a child, this might have been the crucial moment.
Well, unfortunately, Olli and I are not of the same opinion.
Olli told me that you had a fight.
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push you guys. The opposite in fact. I ...
Andi, where are you?
Helena! Sorry, wait a sec!
[ Hellooo! That’s a botched job! ]
[ The gaps are so big you could push a pig through them! I want that done by tomorrow! Got it? ]
Er, Andi?
Sorry, I had to clarify something. Are you already at the stables?
Yes, sure! I’m waiting for you. We have a dinner date!
Yeah, I’m sorry. That ain’t gonna happen.
I’ll have to measure each gap here. Tomorrow will be the final inspection. I want this to be good.
It will be. For sure!
I’m off then!
Helena, wait a sec!
It’s not your fault that Olli and I are fighting.
I just hadn't expected so many people, and ...
When all those strangers started talking about Lilly, that was too much for me.
I can understand that.
So it’s not your fault. But ... I might have overreacted a bit.
Christian decides overnight that we don’t want to have children anymore - without talking to me!
This is about OUR future, not just his! Helena!
Yeah, maybe he feels a bit steamrollered by your speed.
My speed?
Actually, it’s my fault. I kind of dragged you in front of the camera.
Yeah, but just because I wanted it, too! Because I believe in this! ... Believed in it.
It all happened very fast. Lilly hardly left and we’re already talking about her on TV.
So what?! Are we all supposed to wear black and cry all the time now? Lilly hasn’t died!
But she’s very far away.
Exactly! And it hurts. So damn much, actually.
But then one talks about it! What are we married for? Man!
It’s hard for him. What do you expect? He’s a man!
I’ve got one of those at home myself. Who actually just stood me up.
But a man has to do what a man has to do!
Isn’t that stupid renovation finished anytime soon?
The final inspection is tomorrow. And it’s very important to him that everything works out well this time.
What do you expect? He’s a man!
Mr. Mann! Good news!
I’ll start negotiating with the British guys about the new thoroughbred. My father gave me the green light.
Lucino! Does Dana already know?
Mr. von Lahnstein, excuse my straightforwardness, but ...
Dana’s agonizing over screwing things up.
With her actions, Dana jeopardized the success of the racing team!
Dana is Dionysos’s trainer, and she feels responsible for him.
And honestly, that Galfa guy wasn’t the right one for Dionysos.
Mr. Galfa has an outstanding reputation! His success speaks for itself.
But he uses completely different methods than Dana, and she knows the horse like no one else.
Dana boycotted Galfa’s work! We both know the price.
Because of Dionysos’s injury the whole racing team is ...
Still, I think she set the right priorities!
Dionysos is the most valuable horse we have in the stables, and she wanted to protect him.
And we both know that Dionysos isn’t the easiest horse.
And you think I should’ve consulted Dana on this personnel decision?
Mr. Mann?
I appreciate your honesty. Thank you!
Mr. Mann, where’s Dana? I’ve been looking for her everywhere!
She went home early. She wasn’t feeling very well because of Dionysos. You know?!
Do you want a cup of coffee? - Thanks!
We will compete with Lucino!
Oooh! So you persuaded the British guys?
It’s a done deal! The horse is a jewel! I think that was a really good catch!
Mr. Mann, I’m sure that, with Lucino, we can make use of the last chance my father granted us.
All of us, in fact. Together!
That means ...?
That means I have to talk to Dana.
I've thought about what you said.
In spite of everything, I trust her.
And who if not Dana should train the new horse?
Yeah. You should definitely tell her yourself.
Hello, Dana! I expect you to be here at the stables tomorrow morning, at the latest!
We’ve got a new horse!
And I want you to get it so much in shape that it will win the damn derby for us! Got it?
No back talk!
She got it! See you tomorrow!
[ And you need patience. ]
[ Because sometimes it’s better to wait and see and to not tempt fate. ]
I’m sorry!
I am sorry!