Lacuna Coil: intervista doppia!

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C: Cristina Scabbia
A: Andrea
C: 39
A: 38
C: Is it mandatory to publish that?
Educational qualification
C: I am graphics and ads technician - never practiced it
A: Accountant
C: I can't do it, I'm not able to do a high-pitched shout... I'll do it anyway...
C: Lacuna Coil singer
A: Musician, singer
Which other jobs have you done before?
C: Uh I had done an endless job list: barmaid, waitress, I worked for a courier company, at the Rinascente [Italian retailer operating upscale department stores] as Christmas gift package wrapper - my first job... many things
A: I had worked in a thousand positions before... I delivered goods with a van, in a warehouse, for a skateboard magazine...
What's your mobile ringtone
C: My mobile ringtone... it's a standard iphone ringtone, I've always wanted to change it but never done it yet
C: Classic 60s ringtone
Do you consider yourself famous?
C: I wouldn't say famous... let's say I've been able to create something with the band I am in
A: Uhmm... Maybe I would say "known" instead of "famous"
What do people say when they meet you in the street?
C: Nothing... someone "Good morning"
A: Are you Andrea... Are you the guy from Lacuna Coil?
Cristina, when did you meet Andrea for the first time?
C: We meet at the "Midnight" pub, which was a historic club in the Milan metal scene
Andrea, when did you meet Cristina for the first time?
A: With Cristina we met in the mid-nineties at the Midnight Pub in Milan, if I'm not mistaken
What did you think when you met?
C: We both found each other very nice, so we became friends easily
A: I asked her if she would get me a beer, I think she was the waitress
Cristina, an Andrea quality?
C: Andrea is very down to earth and a very smart fellow. He never talks out of place and always says things that make perfect sense. He's also very sarcastic, and I love this of him
Andrea, a Cristina quality?
A: What I like of Cristina? She's very likeable and chill
Cristina, an Andrea defect?
C: One of Andrea's biggest defects is that he's very stubborn and wants thing his way all the time, and wants to be right at al costs even when he's wrong
Andrea, a Cristina defect?
A: A defect of Cristina I think is the fact that like all women, she talks a lot
Who of the 2 gets more endorsing requests?
C: We receive the same offers. As singers, we do the same thing and the “instrument” is the same. So we more or less get the same endorsements for microphones and for clothes. Yeah, I would say about the same
A: Cristina
Who of the 2 gets more "Indecent Proposal"?
C: Me
A: Maybe Cristina, but I'm not sure, it's a tough one
Cristina, what is the worst aspect to be on tour with a most male band?
C: The worst thing is for them! Being constantly on tour with a woman
Andrea, what is the worst aspect to be on tour with a female band member?
A: Messiness
And the best aspect?
C: The best thing is that I always feel very protected. It's like always being accompanied by five older brothers, which is very nice
A: The best thing is that she takes care of us, and we like to call her “mama Cri” for that
What is the best thing of being part of Lacuna Coil?
C: The best thing is that we get to travel a lot and see the world, and also that we do what we love for a job, and that is a real luxury
A: We get to see the world and connect with lots of people through our music, and even we struggle to understand this most times, but we know that it is a very important thing
And the worst?
C: The worst thing is being far from home for long times, and how it's not easy to stay in touch with our loved ones, how we would like
A: The worst is being so far away form your family and friends, and missing all the good times and things happening at home
Tell us an embarrassing incident that happened on the stage
C: There are many, but there is one incident which actually left a mark, and I have a scar from it, here on my eyebrow. The mic stand was not set up properly and at my first headbanging attempt, the mic stand turned around and hit me in the face, and I ended up doing the whole show with a bloody face, cause I did not notice the cut
A: Many years ago in Belfast, Ireland, as I was moving around on stage, my knee gave in and I fell over the drum kit, and at that point my shoulder got dislocated. So I sang three songs with a dislocated shoulder and then went to the hospital, and spent the entire evening there
Tell us an embarrassing incident that happened back stage
C: Does it have to be embarrassing, or just weird? An interesting episode happened in Las Vegas while on tour with Rob Zombie...
A: ...Rob came in the dressing room... And ...
C: ... He wanted to know if we wanted to meet his friend Nick, who had liked our show and wanted to meet us...
A: ... So we said, “sure, have him come in”, then I noticed this pair of weird blue moccasins walk in, and we see
Nicholas Cage show up, and well, it was kind of surreal
Cristina, confess to Andrea something you have done on tour to him that he still doesn't know
C: Dammit, let me think, I think I stole something to eat, something that was someone else's property... For sure!
Andrea, confess to Cristina something you have done on tour to her that she still doesn't know
A: Something on tour that she doesn't know about? I don't think we have many secrets, but probably the fact that I ate something from her personal food supplies
Tell us a weird episode that happened with a fan
C: We have plenty of “peculiar” fans, but nothing that bothers us that much. Some of them think they are our best friends just because we exchanged a few words, on some blog or website, but in general I think that they are all very nice, and it's nice when they bring us special gifts hand made by them, on which they spent hours of work. Someone gave us a blanket with our names embroidered on it, someone else gave us a scrapbook full of newspaper articles, photos, letters and any other thing they could find about us, but never anything too creepy
A: The strangest thing happened with one female fan. One night in New York after the show, I said hi to her and thanked her for coming out to the show. The next day she wrote me online as if we had some kind of amazing encounter. She wrote “thanks for the amazing night, you were amazing” and things like that. It sounded as if she was alluding to some kind of sexual encounter, but I had only simply shaken her hand
How is it called and when will be released your new album?
C: The new album will be called...
A: ... ”Dark Adrenaline”
C: And it will be out...
A: ... On January 23rd
C: ... 2012 in Italy, and on the 24th in North America and hopefully the rest of the world too
Sing for us a few seconds of your favourite Dark Adrenaline track
C: But it's not my favorite one, I like all of them equally, and it's morning right now and my voice is still “sleepy”
A: Not sure if it's my favorite one but it's the first one that came into my mind
Sing for us a few seconds of your favourite non metal song
C: Is there time to sing a thousand of them? Andrea, come on, you sing
Sing for us a few seconds of your favourite Cristina D'Avena [popular Italian cartoon jingle singer] song
A: Cristina D'avena and the italian theme to the Smurf cartoon
and then I think I forgot the rest!
What's your favourite 2011 concert?
C: I would say Disturbed, cause we went on tour with them, and because I did not see any other shows besides that... No wait, take that back, In Flames, at the Alcatraz club in Milan
A: Sevendust
What's your favourite 2011 album?
C: In Flames
A: Mastodon, “The Hunter”
What's your favourite non metal singer?
C: Mike Patton
A: Non-metal? Johnny Cash
And Metal?
C: Many, too many, from Bruce Dickinson to Till Lindermann. I don't know if you consider him “metal”, but I think he's more “metal” than most metal singers out there, and although he's not perfect, he's very tough
A: I don't know if you consider him “metal” but Mike Patton, but yeah, he's probably not considered strictly metal... Strictly “metal” I would say James Hetfield, because although he's not technically a great singer, he still has a avery unique voice and tone that I really like
What's the worst comment you've read on about Lacuna Coil?
C: Criticism, is always the same, and from the usual people. I think the worst one is when they say, that we do not write our songs, and that someone else does that in our place. I would really love to invite these people to our studio, to see what hard work is behind our music
A: They make me laugh, and I find them amusing, but some people say that we are in some way privileged or advantaged in some way. In reality we all come from modest income families, and we have no high society connections whatsoever. Actually, talking to our label, Century Media, they said, we're the only band they ever signed simply from a demo submission, and with out having any idea of who we were
What would you say to those who, hidden by a nickname, is way too free in his/her manner
C: Come and say it to my face
A: Honestly I don't really care, so go ahead and say what you want
Thank you, see you soon!
C: A huge kiss
A: I don't now where you guys are based, but cheers!