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We call it Indian cane here,
it has a scientific name.
Sometimes we think that canes may be useful for something else,
you see, I always have that idea,
as I always have that futuristic idea,
maybe it might be useful for something else.
In this area, there are several cane plantations,
there are canes, and there are big cane fields.
A cane cutter is a person who devotes his time to be a craftsman,
who goes there, cuts it, works with it and leaves it finished in the market.
I'm a cane worker,
I've found in cane an economic shelter, so I dedicated myself to cane.
I've only been working in this field for 2 years now.
All of a sudden, finding yourself in a closed cane field,
you don't know where to run,
how to cut it,
you start cutting your hands, because the saw slips from your hands,
the canes hit you, you cut yourself with a cane, which resembles a Gillette,
so you start getting used to it little by little.
Here people, I mean, I put myself in that place,
you start seeing modern things,
and you get involved in them, so when you leave the island,
that modern stuff starts driving you mad,
because of being in the city, in a nervous state, stressed up.
Well, when we come here, we leave rejuvenated.
Every time we come here, and we are with the plants, with nature,
with the river.
People who used to live here, the kids, who used to be like me, they have my age now,
they have gone away, they´ve studied, they have done another thing,
they´ve had the chance to study and focusing on something else,
they´ve done better, and well.
My brother and I stayed here, we trusted in it, in the farm.
Ideally, someone should come and tell you that they need 10 thousand canes for tomorrow
or the day after tomorrow, right, you have it,
and another one should come and tell you, hey do you have 20 thousand top-quality canes?
Yes, okay, maybe you´ve already cut them, or 30 thousand.
Or someone should come and tell you, I need 10 thousand big canes like these.
So, that is, it shouldn´t be cut only in the season, I'm not asking for a full year,
I'm only asking not to be cut only in the season.
Cane business here, it´s cold,
besides, they don't want to pay you as much as the work costs.
Just imagine, in high season, when there´s selling, I start at 4 in the morning,
and by 8 at night, I'm still in there.
I come here, have 2 mates or something with my wife and come back to the cane field;
and the next day it´s the same thing.
It is the only income I have,
so, as long as my health can take it,
I'll keep working with cane, and it will grow as far as the destiny wants it to,
now everything is in fate´s hands. I wish I had more sales,
not just a sale once in a while, not just a random sale,
I wish I could have weekly sales,
I wish I could carry forward this house in a better way.
What I expect from the future is,
not becoming a rich person,
but living from nature,
living with what I want, living with what I like,
what I've been doing since I was a child, springs to mind,
what used to happen with my father or my grandparents or with my uncle.
They started marrying each other, it became a successive chain
and all the people from Paulino Island ended up being single family.
Coming back here, and all the old people who are still alive,
are pleased for your returning,
and for the fact that you´ve come back to arrange the farm they had put away,
and so that encourages you to keep working here.