The Wednesday Drawing Show _ Snakes Alive! _16 Jan 2013

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It’s Wednesday - so it must be the Wednesday Drawing Show!
We like to plan ahead on the Wednesday Drawing Show. It’s the Chinese New Year in February
and this year it’s the Year of the Snake. So that gives us a great theme for this week’s
show which includes:
Snake’s eyes What’s in the Mail?
Making smooth curves. Your amazing Famous Faces Drawings
Celtic knots and an new Drawing Task for this week -
And finally, the rest of your uploaded drawings from last week.
That’s a lot to get through, so… let’s not talk about it (snap!) Let’s get on with
the show!
Snake eyes are weird and drawing them from different angles can be really difficult.They
come in all shapes and sizes, but, like most creatures, the eyeballs are spherical - like
I’m going to draw a line from the top to the bottom of this ball. When you look at
the snake’s eye head on, the line will appear straight, but view it from the side... and
the line curves... The curviness depends on the angle of view.
Now let’s add an eyeball. From the front it looks circular but from the side it appears
to be more like an ellipse.(I’ll be talking more about ellipses in monday’s lesson,
so make sure you check out the video.)
What about a slit eye? - Well, that works just the same.
We can draw it just as we see it on the model
This drawing is not accurate, but it gives you an idea of how the eyeball sits if we
view it from a slight angle.
leave an area white for the highlight and blend in the darker colour around the lower
half of the eyeball. Colour in the scales around the eye then… finish off with the
shadow that is cast by the eyelid on the pupil using a slightly darker tone across the top
of the eye to give a feeling of depth and transparency.
Alternatively, just throw a double one with a pair of dice and you have another version
of snake eyes!
(rattle of dice) watch this video to lean how to draw a dice real easy.
What’s in the mail?
Well I’ve had one lovely letter this week, from Shane and Richard Prior in Ireland who
have sent me a picture of a Bord na Mona Train engine. Bord Na Mona are the people who dig
up peat in Ireland. They asked me how I would draw the train and they asked so nicely I
did a video to show them. Here’s the link boys and you are going up on the wall of Fame.
Were running out of space so this is going tio have to go!
Want your work on the Wall of Fame? well, here’s the address to send it to:
Shoo Rayner PO BOX 65
Coleford GL16 9BD
Now lets get curvy!
So you want to draw a snake, but…. you’re one of those people who likes to draw really
neat lines and snakes are all curvy and you just can’t get it neat enough… Here’
try using one of these…
This is a flexible curve. Basically it’s a bendy ruler. You bend it and shape it to
fit the curve you want to draw and... hey presto! A nice clean curve.
The more old fashioned way is to use a french curve. These come in different shapes and
sizes. Somewhere along the edges, you should get portions of a curve that will help you
to make nice clean shapes. You’ll need to complete your curve in lots of smaller stages.
The free hand method is to roughly pencil out the curve and plot the points where the
curve changes direction. Let your hand practice the curve between each point before drawing
the finished curve with authority .
Last week I asked you to draw famous faces using a photograph. Well, lots of you went
to and uploaded your images. Let’s have a look at your fantastic
Here we are on the Wednesday Drawing and you can find this on upload your drawings
and drop down to Famous people drawings. Now let’s see who we Have!
This is Cain from Command and Conquor by Jo Kucan by Matii Cool - those are very mean
deep eyes, aren’t they?
Harry Potter by Teresa Ward (in the Correct Album this time) there we go and er yeah!
That’s a very young Harry Potter and that’s nice loose pencil drawing - I like that.
My name is Mary Aris and this is my picture for this week’s task, draw a celebrity.
I drew Emma Watson freehand - emma watson is also from Harry Potter isn’t she- yes?
Im wondering if you are right handed and that’s what’s pulling you over in this direction
- interesting - no - I like that.
I am 9 years old and my channel name is Flight freak 1000 and I am kind of guessing that
this is president Obama.
I also drew the rapper Flak pronouced Flake - Francisca here we are, so I think we’v
another one from Fancisca coming. It’s really good to see the original photograph that’s
great - yea I think you got a good likeness in there - and here we are - I’m Francisca
I’m 15 I drew the rapper Dizzy D Gotti - I think if you made the hair just that little
fraction higher and darker - its kind of whats really standing out there, that would be great
because you’ve got those eyes again
This is Sarah again, That’s my second drawing today! I tried to draw my best friend - you
think she would like it? I think she would
Thos is Michael Jackson from Umit - that’s cool - that hair is really tricky isn’t
it - I know! You spend a lot of time doing this and you spend a lot of time doing the
edge and then - eeerrrrrm! _ in the middle - which is exactly what I did - this is from
Sarah - I’m afraid I don’t know who that is But I like that its really dark hair that
makes it all stand out.
Oh yes! My name is Alin and this is Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean! Ha ha! He doesn’t have
to say anything, does he? he just makes you laugh! Ha ha!
This is Shoo Rayner Famous person, well thank you, by Mr.meathead812 on YouTube. Fab - well
I think that’s wonderful!
Justin Beiber I’m12 years old Aimee xx Yea that’s really good, you’ve got something
there - that kind of surprised just turned around and focusses on the camera pose - yeah.
Got that immediacy about it.
This is Peter Jackson by beer3master - I think that looks quite like him - there’s something
strange going on in the eyes there - I think that should just be up a little bit and that
should be down a little bit but it’s him!
Ah Nelson mandela - that’s a great drawing well done but we don’t know who it’s by
- if you don’t write your name- we wont know who its by. cant’s quite see it…
no can’t quite read that. you have to write your name in the box if you want us to know
who didi it. maybe you don’t want us to know!
I’m Milena KKojuharova from Varna Bulgaria, I draw Ian Some Holder who I don’t know
either, I don’t know everybody but that’s very mean and moody!
Anthony Padila from Smosh by Max G from Victoria Australia. again, I don’t know but I vaguely
recognise that face! Yes, I think I do know who that is.
Digital tracing on ipad - first go - avid fan - again we don’t know who this is - it’s
a real light touch. I’m going to be doing a thing about iPad in the next few weeks.
My Name is lucas and this is a drawing of a marvel poster I found. with all your favourite
Hope you like it heres a link to download the full drawing Nick l. very moody! is that
Charcoal or pencil Im not sure. Its got a very moody moody look about it. very particularly
around there.
My Olly Murs hope you like it i love your videos. This was my first time drawing a real
person !! Thanks - Kiara Hanlon age 11 I think that’s really good Kiara the face is really
good -hands are really very difficult, I know. But I really think that has got something
of Olly Murs about it.
Isabelle This is Benedict Cumberbatch who is Sherlock holmes yea great and I like this
text here and Hair! hair is really really hard - I should try and get to grips with
that in another video.
"Start spreading the news" By: Freddy Krepps Jr. Fredy keeps on at me to do a drawing of
Frank Sinatra it will come Freddy - everything comes to those who wait! and This is my drawing
of kate Middleton. I drew it by hand just by looking at this image: this is Mary Aris
again and it’s interesting mary that you’ve gotr this angle going off at one side its
obviously your kind of thing something obviously pulls you over to lean your drawings - that’s
very interesting - It’s not wrong and I’m not criticising - I think it’s interesting
This is Ben's drawing of Jim Carry, an American Movie Star. I'm only 12 so i think its pretty
good I think it’s pretty good too!epic!!! Jim Carey is pretty scary isn’t - I think
You Got that mad scariness about him!
It's my personal hero,Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance,my name is Ana Marija and I’m from
Croatia :)) I think that’s really good it’s got an atmosphere about it
Here we are I think this is Babe Ruth by John Howarth? I know nothing about Baseball so
I couldn’t tell you if that’s a good likeness or not, again I like all this on the outside
- it gives it that fifties look
Ray William Johnson by Alex Manzano. Youtube Channel: ArtArtAndMoreArt Thats wild look
at that crazy crazy eye I don’t know Ray William Johnson is either Im afraid - Im useless!
And that’s mine that you saw before Well that’s fantastic and thanks for sharing
all these drawings its actually really brave of you letting us see all your work. make
sure you stay tuned to thend of this show for next week’s task and I hope to show
your work next week.
I find Celtic Knots fascinating. Here, look at this belt buckle which was found at the
Sutton Hoo Burial site in Suffolk England. Its an amazing tangle of of woven.. Wait what’s
that (ding)
Looks like a snake’s head to me! There are many old tales about snakes eating their tails,
and that’s what is going on in this design.
The Vikings believed that Jormungandr, the World Serpent held it’s tail in it’s mouth
while encircling the world!
The Vikings were great sailors, so they would have been handling ropes all the time. Celtic
Knots can be simply based on a twisted loop of rope or string, The knot joining the ends
will be represented by the snake’s head.
We can then go on to an easy three loop knot - here, I showed how to draw one on my Drawstuff
real easy channel.
It’s not so hard to go on and try a four loop knot.
There are so many variations of this pattern to explore, you can even include intertwined
snakes - or snakes biting each other’s tails.
Have a go yourself - it’s fun!
This week’s Drawing Task is to draw snakes!
Any kind of snake or anything to do with snakes. Snake patterns, celtic knots, realistic snakes,
mechanical snakes… let your imagination go wild and then go to
and share your work with us all. And don’t forget to tell us you tell us who you are!
We love to see your work (actually it’s the most popular part of the show) and and
everyone learns from seeing how other people approach the same subject. It doesn’t matter
if you are 8 or 80, The Wednesday Drawing show is for everyone. We’ll look forward
to see your work, next week.
Well, thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the show. Stay tuned for all your other drawings
that were posted last week.
Make sure you are subscribed to this channel and make sure to watch the Wednesday drawing
show every week. In the meantime keep drawing drawing drawing, practice practice practice,
and I’ll see
you next time. You take care now by bye.