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Uploaded by SuperiorBeds on 29.06.2012

Good morning! I am Alex Read-Brain the chief financial officer and marketing director at
Superior Beds. I am on the road travelling at the moment. I am currently in Southern
France on the Mediterranean coast, staying Hotel Akuron in Lauragaise Plain, Southern
France. I thought I’d make a video diary of some of the beds that I sleep in and give
you my professional opinion on why they are good and bad and how they compare, so this
is the bed that I’ve been sleeping in. As you can see, it’s a very, it’s quite a
sizable double, probably not quite super king-size. It’s probably a king-sized bed, um, and
it’s nice and room for one. It’s put together as two single beds down the middle, so there
is two individual mattresses here, one on this side where I have been sleeping and one
on this side over here, and it’s quite firm. It’s not unzip and link. It’s just two
mattresses side-by-side that have been provided with linen for a king-sized double. Now, it
has been for four nights that I’ve been here, it’s actually been quite comfy. It’s
a little firmer than what I normally sleep on, and that’s ok, and it’s been ok for
the four nights, but I wouldn't to sleep on it permanently. So, let’s have a look at
why it is so. This is why it’s a little firmer. It’s made firm to make it long-wearing
because of the thickness of the mattress. It’s about 20 cm. That’s my hand span.
It’s about 20 cm, maybe a little less, so this is a good 10 cm, 10 cm thinner than the
mattresses that we sell, um, and it’s made this way because they want it to be hard-wearing
and durable because it is a hotel bed even though this bed probably gets slept in less
than a regular bed at home because a regular bed at home would be slept in every night,
anyway, that’s the reason they make it firm, trying to get more wear, trying to get a longer
life out of it, and it’s probably a cheaply made mattress. We’ll have a look in a minute.
Anyway, this is the base. It is very basic. It is not thick. It is not box sprung. It’s
just a solid, wood timber frame. Anyway, so, having a look underneath here if we can see.
Aha! Just here. It’s a Highlands Palace Gibnore Hotelier, guaranteed for five years,
and that is probably quite cheap latex underneath there, anyway, hard-wearing, but not something
you would want to sleep on every night, and you probably would get a little bit hot being
latex if you wanted to sleep on it every night. Anyway, that’s enough for me. I am leaving
the coast of the Mediterranean today and heading towards Geneva where I’ll be on Wednesday,
but in between times I am going to stop in Leon, and I will give you another post from
there. Until then, enjoy that. Thank you.