USARAF participates in an Italian ceremony

Uploaded by soldiersmediacenter on 15.11.2010

Being stationed overseas offers servicemembers the chance to experience different cultures
and traditions. Specialist Hugo Vasquez reports on a soldier
taking part in a local ceremony. [Vasquez] Italian Alpini members invited US
Army Africa soldiers to take part in a bell dedication ceremony.
The Alpini group in Monticello Conte Otto purchased a bell and donated it to the local
church. Colonel Joseph Angyal represented the United
States at the bell's dedication.
This is the only bell of its kind in all of Italy.
It's dedicated by the local Alpini Association and for the province,
and it's to honor all of the dead from all of the countries.
[♪choir singing♪] [bell rings] [Vasquez] The Alpini also recognized Colonel
Angyal for his involvement in the community by awarding
him an Alpini hat. [applause]