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My brothers, my sisters.
Welcome to this
our third public meeting
of our beloved Kreativistens Kyrka.
As your brother, as your minister, as your friend
I greet you
on this very important day
in the history of our beloved people.
This is a meeting that
our jew oppossition did not want to have occur.
They earlier, as you well know, phoned in a bomb threat
to try to stop
our heroic mission.
But obviously their threats,
their attacks have
have come to nought.
And here we are today, standing for our White people
in a time
in which it is considered taboo by our media, governmental and church masters
to do so.
We indeed go against the grain
by standing here today, by sitting here
by unifying ourselves for our White people.
I'm happy to say though that in addition to those that are here today
many will be watching me
on public access television
will be attaining a copy of this tape
and so the numbers
of those who are listening to my voice
and who are celebrating
our White
ancestry, our White pride, our beloved cause
will be exponentially greater
the the mere numbers here today.
My brothers and sisters,
racial loyalty or racial treason
that is the subject of this speech
it's a very important issue, in fact it's the most important issue in our beloved cause
wether we will be loyal to our people, our blood
or wether we will be miserable traitors
I know that all of you in this room
or most of you in this room
have made the decision
But, of course, I must speak my words also to those that have not yet made their decision.
Those who have been confused by other loyalties throughout their lives
those who have been told that we should put
nation first
or put
religion first, such as Christianity
those that have been told that we should put
the constitution first.
or can it be a good word birds
well we really want to know
there we drop but our customers
and that is what we have gotten a lot
about investments
there are a little its full examples
uh... chaos
the altitude bought object
not line point though
predatory capitalism
why people fight each other in general who don't
including foreign interests involved here
failure or marital
of our people
advising even through the updated his youth
or religion
created by a ratio of the teams
are looking forward to hold a promise
former or other people
people talking with other was trapped in europe
we've got
every show us distributors
we haven't noticed a tree
and learn from it
yeah i can keep
workforce in dot org
the data
fight each other or whether we should definitely try it out
so we have a lot
weed out for the particles
opting equ
orange black shirt
mountains but not this morning people
i would be people eighty-five creativity
as many people
extremely divided excuse me
for people
nationalism and of course is not going to like it
the idea that you can draw a lot and that will be one of the implement method
now my brothers and sisters
uh... national
we should not have an edge
but i think that
be back with him
rewards we want
whether it is
about how to be removed and uh... we're going to order the book
you would like to book your honor
spent millions perhaps
one group
it would be great for the whole
black people
okay going back into the trap of europe
but brought on arrival
it david europe's apart
the world
later alcoholic consignee
that hope at is apps
and in the dark because he had little
locate everything
to the point of view of our own
but i want to do you think the point of view
when you get attitudes
political action
what you are
later our political roundtable
ideas went national grid lock
very partnership
i can tell you
waiting for example that the other
captured simplyhired vision
at gretna la u
bearable mentality of letting the people who is going to happen are tired of all
lower as well
like it
two hundred borders of countries
a lot about rape
who dropped the bomb
champ obviously
people failed marriage that converts
are intercourse with people
if you believe that appointment but without migratedfrom before that please
we're offering our briefers were also in our racial pampers
and i think that's what
leader dick
and a lot
those of our political differences
on a time though
the perceived watching it on the screen right now
i think that would be very well proceedings
where you are my brothers and sisters
and meetings
realizes that the president doesn't have the advantage of this error
showed moment
should look out for the accuracy
indeed in just a couple of years
brothers and sisters
british royalty of course
his father born
february because the exuberant reported something like
there at least interest
leverage loyalty
but was really was written
they've created
the fact that
you were being
pretty important
then he grabbed it did not commit the crime
reasoning or confrontation
they'd better
dismissed juror was between
you know i don't want that to happen endure
and only
spectacularly wrong
we have a good day
are great
uh... harris
wouldn't want it
the newspaper
including our own conduit around his body had racial side
we're not sure if he's found that the other blacks
rentals cubans
we abhor no commission unit
you do it
from low
the national loading data
returns to right
meeting the christian
the christian religion that invited to our people
need to resend
but actually he was
are what you want to believe in the pentagon
legend therefore thought it was rejected
care of the product that yesterday preferred yeah
opposition to that and it was not a student would be gone
you've got to the gym talking effectively balance sheets
and certainly we have to read
parties so many
we have an absolutist
we have to meet in six working
we are not
advantages because i'm kinda
because we have nothing better to do at that time
uh... well job and she was that
microsoft isn't it your job
don't make it in fact that we have a minute and i hope that your moral at all
freaked out when the world
loans and things of this nature
i have no information but which is a parasite
and i think that dude
that's what this means
important tears
just isn't that correct
studios yet he's
battery especially if you didn't spit out action team
then in that
that people who are watching him develop means that
an hour
quite shocked that wasn't ends
uh... which i don't get into spring
but i didn't
disprove the idea
that should be taken
hasn't heard about it
the report crucial
or anything
accused of worship god
has received word of it
uh... witnessed anything
we heard a report though in that country
religions people huh
for the first amendment
but there is no i don't really need regarding racial models
epidemiology ortho
for a lot of people
battle between student and i will
i had gotten you die
population development
rule will all four billion years from now
were questioned worldwide you're middle
we don't know let's
what apartment and and that is they are people
are able to think more than eighty percent of the population
but very few people
the people that
his blood
people about it
copy of the superior intellect that i was there
marketed generators were killed
living hell
but because
white people life
and defending him
part of the issue of ritual
this victories
you've got a lot of people are not too bad
no doubt about it
molded in
or racial adversaries
we have to know more about that
for quite a bit world
for a better world
we're update
through the end of quote
wagner the birth of the depression
he's okay
i heard a lot of people uh... haiti
starvation cheryl i'm going to be a christian dislocated my daughter
this of course body
this is a perversion
than people realize
instrument because he's the planet
speak cannot be visible yankees
study remedy
through the energy
while the lawyers backfill
placards are great
that indeed
richards embraced those that depression is limited
and a lot of the coral crime
position please look for
this person's christian
so we have
so that when this fall
situation effort
spots of cancer
uh... when movement or not
whatever got
spot about this
talk about the back of my people
a birthday present
waders dot taiwan because black people and i in the bag newsletter addicts
uh... electricity
probably white your jumped up
and operation at the hotline
so if you look at our world client details
if you have a religious wars
that when people here
but because of that they had to go to the people
but they didn't get five hundred million
what people's and i was probably ironed out
four-part concert
federal benefit plans
but with more on that day
certainly didn't
look a little bit
from an early age
or someone who
has flattened out
he had a good natured
users that certain upon
the population or whatever it could be filed or indeed if we did not have you'd
like to use it
now the latter
religions diagnostics uh...
that you're not a mystery
usually people altogether
that you've got a lot
this manifesto curtains cheap resembles
who by the way down at the end up
people don't know that
individuals can probably the news media
that provides the kind that one
and head of the action that
making money off of every workers opposed the plan
praise god
clap work there
the idea that we should buy our golf in the world for one class
that i am oklahoma two hundred dollars
it should be let me give you a lot of other individuals in the bourgeoisie
evidence in patent
and all the people of everyone
continue document
overlap with no longer bob
people egghead
at maple among
the idea of
about integrity levine inadvertently
i haven't
by survive the upcoming additional
religion well i wouldn't want to
bottled up in the morning to disable on it
we were talking about so
an attachment with your question
national elections
every weekend be really haven't had wanted to be here
eternal into cameron
kodak is what happened in one of the co-opted
where there are the people tell me what have you been
well i don't know
admiral dr
of video
very artificial
and economic growth class work here
us once again
one again
and i give them the way i should have
where we've got our our people
along requiring or forwarder
nothing in between
your path
well i don't have a capital
uh... summed up
happen rumbling sound dot com
reality and should not we can and cannot for
you've got to go on
reconvening against lightened
will renewed
i mean
also if you might imagine
that people can
i'm going to happen
accused the
certain privileges
pollutant ab
christian bible or disagree about unions
but without kids
and what did you vote for it and
it'd be a lot of
they're expected them to gibson
national world
i don't mind
jukeboxes this method
carolyn huber who could work for example
genes that carried the printed page
indicate he doesn't want one of the momentum
confederacy of america secretary bruton cheese
and thank you
we are chosen by nations off against one another
paid bank unit
denied even imagine
people wanting to go to battle
british omg route
judy overall
or cracked overall
end of the world's diamond celebration i've got it
look at what happened
because of the national
now heading up
diet may help you
and it's getting better
the pentagon study
the british empire sunshine however
for delgado
twenty throughout the day
now that that version
this is the result
germany fighting
nobody brent
why people fight each other
that he must be geared toward
at which
his racial low
is ridiculous
at the
and racial loyalty to prevent the catholic business
walks for people
made a lot of the natural
it'll it'll be a very bluntly and i don't think i would enjoy that
it not
by controlled media
at the christian churches
by the government
it anything it got bought them equally with the black people read all the
u dint reply three basically
people walk hand in hand but it was none of them
case would look at him
that the natural only
in fact it not
the bangalore coalition
was not a bad word here or do you want to learn russian
i didn't have any idea
the creative geniuses white people whether it is beautiful creature
we have are not a problem with the white man in america allen russia
replete norway
maneuvered african american
would be a jewish american
uh... i don't know
for american asian-american what happened
internet battle
cleared worldwide and race
weather in america
but they are here albert gore wrote
there are no longer now
that we've got a lot of habits are marked with the word
won't you or more common in britain
we got our our marianne
complaining and nationalism
because those people
or by any person for army general interpretation little that could be
anything you want
for waiting
economic perhaps worker indignant rocket launchers
are always wondered what
for trauma oklahoma woman
is an important use like that
we had a vote
many artificial conduit through come you don't mind
people want to know
and we do not think that
not something i thought that mark fuhrman
tomb part of the everyone who's robert yuki in
yes you're right
whether hapsburg reluctantly decided whether to be prisons
and his body
my brothers and sisters
we opportunity
but we were watching that harold ickes
whether he will be
your card will be a tree
to make that call
usually would burst
but it
racial mobile regime three
we don't know
already and i would have been a and go into this world
who are traitors
to the white race
and we
have an obligation to live
to victory
we have an obligation to stray capital baiting white people everywhere
is quiet
that maybe he could be jewish propaganda because the other important
most of the park people
we had a great addition towards did
to take every
every white men and women develop
what dynamo
we cannot recall if i manage
if people are people would be
the existing he wouldn't you
whitewater dinner table anaconda
we need a reporter who made it
temperamental politically correct what happened to be would like to use
that without it there now
don't work on it
these people or white people
standard for themselves
we have dropped
another endured twenty years understood at the bottom of white people are
to destroy themselves
which we are continuing to look at the end of the bombardment spills
him out
so i want to end
our libraries
we're going to deal with their careers
in philadelphia
what would be one hundred years
we had so many trees out there
so many governmental officials who were treated his
something politicians don't have a motorist so many church officials
sony distraught over the world
we're gonna have a good to be good
issued a challenge
a lot of people corresponded weapon
well you would like to have him here
conveniently kaptur
reversal i don't know who created an atmosphere in the game
it or not i don't think it is
the main problem
either omega screwed up the heat
oklahoma ratings
and ability to recognize and their communities
if your friends are
we recognize our enemies
does not work out
that a lot of nicaragua natural line
through the world
but i mean everyone agrees and the world individuals
for abortion
why people don't get elected imputed interest so we think there are
accrued by shrewd manipulators
moves with the movie
what do you love interest
those who do not
lewis who did not
wrongs reasons
in tibet
eight abet the interests of unity
knowing that his father
the destruction
will be killed
they will baby legal condition
the open the punishment would be great
will be meted out
who play
well park
well okay go ahead bob locale
shashank show i think it is
but that did not even though it would be great went camping
it didn't work and for those who treated injuries
because i have no record of the brown
joker dot
our country has had his work
do it doesn't matter if you don't even know where
avocent will
you generations without a bottle of water
but we got
so you know
weighty artificial mohit
a buffalo deliveries
and we are going to do
and as we have
and then decades these entries
planetree in one country without aluminum of course
the bottom of the death penalty for those who
betrayed and grace
there is nothing more republicans world and he agrees
and one who would
at their ancestors team
lie detector and water
love me
three my printer or god
no matter what was that it didn't matter what the struggles
well a lot of his the agreement that would be a
treatment to our library
not picked up
or colored
and i was wondering if you go to talk about politics
tolerance for the political battle at
agrees with me
joked that we should not copy tolerant
of the individual who had bachelor waiting with adam
designation aren't aren't good
hahahaha homosexuals
and other demands
all-race previews
we had a compound of those two
that op
and had to do it
are about
market leaders
but we're all
spokesman daniel
recommended that you want that
there is no pretty independent
again for posterity
of the race
some decades ago
preserved is one of these people
syndrome update via
to preserve lower keyboard
it we are going to
and we're begins
admiral mike boorda outfield
spotted owls
mail deliveries
and other creatures
the wrong
rutskoi ruby
while being
biology buttons auto involvement
will not be worried
and concern
apartment home
confided to me
infiltrated every
using the picture they wanted to give the world
i can tell you how many people that will be brought copies in print
that we talked about that part of the constitution everything would be fine
if that would take them
why why didn't this region
here today
there is no way to go to bed
there is nothing more
married black representatives
the president
and there's nothing i i don't know
apartment for people to expect
and one problem
cognitive problems that might hurt her about this
i read about your right now
league may require
uh... right now what we're going to hurt by that
white and black
when we did
and then walking down the street and the blood of the style that mentioned uh...
when you were a lot of the american flag flying over reacted genocide against our
others don't notion that the american flag delores
the idea of the country talked about that
so i'll return the fire
even the idea of what america before all
i think the world but not
it doesn't matter
we'd be doing lunges
we are a lot of people
phone company speaking
i plan to consumes decompression account of what happened
at him and he put his own good
hundreds line matter now
doesn't matter to us
what matters
old at that time and time
roasters agreeing to meet with
lead the way
the first time
about moving through retirement was never on
we had a creative and as we can get a are locked in
so that we were told to
i don't know
and racial as we go
that are a lot of people in the bronco wonderful method of treatment
imploded and procedural as anand
the battle matter
in comparison
we know that we are liberal or money
part of our people
both adventure begins
the interest of what people became
when you're chipping away
at that hour
but are answers to do
i think they've made without question
referral didn't burst a few minutes ago
more more white people
are heeding the call
that everybody comes before all else
at their way people's future
they note that
the future
what people remembers
none of the future
look i know a lot of people joined together
and you know that we couldn't use it
each and every where and when your child
can be brought
each and every one of them can turn around
he showed me a lot retrograde
i'm sure you want me to tomorrow
and becky obeyed
federal we've got a grandmother yet
old-line truth
junkie who are having a child with my wife and her friend
and if we put that person doesn't know how much area
each he had a white man woman and child
that would be a cutie
at palm desert
rate a little jewelry trees
would be
there was not a good day
that we should talk about them
superiority versions google
this is cell does not move eugene
running out of the individual people
all of us are
volja all partners in the world
well now that you're not invited
ninety-nine point nine nine percent of the accomplishments
vermont people
we're all going over the embargo if it were a lot of the latter
we wouldn't know
because of that
for just as we will try to find it hard
or pulling our liberal
we have had to be to stop the harmful online or what
are white
well allen and i think it is
and part of the
earlier this month
radical would uh...
yeah right here
that we came up with me so i don't care about
he was going to be ready
and we would pick
lucinda really
person there
okay my brothers and sisters a lot of people would be great
give the ethiopians
thirty bill clinton
eat them
bernadino everything visitors
we declare
one of the plane
that will play
a little bugger
but it does
that haiti
you don't have a yahoo
today a relatively few
actually i'm
are we going to do it themselves
four hundred growing
and bob that it will be many
and she had a great fox will never know who thought of you
now if you have to get
when others did not
don't you
bucked the trend is the world and racial around her
my brothers and sisters
forward these on a
we haven't got power reaching everyone of you
each and every one of the matter with you about
before we go to war
dubois homosexual behavior
people aren't there children play future
and we have to believe troopers secure bro im
are white racism plays a spy surfers
but it's a bit
acted out
three dollars bills
let it go along with that dinner challenge ourselves
but there is a lot about the white
autocratic ido
beijing beaches find it
if you want to get a little
eberhard ok period eight
out tonight
i walk how dare not language i don't think that the white people
and i was
let's take the responsibility to date