How to Unlock a Bathroom / Bedroom Door Under 5 Seconds!

Uploaded by shaneconlan1 on 20.08.2012

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 [music]\uc0\u8232 \u8232 \b 00:08 Shane Conlan:
\b0 Gidday knuckleheads. Uncle Knackers here, talking to you today about door handle sets.
And in particular privacy door handle sets and how to unlock one if you find yourself
locked out. So what's the go with privacy door handle set and where would you use one?
Well, they're mainly used in rooms like the bathroom or bedroom. And the reason is, well
to keep unexpected visitors out. How they work is, they normally come with a lever or
push-button lever or some other mechanism like this here. And this clips in and the
door is locked. Nobody can get in which is fantastic. But what happens if unexpectedly
you need to get into that room? Just say for instance your toddler has walked in there
and he's pushed the button and looked himself in. How do you get in? Or if God forbid somebody
has a heart attack and you need to get in. How do you get in? \uc0\u8232 \u8232
\b 01:07 SC: \b0 Well you could grab a sledgy and smash
the door in. Oh, but I wouldn't be advising that. So how do you get in? Well, the solution
is really easy. All privacy door handles sets come with a hole like this one here or something
similar which enables you to put something like a thin screwdriver or even an unbent
paper clip to insert that into the hole to push the lock out on the other side. I locked
the door, I pushed the button in here, I' locked the door. I can't get in. There's a
disaster inside and I need to get in quick. Get your screwdriver. Put it into the hole,
have a little fidget around in there, it might take a couple of seconds, just got to find
the right spot. Click. Done! Just push the button out. I can now get in. Disaster averted.
Great tip, knackers. Wow, wow, wow! Before you go two really quick things. With your
screwdriver or your unfolded paper clip, put that on top of the other [02:17] ____ for
future reference. And secondly if you thought this tip was useful, please click the like
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