MSTC - Barber Cosmetologist

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(Kelly -- Student:) The Barber Cosmetologist program
specifically it's always been my passion, doing hair and fashion.
(Pat -- Instructor:) It's a very artistic, very creative
field. They learn everything from all the functions of the skin, the
hair, the nails. Our goal is to prepare our students to pass
their state board exam. The technical college is unique in
that the teachers really are industry experts.
(Kelly:) They're very passionate about
what they do, they're very passionate about us, and helping
us, and making sure we get everything that we need to get out of the
program, so that at the end of our year, we're ready to go.
(Pat:) Our students are really getting the
latest, most up-to-date products and types of services offered by our
industry. The industry is only expanding. People in this industry
are in a higher demand than ever before.
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