Reddit Rap Up Week 2 April 1st - 7th: Alien vs. Ludacris

Uploaded by CanuckInDetroit on 10.04.2011

Ahhem, The Reddit Rap Up,
April First through Seventh.
Move bitch, Get out the way,
Your jacket claimed peace, But this teacher don’t play,
Move bitch, Get the fuck out the street,
Your walk says you’re drunk, But you stayed on your feet,
While Borders on that “no restrooms” dumb shit,
We on that next level, We can piss in public,
First I guessed her age, Then I guessed her muff,
I couldn’t stop clicking, I couldn’t guess enough,
She ain’t dead yet, Isn’t this funny?
Getcha own! Stop tryna spend your Granny’s money!
For the last time, Your baby isn’t vegan,
If he starves to death, Then ya need to feed him!
Move bitch, We don’t want to wait,
Sixty years later, Now they’re ‘bout to be a state,
Move bitch, I’m going upstairs,
Hold onto my bottle, While I wrestle with this bear
Maybe Reddit isn’t built to scale, and Maybe this is why we use Gmail, and
Scott Walker is corrupt as fuck, and Racuh beat her cancer’s butt, and
Wachovia did dirt still stayed wealthy, These girls lost weight, ate great, and feel
healthy, We all want to make it out of World War Z
We all think her naked would be great to see This guy posed sideways,
Great Wall of China, Until we clicked the link,
We thought this was vagina Fox News finally gets its ass kicked,
I just wish CNN would finish them, last hit! Move bitch,
Outa this apartment, I was here first,
Why you wanna start shit? Move bitch,
It’s plain to see, Revolution’s in the air,
Against the bourgeoisie, Na na na na na na na na
Bat Crab.