Penn College Commencement: May 14, 2011 (Afternoon)

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[ Music ]
>> Good afternoon.
The spring 2011 Commencement Ceremony begins
with the entrance of the candidates for graduation
from the Schools of Industrial and Engineering Technologies,
Integrated Studies and Natural Resources Management
from the Pennsylvania College of Technology, please join me
in welcoming the candidates for graduation.
[ Music ]
>> Ladies, gentlemen, and candidates,
entering next are the Pennsylvania College
of Technology Faculty
and Administration led by the school dean.
The platform party will complete the processional.
[ Music ]
>> Please rise if you are able for the national anthem
to be performed by Leah Nason,
daughter of faculty member, Brad Nason.
Gentlemen, please remove your caps.
[ Pause ]
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you Leah.
Please be seated.
[ Pause ]
>> Seated in the auditorium, are family and friends who have
in many different ways supported these candidates
to reach the goal represented by this ceremony.
On the platform are the college faculty and staff
who have motivated, encouraged, and inspired these candidates
as they completed their coursework
and their whole college experience.
And before us are the candidates, the candidates
for graduation who have become good friends, mentors,
colleagues, developed relationships
that will serve them well as they move
into the future together.
We join them as members of an extended support network
to celebrate our involvement with these candidates
and to witness their accomplishments.
That celebration now begins.
Presiding over the May commencement ceremony is the
president of the Pennsylvania College of Technology,
Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour
[ Applause ]
>> Good afternoon and welcome
to the beautiful Community Arts Center.
It's a fitting place for the commencement ceremony
of May 2011.
Today the graduates, you become part of a proud legacy.
For nearly 100 years, this institution has prepared men
and women to thrive in a changing world,
to enter the work force, and to advance into positions
that will influence the future.
As we celebrate your commencement today,
we also look forward to the contributions
that you will make in the days to come.
This is truly a ceremony that honors the past,
the present, and the future.
As we appreciate the efforts you put forward in order
to reach this milestone, I ask you to take time today
to gratefully acknowledge the family, the friends,
the colleagues, the faculty, and the mentors
who got you where you are.
Today, is an important day for all of us, I hope that today,
you will remember forever.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Now, I would like to introduce Mr. Elliott
Strickland, Interim Chief Student Affairs Officer.
[ Pause ]
>> Chairman Dunham, President Gilmour, distinguished faculty,
and staff, parents, and guests,
and most importantly Spring 2011 graduates.
It is my honor to introduce your Spring 2011 Student Commencement
Speaker, Kevin Werkheiser.
Kevin is one of those impressive students
that has melded his academic career
and co curricular involvement
to leave Penn College a better place than he found it.
Academically, Kevin is one of our most outstanding students.
He graduates today with a Bachelors Degree
in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.
He has been on the dean's list every semester
and has earned a major GPA of a 3.1951 and for those
of you keeping score at home that means
that in his major classes he has earned only one B
in his entire time at Penn College.
Kevin's co-curricular involvement has been highlighted
by his work with the college's Society
of Manufacturing Engineers, and as the president of the Society
of Automotive Engineers of the mini Baja Team.
For those of you who aren't familiar
with this national project, engineering students
from schools like Auburn, Clemson, University of Maryland,
Central Florida, Michigan, Michigan State,
and Penn College are tasked to design
and build an off road vehicle
that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain
and sometimes even a little water.
Last year's competition among a hundred colleges
and universities from four countries,
our team has finished 20th overall
with an impressive 12th-place finish in the Suspension
and Traction Challenge and a 14th place in the Endurance Race
which was concluded over a 3-day series of grueling events.
Kevin leads that team as they depart for Kansas in two weeks
for these years competition.
Kevin embodies all that we hope for our students.
One of Kevin's faculty members in nominating him
for this honor described him both
as an incredible technician, able to design
and build complex parts of the highest quality while
at the same time being an exceptional professional
and leader that earns the respect of his peers
with his interpersonal skills, please help me
in welcoming your May 2011 student commencement speaker,
Kevin Werkheiser.
[ Applause ]
>> Good afternoon everyone.
Thank Mr. Strickland for the introduction.
It's my pleasure to speak on behalf
of the graduating class of 2011.
I'm very proud to be chosen as a commencement speaker.
I was first approached by my adviser for the Society
of Manufacturing Engineers
after being nominated for the position.
He felt that I was a good candidate
for the school industrial engineering nomination.
He then went on to ensure me
that there are many other nominations
and a slim chance of me being chosen.
After seeing the e-mail informing me that I was chosen,
I was quiet surprised.
It was a major honor and after some deliberation I was then
eager to accept the position.
Now, I needed to prepare a speech and it wasn't
until after finals I started thinking
about what to talk about.
I then realized what I had got myself into.
When I started writing the speech I read many different
types of speeches that were given at other graduation.
I realized many graduation speeches have a typical cliches
of we made it or you are starting a new chapter in life.
We all heard these before
and I felt this is extremely over used.
Some speeches offered the graduating class a piece
of advice.
I could try to give you some sort of life changing advice
but everyone experiences of life are different.
So, I figured why not talk about memories we had at Penn College.
Over the past four years, we had so many changes at school
such as the Dalton Hall dormitory, the new welding lab,
the remodeling of the Hager lifelong learning center,
and the recent construction of the masonry building.
We also remember what used to be called the [inaudible] room.
The school has changed in the last four years and I'm eager
to see what it will look like in 10 years.
All of us have our own reason for choosing
to attend Penn College.
This reason might have been the unique types of major offered
or the small student faculty ratio.
I appeared to this school because of the extensive hands
on experience and small class sizes.
Whatever your reason may be we all completed the necessary
requirements and class work to receive our degree of choice,
even though these requirements weren't always that easy.
Whether it's meant skipping a class to study
or maybe pouring a whole night to finish a paper
or perhaps attending those Friday morning classes even
though you're head was still spinning from the night before.
Many challenges were faced but you were able
to overcome these challenges because you chose too.
So now what?
Many of us are asking our selves this question.
For some this maybe you'll find a career and settle down,
some of us may want to continue our education
at this institution and perhaps another one.
Whatever you chose for yourself,
I hope you are successful in life.
I came across a quote by Winston Churchill
that I found pretty interesting.
He said, success consist of going from failure to failure
without loss of enthusiasm.
We have all experienced hardships in our life
but these experiences made you the person you are today.
I would lastly like to remind to thank your family, friends,
and faculty who helped you complete your education.
I would like to give a special thanks to John [inaudible]
for all the help and time he spent contributing
to the Penn College, mini Baja team,
the team now will be competing in the Society
of Automotive Engineers mini Baja competition in two weeks.
I would personally like to thank to my family and friends
for all their support and yes even my brother and sister,
although they are a bit of pain sometimes.
Congratulations class of 2011,
you're now about 5 minutes closer to going to the Bullfrog.
[ Applause ]
>> The alumni achievement award is presented to an individual
who graduated from the college within the last 10 years
and who has demonstrated the importance
of their Penn College education
through noteworthy professional accomplishments
or dedicated volunteer service.
This year we are pleased
to present the Alumni Achievement Award
to two individuals who followed--
following their graduation in 2001 went on to become partners
in an award-winning landscape service company called
Nature's Accent.
Travis Breininger and Justin Bentz really know how to grow.
They know how to grow a business.
Just 10 years after graduating they employed 5 other people
in their business which provides landscape design,
hardscape installation, and property maintenance
to commercial and residential property in Berks,
Schuylkill County, and surrounding counties.
Both men are Pennsylvania certified horticulturists
and are also certified
by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute
and the national concrete management association.
Justin is a certified pesticide applicator.
Under their leadership, Nature's Accent has received multiple
awards from the Pennsylvania Landscape
and Nursery Association
and a 2009 Landscape Contractor Partner of the Year
for East Coast Region.
Their work has been feature in a number of magazines
and catalogues that are well known to the industry.
In 2010, Justin and Travis had the opportunity to volunteer
for the Emmy Award winning program Extreme Makeover
Home Edition.
Their business was the staging site for hundreds
of plans included in the makeover and they partnered
with other Pennsylvania landscapers
to complete the landscaping for this project in 24 hours.
Justin and Travis have returned to campus every year
as alumni volunteers sharing their personal
and their professional experiences.
Both have served as judges for the Pennsylvania Landscape
and Nursery Association and the Professional Landcare Network.
Travis is on the Board of Directors
of the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association
and he is the chairman
of the Professional Development Committee
and he also won the group's Green Achiever award in 2010.
Justin is borough councilman, a volunteer fireman
and a Pennsylvania forest fire warden.
Both of these men are fathers of young children and I wonder
if they can cut their own grass.
[ Laughter ]
>> They are very busy.
It is now my honor to introduce to you two very busy
and impressive Penn College Alumni, Travis M. Breininger
and Justin Bentz our 2011 alumni achievement award recipients.
[ Applause ]
>> We're trying to keep this short.
I just wanted to thank a few people
and say a couple of things.
Pretty much we're very honored by this award,
very unexpected award.
We found a very good education here at college.
It was very rewarding to us.
We love doing our job everyday and using what we learned here
and we love to get back to the school.
We'd like to thank a few teachers,
Mr. Richwell [phonetic] which isn't here any longer,
Mr. Michael [inaudible], Mr. Dennis Skinner, Mr. Dennis Fink
and especially Mr. Carl Bower for his thoughtful nomination
and Penn College for this award.
>> Most of all we would like to thank our family especially our
wives Christine and Corinne for their continued love and support
and our biggest fans, our boys Brady, Alex and Owen [phonetic],
and finally to the graduates,
be proud of your Penn College education you have just
or are just going to receive momentarily and know
that you have just started a good reputation for yourself.
Congratulation class of 2011
and may you all have a great success story.
Thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
>> Teaching is the heart of Penn College
and we place a very high value
on the teaching and learning process.
In recognizing teaching excellence,
we demonstrate the best at Penn College.
As we celebrate the fine work that takes place
in our classrooms and our laboratories,
we confirm our mission.
The Distinguished Teaching Awards are presented each May
at commencement to full-time faculty members
who have been nominated by students and colleagues
for their excellence in instruction.
Since 1982-87 Distinguished Teaching Awards have
been presented.
I'm pleased to announce that the earlier commencement ceremonies,
Excellence in Teaching Award were presented
to Chef Mike Ditchfield,
instructor in hospitality management and culinary arts
and Chris Holley, assistant professor
of automotive technology.
[ Applause ]
>> Ladies and gentlemen, as many of you know,
the legal corporate body of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology is its board of directors.
This is the body that by our charter is given final
responsibility for the governance, welfare
and all other interests pertaining to the college.
Though some responsibilities are delegated,
ultimate authority rests with the board.
At this time, I would like to call upon Dr. Robert Dunham,
chairman of the board of directors,
to authorize the conferring of degrees at this ceremony.
Dr. Dunham.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you Provost Starkey.
President Gilmour, members of the faculty, ladies,
and gentleman, and especially the class of 2011.
I know this is a very special occasion for you today.
Through your hard work you have earned these degrees but also
with the supports, and guidance,
and wisdom of the faculty you worked with,
and also from family and friends who have supported you.
On behalf of the board of directors
of the Pennsylvania College of Technology,
I offer you our congratulations and best wishes for your future
and for all those family, faculty,
and friends who have supported you,
you have our thanks as well.
Now I turn to my official duty.
President Gilmour, by virtue of the authority vested
in the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology, I authorize you on behalf of the board to confer
on each of these candidates the degrees earned as certified
by the appropriate deans.
>> Thank you.
[ Pause ]
>> Will the candidates for Bachelor
of Science degree, please rise.
[ Pause ]
>> Dr. Gilmour, upon recommendation
of the faculty I am pleased to inform you that these men
and women have satisfactorily completed the requirements
for the Bachelor of Science degree.
>> By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board
of Directors of the Pennsylvania College of Technology,
I do hereby confer upon you the Bachelor of Science degrees
that you have earned with all of the rights and privileges,
and with congratulations from the board of directors,
the administration, and the faculty.
[ Applause ]
>> You may be seated.
Will the candidates for all associate degrees
and certificates please rise.
[ Pause ]
>> Dr. Gilmour, upon the recommendation
of the faculty I am pleased to inform you that these men
and women have satisfactorily completed the requirements
for their respective associate degrees and certificates.
>> By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board
of Directors of the Pennsylvania College of Technology,
I do hereby confer upon you the associate degree
and certificates that you have earned with all the rights
and privileges, and congratulations from the board
of directors, the administration, and the faculty.
[ Applause ]
>> Will the baccalaureate graduates also please rise
and join me.
Everybody just stand up now.
[ Laughter ]
>> Good, don't make me nervous.
When you entered this theater not too long ago you entered
as candidates for the certificates
and degrees that you have earned.
You have now had those candidate status converted to graduates
and you have those degrees conferred upon you.
As a symbol of your entry into the world of educated men
and women I ask you to join me as I turn the tassel
of your graduation representative
that symbolizes you are graduates
of the Pennsylvania College of Technology, congratulations.
[ Applause ]
>> You may be seated.
As individuals and institutions we pass through clear stages
of development, points in time when we grow into new roles
and new responsibilities.
This is a transition event for everyone.
Today we will recognize individuals
with academic honors.
Outstanding academic achievement will be recognized
for all students.
The gold, silver or white cords
that they wear during the ceremony, white for honors,
silver for high honors and gold for highest honors.
In addition we are proud to recognize the graduates
who are members of Phi Theta Kappa and their gold stoles
and tassels will identify them.
We are thrilled to recognize the graduates
of Alpha Chi Honor Society
and white stoles will identify these students.
We'd now like to ask all veterans graduating
to please stand and you will identify them
by their red, white and blue cords.
Will the Veterans please stand.
[ Applause ]
>> I'd like to tell you about our veterans.
We're very proud of our Penn College veteran students.
In our veterans attending Penn College we have three winners
of the Purple Heart, five Bronze Star recipients,
76 Iraq service medal recipients
and 17 Afghanistan service medal recipients
and joining us today are two newly commissioned members
of the Armed Forces, thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
>> You maybe seated.
At this time I'd like to take a moment to honor the memory
of a young woman who is not here
to celebrate her commencement this weekend.
Tracy Garis was a student in our dental hygiene program
when she died in a traffic accident last summer.
Tracy was a very active Penn College student.
She served as a resident assistant
and a student ambassador.
Her death touched many students, faculty and staff very deeply.
She was an inspiration in her short life
and her death inspired Penn College friends to remember her
in a very special way,
establishing the Tracy A. Garis memorial scholarship.
The commitment shown by our student body
in vigorously raising funds
to establish the scholarship was nothing short of remarkable.
Frankly I was in awe.
I cannot ever remember seeing a more focused group
of students come to together for common purpose
to honor one of their own.
The SGA organization and the energy of the leadership
of Adam Yoder and Greg Miller was nothing short
of extra ordinary.
By the end of the academic year from September
until April these students had raised thirty five thousand
eight hundred and twenty three dollars
to fully endow the scholarship.
Their work is to be commented.
[ Applause ]
>> This an appropriate way to honor a young a woman
who left a lasting legacy on our campus.
The Tracy A Garis Scholarship will be awarded annually
to a dental hygiene student who is an active leader on campus.
We believe Tracy would have wanted it that way.
In an earlier ceremony this weekend members
of Tracy's family accepted a diploma on behalf
of a young woman who meant so much to the class of 2011
and to every one at Penn College.
As we continue with today's ceremony Tracy's memory will
live in our hearts.
At this time Carolyne Strickland the assistant vice president
for academic services and the respected school representative
will present the candidates.
We know that you're excited to capture this moment digitally
and therefore we simply ask that you leave the area right
in front of the official photographer open
and otherwise feel free to come forward
and capture your picture.
With that we will begin.
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates
of the Civil Engineering Technology Program both
Bachelor's and Associates Degrees as well
as Associate Degrees within the Surveying Technology Program all
within the School of Industrial and Engineering Technologies.
>> Zachary M. Fuer [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Joshua A. Lattner [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Joel M. Shiner [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Joshua Paul Dopman [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Carlson G. Howser [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Travis M. Portclimb [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Zane R. Thomas [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Zachary W. Oldcamp [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Christopher Dillon Perilla [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Ryan Charles Cook [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Justin M. Ink [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Brian C. Climboch [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Tyson Reed Johnson [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Damian Wesley Nipper [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Adatoya Pagodine [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Justin T. Parish [phonetic].
>> Martin F. Peak III [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Joel Daniel Price [phonetic].
>> Brian R. Royer [phonetic].
>> Jeffrey Allen Schmuckler [phonetic].
>> Daniel M. Shaffer [phonetic].
>> Joshua Kevin Schicht [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Joshua T. Stepp [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Jonathan L. Stuart [phonetic].
>> Benjamin Earl Vincent [phonetic].
>> David Paul Vonart [phonetic].
>> Samantha Lynn Wallace [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> President Gilmour, I am proud to present the graduates
of Computer Aided Produce Design
and Computer Aided Drafting Technology within the School
of Industrial and Engineering Technologies.
>> Brian M. Glasco [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Benjamin P. Folinger [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Zachary Ryan Brook [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Andrew David Epley [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Brandon Cozak [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kyle J. Post [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher J. Rime [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Justin C. Rich [phonetic].
[ Applause]
>> Matthew Joseph Snider [phonetic].
>> Tien T. Vu [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of Electronics
and Computer Engineering Technology Bachelor, Electronic
and Computer Engineering Technology, Electronic
and Computer Engineering emphasis Robotic Automation
emphasis within the School of Industrial
and Engineering Technologies.
>> Michael Bowmaster [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shawn T. Peterman [phonetic].
>> Giovanni Noberto Rosario [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Drew Promise Spanker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Juwan Enzo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Steven C. Steinbech [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Daniel O. Gomes [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christian J. Mummard [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joseph Michael Vinnoy [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates
of Manufacturing Engineering Technology,
Automated Manufacturing Technology,
Tool Making Technology, Machine Tool Technology
and Machinist General within the School of Industrial
and Engineering Technologies
>> Jared T. Arbegaut [phonetic].
>> Travis Matthew Leebeg [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Patrick J. McCormick [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Edward Charles Bender III [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joshua M. Stenzel [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Dalton Jordan Kimley [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joseph W. Wagdon [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brian N. Vant [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Thomas Paul Whohipe [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew Clark Cloak [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joseph Walter Ferraro [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>>Granville Wade Spitz [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Tyler Vincent Gale [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Timothy T. Holderman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Rodney E. Keyster [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Zachary M. Plenick [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Philip J. Rice [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Patrick Tomachesky [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeffrey A. Soundzen [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Daniel William Yingling [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I'm proud to present the graduates
of Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology
and Plastics Technology in the School of Industrial
and Engineering Technologies.
>> Caleb R. Speckle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher Eldon Coller [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Gerardo Kenya [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nathan John Spockman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Timothy Jerome Seth [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Bret Kyle Breaker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Cody Eugene Church [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher A. Stendman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Dustin Wayne Gardner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew Paul Skephart [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> John Edward Pijonas [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Taylor Maxwell Kaizak [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Aaron J. Lepinski [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brad C. Pompio [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Eric J. Shaw [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> William G. Smail [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Caleb R. Spotts [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of Welding
and Fabrication Engineering Technology Bachelors,
Welding Technology Associates, Welding Certificates
within the School of Industrial and Engineering Technologies.
>> John F. Aber [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jacob C. Katy [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew C. Spessler [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> John M. Goodrich [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nathaniel L. Susara [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael A. Johnson [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Benjamin S. Keller [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Gavin C. McTarnigan [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Justin Joseph Miller [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Robert T. Vanziel [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ryan Allen Vierd [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> David A. Wooland [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher John Mckelzy [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> John Victor Teder [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kerry R. Ladenfragrant Jr. [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates
of the Graphic Communications Management, Graphic Design,
Graphic Communications Technology, Advertising Arts
and Mass Media Communication
within the school of Integrated Studies
>> Carissa Marie Blouth [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael R. Milliken [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brandon Lee O'Neil [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Britney Anne Warcol [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Anthony R. Andrachio [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> James J. Bowman Jr. [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Natasha C. Corem [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew David Mason [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christa Lynn Smith [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Abby Elizabeth Gleam [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ashley M. Fressberger [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Elizabeth A. Watts [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Garret Charles Fingerman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Amanda Leah Eissner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Sheila M. Katzman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ian Samuel Lane [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Justin Robert Lingle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Yohighda Annette Lockhart [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kelly Lynn Mauer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Beth Ashley Meissenhelder [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Megan Rose Pennington [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael Christopher Snyder [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Tray S. Wilson [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Cody Jacob Winger [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present to you the graduates
of General Studies and Individual Studies
within the School of Integrated Studies.
>> Denise Allison Burnett [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ashley M. Hetrick [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Heather Lynn Rimehart [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Karen Steff Bowman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kathleen Sentiman Schroeder [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shakeen J. Thomas [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I am honored
to represent the graduates
of Applied Human Services Early Childhood Education
and Human Services within the School of Integrated Studies
>> Kendra J. Blair [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Cynthia Anne Davis [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Lillian G. Davis [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Travis M. Deaver [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeanette Y. Watts-Ivesworth [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jennifer L. Ingle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Katy Irene Haizi [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Megan E. Holt [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Amanda Lee Mark [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Courtney Marie McKeznie [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Vanessa L. Walter [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christian A. Winder [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>>Monica F. Charles [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Vanessa M. Morgan [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Melissa Edmond [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Laura A. Fry [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Sarah E. Hawk [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Aaron Marie Lucera and Valerie A. Lucera [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Cassidy R. Stahl [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jessica L. Stahl [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the Graduates
of Diesel Technician, Diesel Technology,
Electric Power Generation Technology,
Heavy Construction Equipment Technology Caterpillar Equipment
emphasis, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology Operator
emphasis and Technician emphasis all within the School
of Natural Resources Management.
>> Jacob Hynes Adams [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> William Robert Filzkie [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>>Kyle Carl Boyer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Timothy William Cook [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Lewis Hyde Dooley [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ethan C. Eckard [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joshua S. Helm [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ethan G. Jandro [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kyle F. Keppler [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Austin David Lambert [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Dylan Wade Lyniar [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> John C. Motto [phonetic].
>> Thank you Doctor Ingle we did it!
>> Gregory J. Moyer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joshua James Reynolds [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christian M. Sabo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Steven John Stolota II [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kim J. Snyder [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brian P. Wagner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>>Jeremy A. Went [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Tyler T. White [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brandon Todd Ohm [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jason R. Bishop [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jason M. Hirckle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>>Jerome S. Mishadka [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher James Contreras [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joseph Robert Bozorian [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Zachary E. Baker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> John R. Bartlett III [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> James R. Feltzer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Gregory John Franco [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael J. Katerbeck [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jonathan William Feulart [phonetic].
>> John Patrick McCormick [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jared Brian Russell [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Corey Ryan Saier [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Harold Roth Trego [phonetic].
>> Evan Roger Seal [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ryan Hall Kerring [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Tyler A. Hoover [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew S. King [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jason J. Reed [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew Charles Reissinger [phonetic].r
[ Applause ]
>> Chris Ward [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Gregory Dangle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the Graduates
of Forest Technology within the School
of Natural Resources Management.
>> Lance Edward Armstrong [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jacob Richard Bassinger [phonetic].
>> Steven R. Beech [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Amanda K. Sutter [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michelle Claire Goodling [phonetic].
>> Collin R. Gruby [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Derek L. Hetrich [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kenneth John King [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joshua J. Carnie [phonetic].
>> Joshua Nathaniel Kurt [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Rory Michael Colone [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ryan Edward Malone [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Lorry A. Nowl [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Cody Keith Elwood [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ethan G. Spark [phonetic].
>> Brian Anthony Rose [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nathan Lewis Spaylor [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joel Samuel Steppe [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Benjamin A. Walk [phonetic].
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I'm proud to present the graduate
of Ornamental Horticulture, Landscape Technology
within the School of Natural Resources Management.
>> Sandra Michelle Angstat [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kyle Bradley Brown [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brent W. Lindy [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Logan Tyler Richards [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Megan Schmidt [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I have the honor
to present the last graduating class of the Bachelors
of Environmental Technology Management within the School
of Natural Resource Management.
>> Russell Thomas Blankenso [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Terrence Michael Carlocker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kellen Earl Craig [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brian James Stiltner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> And Kevin Thomas Werkheisser [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Your connection to Penn College doesn't end today.
As graduates you are now members
of the Penn College Alumni Association and that's the link
between you and your alma mater.
I encourage you to keep in touch
with the alumni relations office.
You'll hear from us monthly via the alumni e-news
and of course Facebook.
I look forward to welcoming you back to campus for lots
of activities and event and most importantly for you
to tell us about your success.
Now, I know you're ready to go
of the next phase of your celebration.
Yes, I know that.
But, I'm going to ask you
for just the next two minutes graduates to imagine
that there is nobody else here but you and me.
It's my honor to represent this very talented faculty behind us
and have the last moment to share some thoughts with you
because I'm not sure you have any clue how much you've touched
our lives.
You did really well today.
You turned the tassel and you walked across the stage
and you made your family and your friends really proud.
This is another page in the scrapbook of your life.
Not only have you done a good job here today at the ceremony
but over the last few years you've earned your degree.
Good job, and well done.
Today you heard the applause and the cheers
and I hope the excitement and the energy,
and the buzz will stay with you through the weekend.
However, we all know that most days there is no applause.
There is no excitement, and there are no cheers.
Because when nobody's clapping and nobody's taking picture
for the scrapbook of your life I wanna know how you're going
to know you're doing a good job?
There is no test study for.
There are no grades to earn, what will be the measure you use
to determine your success.
Let's ask ourselves the question,
what is a good job anyway?
Often people say I'm going to college
because I want a good job.
How do you define it, what does it mean to you?
Each of us has to define it for ourselves
and it means very different things to very different people.
I would suggest to you that a good job is a sense of pride,
purpose and a connection to the world around you.
And a good job is one that gives you the opportunity
to use your talents, your knowledge and your skills
to make life better, not only
for yourself but also for others.
You see doing a good job,
often means doing good for someone else.
You might enjoy earning a good pay check,
and I'm sure you're thinking about that.
But your real sense of accomplishment will come
from knowing that you've made a difference in the world.
A voice of wisdom that we know as anonymous once said a quote
that makes it pretty simple,
"to the world you may be just one person,
but to one person you may be the world."
What you do and what you share with others
in your Penn College family will make it different.
I encourage you to make the most
of every opportunity to do a good a job.
It's important for you to realize
that today you join a very small minority
in the world population.
You know that less than seven percent of the populations
in the world today have a college degree.
In the United States where we have greater access
to higher education than many nations
in the world only 28 percent
of the population have earned a college degree.
Now take a minute and let those facts sink in.
You may not have realized it
but you're a very privileged group of people.
You have what millions, millions only dream about.
You have a college education.
You've earned you're degree and you've done it with the help
of your family and you're friends.
You've done it with your faculty,
and the support of many.
You worked hard but it is not
that you're only effort is your responsibility.
It's you're responsibility now to put your degree to work
and do a good job in the world.
I suspect you will remember not too long ago when you came
to college and you had no clue what you were going to do.
And now it's a reality.
I think of that statement often when I hear people talk
about worrying about the world
and the situations that we're in.
Maya Angelou said, "Nothing will work unless you do."
Nothing will work unless you do.
Opportunities come to those who work.
I don't mean to that people can't fall on hard times.
And I don't mean that people can't have difficulty.
But over the course of my life I've come
to fundamentality agree and believe that those
who are willing to face their challenges are the ones
that will have lives that prevail.
Hard times will go away because they are persistent.
They keep trying until they have their dream.
You're ready to go to work we know that.
You're ready to get a good job
and you're going to do a good job.
You're going to put your best effort forward to listen,
to learn and respond with all the knowledge you have.
An ancient Philosopher Lao Tzu said "When I let go
of what I am, I become what I might be."
Remember this when you face those moments of challenges
and you'll no doubt remember mornings you did not want
to get up and go to class.
You'll remember that when you think
of teachers you thought were too hard, papers that were too hard
to write and a project partner who failed to hold
up their end of the bargain.
You had excuses then, but you didn't make them
or you wouldn't be sitting here today.
Aren't you glad you didn't give up?
Nothing will work unless you do.
So take the lessons you have learned
and set the world on fire.
With each action you take you should write your own
life story.
Make it one you want to remember.
Make it one that others wanna remember.
Do it for yourself.
Do it for your family and friends.
Do it for the lives lost like those
of your classmate Tracy Garis.
Do it for everyone in the world who will have never had a chance
to get a college degree.
Do a good job and you will always have good fortune.
Congratulations to the class
of 2011 our new Penn College Alumni.
Now go out into the world and make us proud.
[ Applause ]
>> I invite those who are able to stand.
Gentlemen remove your caps and everyone to join in the singing
of the Penn College Alma mater.
The words may be found on page two of your programme.
[ Pause ]
[ Singing ]
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you please be seated and remain seated
until the platform party has recessed.
[ Music ]
>> We ask that the audience remain seated while the
graduates exit next.
The ushers will conduct your recessional and we ask
that you continue all the way to the street outside
so that you'll be able to connect
with your family more easily.
Best wishes and congratulations.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]