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the end of slavery is marked with a celebration with a unique history
and two fathers are inspired by their sons to share unique perspective of
everyday life
in the cities
when you think of the end of slavery you think of the end of the civil war that
was ate april eighteen sixty five
so why would there be a celebration the middle of june
this year juneteenth is being
mark in the quad cities with a march
at a festival in the heart of davenport
let's find out more
joining me now are two of the organizers of this year's events
idajohnson was united neighbors and shriley martin was one of the
organizers as well ladies thank you for joining me thanks for having us
well i'll start with you shirley to talk about the history juneteenth world war ended
in april
why was that uh...
month on that date they are of particular importants
the fact that the emancipation proclamation
was the offical in january of eighteen sixty three
two two-and-a-half years
for to reach the slaves that lived in texas
and so it wasn't until june nineteenth of eighteen sixty five
approximately two and half years later
that slavery ended for those individuals that lived in the state texas
two months after the end of the civil war but that was when the occurred was
juneteenth and since then it's been celebrate but not in every state that's
very true
in fact iowa is probably the seventh stae
that has has adopted it as a state holiday there now on i believe
thirty nine states plus the district of columbia right that it
started in the state of texas
with a black legislator by the name of al edwards
. who fought to have it as an official state holiday
but again it had its ups and downs because it but when it was officially
in the eighteen hundred's after eighteen sixty five
it was a great celebration
but it did toward the nineteen hundred just started to decline ida it's
been going on here in the qualities that twenty six years old twenty-fifth
anniversary last year
we were talking earlier that's quite an accomplishment to keep
um... event going that long
it takes a while
uh... especially if they have sent out
because everybody's now has is ups and downs
a lot of african americans would like to celebrate juneteenth
what happened in the past
people i think about that
i think we have been finding especially this year we're talking about the yes
via bus ride and the freedom marches and and and all of that
at that almost you want to remember that history because it makes you stronger
for the future threat thats right it me you gotta know the past
so that you can know where you're going to be what make the same mistakes
that would be the past
se with the juneteenth celebration and with the
freedom riders event at the putnam
it and it comes at a great time to me with the saying
don't forget this this is something that happened whether it was not the greatest
thing in the world what happens to all these people
but we've got remember we have to go on
the celebrate
from whence we have come
we think it's a great thingand i think uh... the celebration
of the juneteenth is going to make us all stronger
because we know where we were
and now we can know and believe that you know where we're going to the right
thing to do and right place to go
want to explain what it is and i want to talk about the history a little bit
more before shirley why don't t to tell me a little bit about what's
coming up this weekend i'll it's a festival
it's gonna be a grand festival we're really proud of it because
when we look in the quad city areas as far as african-american sponsoring a major
we haven't had that in our area and our festival is exactly that
it's going to be a festival down at the davenport levy at leclaire park
it's going to start off with the unity march
and we're gonna have a lot of food vendors there that are going to be
selling ribs
pork chops sandwiches and fish
lemonade and red pop and red velvet cake
those are all signs of the juneteenth festival
and have good of course um... we might have some healthy food there
hahaha backed up the hot dogs aaaaaaaa depends on how you look at it can change
the food when i was that something
symbolism of red velvet cake
it goes back all the way to eighteen sixty five
because of the fact that
salves could not
where any adoring
type of clothing
so you dressed for that event and
and they were able to hold it in the public property places because people
you know prohibited back
so they went to the church properties and they went down to the river
and they had the fish and they had uh... red pop
and the red velvet cake was part of the menu
and also the barbecue though the ribs they had contest
rodeo and horseback riding and all those things
accumulated into that celebration
i'm sorry but now the red velvet cake
was just on that list i like that and i
red pop and red velvet cake we are on to something here ida let me ask you, you started something last year
you're continuing this year and that is the march the
unity march which is that you must've thought i was a great idea last year
on yes
sleep tonight was it was something and it starts to start us off
and that it was passed out
you know but it's a
last year we have meto youth drill from rock island
we will have them again this year they're so good
going to do a march around the park you can't we with the metro youth band
keep it going to get out there
so we have color guard in the drill team
leaders and ah
mayor can't be there this year i think he is going to be in branston
mayor will be there
and for pastors
leaders and sorting fraternities youth groups
organizations from other quad cities
will be there
march around uh... le claire park with the drums blaring
their flags waving
all kinds of things and they will go up on the stage have a program will shirley
let me talk about unity march we want to show up for that and at
what time and
how should the dress all organization's churcles
fraternities sororities our high school students we have the north high school
color guard
from their r_o_t_c_ that's going to be there we want
the entire community to be out there
you know it's it sponsored and it's an african-american celebration
but it's for the entire community so we want everyone to join us
in exactly that a unity march and what time does it start where where people
what can be down there now they laugh at me because also the one that is late
you saw that really i did not know that
jim gave me the wrong directions use that I'm going to use that I had the wrong directions
going to work for me today
uh... but uh...I'm the host I can' argue with that
we are supposed to be nice to me where a little thin with this nicest i'm going to answer the question
it starts at ten o'clock we were asking people to come and line up at ten thirty
and there are marches gunning they start out that eleven o'clock that morning
okay so we're getting our self that cushion in time for people to get there
we would like them down there by ten thirty but it's going to start at eleven
and we invite the entire public to join us in exactly that the unity march i've
got the family festival starting at ten o'clock in running until nine o'clock
this is a key i think shirley is that the word families and yes
very much so
because we're gonna have rides for the children
we going to have pony rides we have a train that goes around the entire festival we've
got a petting zoo we've got those jumpy
bounces that are going to be there and that is the
technical town and fish contest and i don't know how that's gonna happen but
it's going to be interesting we've got an excellent heading up our programming
in that
shirley macklmer she is the chair of the board of united neighbors she handles
that area just so well and the kids
i did have a lot of fun for the parents are gonna be able to go over to the food
vendors they're gonna be able to sit in front of the band shell and look at the
entertainment all day long and then in the evening maybe idaa can tell you about
that it's going to be
our conference yeah i was gonna add waiting is exactly what i have
fewer musical group thats going to be there tell me about that
uh... slave in the same area is that led to exactly at what they found people
so the issue with hoping to have people more in three thousand people
slave uh...
in fact i think they're doing the seventies
and they've got some good old-school music
they will be playing for seven to about
eight fifteen eight thirty
so you need to come out have a great time last year the mayor came out a bit and dance
of itself i think i'm guessing then it's a little bit methods a lot of himself
but uh..great group
uh... it's going to be a great concert
so they have this kind of conduct the whole day isn't that title apropos for
the celebration a slave
well that's what i was wondering it is kinda of interested that you do have a entertainment called slave
but it's a good old school band one of the popular hits
slide yet whether single slide so people
what i remember about that group of d their records slide
it'll bring them all back
and old-school seems to have a broader
population reaches
we we thought about that in having that concert
how can it not be there is red velvet cake know about juneteenth
you know that you know where there are any and all so it's kind of like
out and say oh hey this is what happened but now we're celebrating
because this is what has happened is that the other great thing that we
haven't even touched upon it is that uh... on this serious side that you
also have health screening and health information and and i'd i mean that's so
important because there's some people who
really need to see some health professional and and what would you be
providing that there until they are find out your blood type
which I did not know until last year
uh... they'll be chiropractors there and now
uh... but get him out they said nurses doctors but i really don't have some
and found out you know you could get the blood screens all that good stuff so
benefits and it will have our things that scott county health department
community out it's going to be there
genesis going to be there so we'll have people professionals maybe even ask
questions all kinds of information that you can take home with
you and you know
can i add something which along that line
we're gonna have a tent there will be a storytelling things and not just for
the young people but for anyone that might go in
and listen to the stories about history
because if we know about our history then we will know why
we need our health screening and im
all those watches because of a lot i'd have to do with our diet
that people need to realize why our diet is the way that it is in in the
african-american community we won the teacher artistry
to our culture we really do want to do that and i believe that our tent
for going back to the old
from the african history of you agree that's what you're storytellers the ones
that sent the message is down through the history
and so we're trying to model than have people in
that will tell the stories of our history
and and that really is so important for this week and i know that we're talking
parties and good food and all that but the passing of history
is something else i will start with shirley but ida i want to to tap in this as well
is something that a lot of people fears oral history is not being passed on
from generation to generation
our history it's been tampered with
from the very beginning when things are unpopular or if it's very negative
and they seemed to disappear from our books
and the oral part of it is not passed out yet
those individuals that off
and did not pass that onto to you know our ancestors
don't do that job of passing along
it doesn't it does it get through to our young people and it seems sometimes
as we all know that jamming history down the throats of young people isn't all
that easy but i think but we're tomo rediscovering yourself
your roots in your family's roots exactly knowing why
the vegetables are popular part of our diet and knowing that they're different
parts of the about pork
that we eat more so than others and why that
came into being
and knowing about the dress and why burlap was apart of
the the material that we utilized and white cooking and nursing in teaching
are part of our culture
there are reasons there there's history
that shows that how that played a part in our survival and
you should take pride and not ingore it
and a lot of people had ignored it
and continued to try it in the way
but what we're saying is
we hear we will not aligned to forget
so we have celebration is that we have all the history there
needs no from the past the present and future and that's what we do with
juneteenth celebrate informational we will not allow you to forget will not
allow you to forget one of those lines remembering the past celebrate our
future extraordinary let's not talk about an hour that it is important to do both
it is it really is
you have to remember you passed
my father was used to steal slaves ok
um um... the south the southern for illinois
and he's used to go down and steal slaves
well you know we were kids we wonder what hedoing
you know why was he down there
you know down there
bringing back all these people
and um... he was saying this because they use their freedom the same as you
so he would go down
almost got caught a couple of times many person back
he brought back many of slaves that were down south some people ar
living there now
if one person is not free
none of us are free
if you can't go to school
that i'm really can't go because you've got all these people you bring along
with you
so we
we sat with think about that that we don't forget the past we think about
what we're doing now
they have to take us into the future
because they're not
we're doomed and we are going to repeat the same things that happen
way back when
if i happen to us
as we go around we've got kids
that uh... need to know where they came from and they don't
they really don't have school will not be no school-to-work of the school
i think there needs to be more
history talk in the schools so people will know
their history
african-american everybody needs to know where they came from
and it's apart of all of us because its our culture
and that's the base the basic thing is
if you cut now one your going to bleed red
but people don't see that
its like you over here your over here you over here
that would come together
all we can do is common good
we have to remember where we come from so we know where we going
it's hard to top that shirley
last word about how you do you like that tough one to follow
i totally agree what ida is saying
as one add to that our children did understand why education is so important
to us when we have been deprived of it
in our past
know why
we want them to get the education that is necessary
for their survival
and know what it took
the people during the time of slavery
to survive
because if i hear young people talk about that what happened to me that when that
they wouldn't have me in chains
you just don't know
you just don't know our ancestors did
what blood was spilled in order for us to survive
as a race as a culture
to understand that extended family concept
of taking care of another mother's child a breast feeding a baby because the
mother has been sold off and the husband has been killed and destroyed breaking
up families in trying to keep those families together so that they can leave
a legacy
those of the things that are young people need to know
as we strive to do what we're doing ladies thank you so much for the right
remembering the past celebrated that future right
we like to highlight also local bands in the cities in tonight jim the mule they
have a new website that went on line this week it features pictures and their
we wanna feature something from their album last solid ground it's
justification portion
thats the band jim the mule one of the bands one of the bands next weekend
at the second annual bond jam eleven bands are playing at the barn in milan
on saturday jim the mule takes the stage at nine
lora adams has more of the events coming up in the cities she is out and
this is out and about for june sixteenth through june twenty second
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thanks lora it is father's day this weekend and while some fathers are
getting ties for the holiday
two fathers from our area getting something very different as a wealth of
stories from the perspective of their young sons views those
kids have the world we adult share
joining me know is shawn leary co-author with his son jackson of the book
here comes the gots
and jason phatt jason is a cartoonist of the uh... cartoon
mister and me
is the man who basically sells the book by holding it up
okay thanks for joining us uh... how are you doing? good looking forward to father's
like this guy next to you
yet not why is the one that uh... told me that i had asked the first question
is actually a question for shawn... you could send here based on your book your
comes the goot uh... tell me a little bit about it what what inspired this for
book inspired by stories that i made up for jackson's was two years old was
began it
and he enjoyed the stories about a little character i made up called the
which is short for cute goot which was a nickname that i had for him
and i used to draw and tell him these little stories
he enjoyed them so much i thought well why not
creat a book
and so he and i sat down and we worked on the illustrations together and of
months later we had that book ready to go on what's wonderful about the book is
that it is a collaboration with your son who is three years old just turned three
so he was two years old when we put together and he's kind of part of the
the illustrations you know
right now i took a lot of his illustrations and i do want to cut and
paste is illustrations so what i did as a scan them in the photoshop and that i
was able to put them into the book
but they really enjoyed it when we got our first copy the book
he was running around the house telling everybody look look it's my book and i
it's really cool because
if i didn't sell one copy of that i would still be extremely happy with the
fact that we put this together
but it was something that we both enjoyed
and that's something that he can look forward to in future years
and look back upon is on the really happy time something that we created
together how jason you've been a very active ah... with mister and me
cartoon that uh... it's a panel cartooning that
why not far at face book where else can we find it
all right now that some things that you can find
shawn collaborating and uh... mister and me will be a weekly segment on his get your
good news dot com site
now who is mister it was me but the while
well i'm mister mister the character on and
well on
famous artists
called and his real name is rule dad told me
that's my name in the
that's right is this
his nickname as mister but his real name in the comic book is newl and
there is depth to this comic...there is depth to this comic
uh... ver much a comic you would find in the newspaper
it's very clean has a lot of all moments it is really nicely illustrated to
thank you know everything just seems to flow in its little
nuggets of wisdom that you've gotten from us some kid that you know
this little guy right here tellabout the inspiration what made you think of
think of him he hates tv just to let you know
it start when he was an infant i started a little baby book for
him for pictures of the childhood r milestones
and then when he turned three
much like with shawn
actually created this book of poetry for him
turning five and six was like you know what i need something that
grow within at this stage of his life
so it was a a new year's eve two thousand eight and i just thought you
were comic strip of the awesome
and it's really great if you look at it through face book um...
you can see the progression of how the characters have grown visa style has
changed a lot
within the last two years and this is from the look at that what what
was that the greatest pride that you have
have that something that that will last in a live on
it's almost a gift its one of those
things were if you look back in this kind of
cherish his childhood
so being the star wide of a comic do you sign a lot of
autographs no not really but do you mind if me and daddy do one
thing thing
can we read one of the comic strips to the audience that would be great
well you doing that i will ask shawn another question
its that that ok
so tell me about fathers daily it such a special bond between father and his son
and we're talking about these these gifts that you're sharing and you've
gotten from your child
it does make father's day a little more special
yeah it does that mean everything that i do i'd keep in mind that i want my son
to be proud of me and i want him to be able to look at me as a role model and
now and in the future
and those jason mentioned
with this book
it captures the he spent together right now it's also something they can look
back upon and this is something that he and daddy we're doing it this time we're
creating stories together and drawing pictures together but he loves books he
loves to read
and he also wants to drives very creative boy and on this is something
that really gets a little time together and the fun that we've had
happiness that he said during this time anish jason was saying at the comic
is going to be uh... regular feature in a new project that you have going on it
might be more easily accessible to people right it's called to your good
news dot com edits a new on-line newspapers all good news all the time
it's all positive stories about people the community making up a positive
on entertainment pop culture things of that nature and jason's comic strip fits
in perfectly with it that's gonna be debut in july first and i think
it's going to be something that people are really going to be on a computer
screen in near you now all set
all right let's say that this is a decision lets hit is
you pick up this cartoon
we'll get something happens to me when something happens the daddy are i think
it's not all about you no
about daddy too mister and me a dramatic performance
after fifteen hours that are just do nothing to save is eye
to help in see they gave him bionic goggles
the specials device in a amazing powers insight
and the ability to jump kangaroo with his powers he fought off the back
as with the name of justice
take that and that hey captain hero i'm not going to tell you again I said eat you pinnapple not wear it
there's more
there'e more there more don't edit him there is more
you got pinnapple just in your eyes didn't you
i don't want to talk about it
I"m gonna dy myself off okay
that was well done no there is more or there is more well here is the thing we are a public tv station and we show
so we have people see the uh... bought they have to see the face book about the
the dectective thats right thats right
lets do a tiny bit more of this one
can't give away the ending
well what's cool about stories you can't give away the ending guys thanks for joing us have a great
father's day if that's ok
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have a great father's day weekend as we salute all that they had to make a difference
in the cities
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