Edit a Road, Path, or Bike Route in Google Map Maker

Uploaded by GoogleMapMaker on 15.01.2013

Hi, Map Makers!
Is there a road, path, bike route or other type of linear feature in your area
that needs to be changed to reflect the correct information?

Using Google Map Maker, you can edit individual segments of a road
or even the entire road!
First, you'll need to find the line feature with the line segment you would like to edit.

Select the segment and then click 'Edit'
in the lower right hand corner of the feature bubble.
Next, select 'Edit this segment' from the drop-down menu.
This allows you to move the nodes to better align the road to the satellite imagery
if needed.
You may also edit the road attributes, bicycle and
pedestrian information in the left hand panel.
Changing the attributes of a line segment will not
change the details for the entire linear feature.
For instance, changing the maximum speed of a particular road segment
would not change the speed of the entire road.
Any name changes should be done for the entire route to ensure consistency.
Use the 'Edit Entire Road' option for this.
If only a section of the route has an alternate name,
you should use the "Select Road Segments" from the "Edit" tool in order to
add the name as an alternative for that road segment.
This option from the edit drop-down on the main toolbar
allows you to select multiple segments simultaneously.
This feature of the tool allows you to only edit for certain
linear features such as roads, linear features such as roads,
flyovers, and underpasses.
Once you have made the desired changes to the map,
be sure to click save, and you're done!
Now you are ready to edit line features in your area!
Thank you for using Google Map Maker!