Becker - SJ Lib Job - Overview

Uploaded by jeremykemp on 20.12.2010

My name is Bernd Becker, I'm the psychology librarian here at San Jose State at the Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and I'm also a SLIS graduate and I've been in the position
here at San Jose State for a little over a year and a half now. Recently, I'm here to
talk to you about two positions that have just been announced at the King Library, they're
both tenure track positions and they are for...we're looking for two qualified librarians applicants
and I happen to know as a recent graduate of SLIS that there are some SLIS students
that would I am sure would be incredible for these positions and I'd like to talk to you
about both of them and specifically maybe go into a little more detail about the position
that's titled Digital Services Librarian, that's a new position and there might be some
questions around that as well. So I was thinking maybe during this session I could just sort
of introduce both positions, maybe focus on some of the details of the Digital Services
Librarian, I'll give you the information about where these are posted on the SJSU HR website
as well and then maybe just sort of wrap up with a few suggestions and maybe just answer
some questions that might come up as students are looking over these announcements...students
and recent graduates, so does that sound like a pretty good plan?
That sounds great. Excellent.