Dougie: Episode 8 of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Uploaded by DrWhoTorchwood3 on 02.10.2012

Ah, I think we ate all the rice last night. Apparently it 'fell out'
but, um,
I dunno, I think it might have been spat out.
Pat's got an evil side
that I find hilarious. He's completely lost it and it's, it's scary.
Pat's got a dark side! You know, the capital of England used to be Colchester. No, it's always been London.
Really? Like, like, like years and years ago.
Colchester? In Essex?
No, the capital of England used to be Birmingham. Really? No it didn't.
How much d'you wanna bet? I'll give you a few questions.
Brain exercises. To get your brain in gear, ready? What date
was the Battle of Hastings? Don't even ask me.
Absolutely no chance.
Nobody forgets the date of the Battle of Hastings. 1880.
It was the sixteenth century, right?
1066. That's it! I knew it had sixes in it!
Pretty sure my dogs know the answer to
'What was the date of the Battle of Hastings?'.
Dougie was about six hundred years out. He's been in a pop band for the last eight years
since he was about fifteen.
So he hasn't exactly been highly educated, I wouldn't think.
And he's very busy being a popstar. Dinner's coming!
Alright, let's take some meat ones in. Hello, my pets.
It's a mum and a baby possum. The baby possum just got inside her pouch.
What's a possum?
It's like a rat, rodent.
It was like a hamster, this big,
with a snout.
Scare it off, Dougs. Gone.
I woke up about
I dunno how long later
and I saw this little rat bouncing about. Doug, a rat. Oh!
There's something else here as well.
Oh my god, Doug there's a snake.
And it's just et the rat. It ain't til now that I've realised, oh my god
I'm in the middle of the jungle.
Oh, Dougie I'm scared. What can I do?
We're really in the wild.
Oh, that's the baby!
When you see you come into the jungle
and you're doing this show, yeah you're going to the jungle, but you don't think anything like that's
actually going to happen.
What sort of snake is it?
It's a python. A python? Under my bed?
Can we swap beds?
Mate, you'll be fine. It's the drop bears you've got to worry about.
They drop on your head and gnaw on your head and you have to rip them off.
Imagine, like, a little tiny bear thing with bat wings
and, like, shark teeth.
I think I have see it, actually. What? I just saw one! What? A drop bear.
Mate, there's no such thing
as drop bears. Are you joking?
What, you completely made it up?
I want my mum. Dougie,
it's not you.