BBC Interview with Mormon Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland - Captioned Version

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Sweeney: Mr. Smith got this papyri and he translated them
and subsequently as the Egyptologists cracked the code
something completely different...
(Holland interrupts): All I'm saying...all I'm saying
is that what got translated
got translated into the word of God
the vehicle for that
I do not understand and don't claim to know and know Egyptian.
Sweeney: As a record of historical fact
was Joseph Smith convicted of being a con-man in 1826...
Holland: I have no idea.
Sweeney: There's a court record in New York
Holland: There's a...there's a good deal of difficulty in the
early frontier life in America
but that's an incidental matter to the character and integrity of the man.
Sweeney: Let's talk about Mitt Romney. The man who may well become the most powerful man in the world.
As a Mormon...
in the Temple...
I'm being told, he would have
sworn an oath to say that he would not pass on what happens in the Temple...
Is that true?
Holland: That's not true. That's not true.
We do not have penalties in the Temple.
Sweeney: You used to?
Holland: We used to.
Sweeney: Therefore, he swore an oath saying, 'I will not
tell anyone about the secrets there...
Holland: Well, the...the...the vow that was made
was regarding the ordinance...the ordinance of the Temple
Sweeney: It sounds masonic, sir. It sounds masonic.
Holland: Well, it's similar to a..a masonic uh...relationship.
Sweeney: The most powerful man in the world has sworn
an oath which he meant at the time, whatever it is now
that he must not tell anyone about
what he seen...
Holland interrupts: That he would not tell anyone about his personal pledge to the Lord
Holland: I am assuming that any religious candidate
an evangelical
a Roman Catholic - Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
Osama...I mean, (nervous chuckle), President Obama
Uh, I'm assuming that anybody
who has a relationship to God
has made a pledge of some kind to God
There'd be some kind of loyalty to God
Or what kind of God is that?
Narrator: Searching for answers...maybe the Apostle could...
Sweeney: What is the Strengthening Church Members Committee?
Holland: The Strengthening Church Members Committee was born
some years ago
to...protect predatory practices of polygamists.
Sweeney: I asked what is it?
Holland: That's what it is.
Sweeney: So, it does still exist?
Holland: It does still exist. It does still exist.
Sweeney: And it looks's there to defend the church against polygamists?
Holland: Principally. That is still the principal task.
Sweeney: And...what is its subsidiary tasks?
Holland: Uh, I suppose, just to be protective
generally...just to watch and care for uh...
any uh...any insidious influences
but for all intents and purposes, all that I know about it
is primarily to guard against polygamy
that would be the substantial essential part of the work
I'm not on that committee so I can't speak...
Sweeney: Does the Mormon church shun people?
Holland: No, no...of course we don't.
Holland: We don't use that word and we don't know that practice.
Holland: If I had a son...
this very day...
given the office that I have and the visibility that means
if I had a son or a daughter
who left the church or was alienated or had a problem
I can't tell you I would not cut that child out of family life.
Sweeney: (Baptisms for the Dead)...why?
Holland: Because we believe that in the justice and mercy of God,
everybody ought to have a chance for salvation.
Sweeney: But you baptize Holocaust victims...
Holland: Not anymore.
Holland: We...we...we fight for the same reason. The same...the same conversation would be held with anyone
this is invitation...
Sweeney: But if you were Jewish and your grandfather or grandmother was killed in the Holocaust
because they were Jewish, doesn't that seem somewhat insensitive to re-baptize them...
Holland: We've already been through that and we've agreed to the insensitivity and so we've ceased...ceased doing that.
But it was never meant to be an offense
It was never meant to be anything that would claim them away from their Judiasm
In time and in eternity
the freedom was to choose,
if you chose to have this offer, it's the same offer we make to a Jewish citizen or a Muslim or anybody else
If you were interested, if you wanted this, you may step forward to claim it.
Sweeney: Some critics say that you still are (baptizing holocaust victims).
Holland: Not with our blessing. Not with our effort, we're not.
Sweeney: A number of people have left the church - over 30 - and there is a
massive gap between what they've told me and what you're telling me.
Holland: Well then we ought to all get together - that would help.
If you'll give me that list then and if you want to sit with us, let's go get them together and let's talk.
Sweeney: What they said to me is that they believe the Mormon church is a cult.
They believe it's a cult like the Church of Scientology but actually it's smarter and more powerful.
Holland: Well, I guess if that's what they believe, it's probably a good thing they chose to leave it.
Because we're not a cult.
I'm not an idiot.
You know, I've read a couple of books and been to a pretty good school.
And I have chosen to be in this church
because of the faith that I feel and the inspiration that comes.
Sweeney: I'm not calling you a cult. I'm just saying that I met people...
Holland Interrupts: I've met people. And if people want to call us a cult, they can call us a cult and you can call us a cult
but we are 14 million and growing and
I'd like to think that your respect for me would be enough to know that
that this man doesn't seem like a dodo.