How to turn on subtitles in YouTube videos?

All the videos on this site should have subtitles already on by default.

If subtitles don't show up at the bottom of the video, try pressing the "captions" button and selecting "English". It may look like this:
how to turn on subtitles in YouTube videos
Note: Just don't select the "English (transcribed)" ones, they are funny sometimes, but won't do the job. :)

If you don't see subtitles for just some part of the video (like a song or background talk) check the transcript below the video - it is possible that the original uploader just didn't provide them for that part.

If everything above didn't help to solve the problem, you can try:
- updating your flash player from here: .
- opting out from html5 trial here: .
- checking out different browsers (latest versions of Chrome and FireFox fully support this kind of subtitles).
- for mobile devices - installing the latest version of software (OS, browser) and rebooting the device.

The steps above should take care of the problem if it is actually possible to view subtitles on your device and software. Good luck!