Combine football speed training with sport specific drills

Uploaded by myosource on 07.08.2011

Speaker 1: This drill here is going to incorporate the football again. You got your six bags,
use cones if you got them, there's no sense in going out and buying stuff that you don't
exactly need. Space them out in the same lengths as bags and what we're going to do is we're
going to do a high knee fast run through, so why don't you stimulate that section first
so we can see it. He's driving his arms, driving his knees, you're going to get to this point
here. Put this cone out about eight yards and what we're going to do is as soon as he
gets through it here, he's going to turn the corner and then you're going to be here ready
to deliver the football. The key is that we want to start working training
that's going to incorporate the football as we're working with agility. So when he rounds
that corner be ready to hit him as soon as his vision comes up. He's going to come to
this cone here, make a quick turn, get out and go. The most important thing, again, is
you deliver the football before the receiver turns and looks at you. You really got to
start working with your receivers or even linebackers or backs, the most important thing
is we start working with vision of receiving the football. So when he rounds that corner
throw it before he turns and looks. He's going to catch it and come here, this is about a
45 degree angle backwards. We're going to place the cone about 10-12 yards out, so when
he gets the football we're going to make him make another cut and spurn it out here. All
right. He's got the band strapped on. We're going
to work with resistance. Again, 6-8 reps with resistance, 4-6 without, that's work for speed.
Ready? Here we go, be quick, be quick, be quick. Good. Be quick, be quick. All right.
Let him run through it once without the football. Make sure he's ready to round the corner and
he's got all the footwork down and then start getting into your training reps.
He's got the bands on, he's ready to go. Here we go. Being quick, being quick. Get out and
go, get out and go, get out and go. Good. Notice that when he got to the corner here
he really planted and hugged the corner and went. If you're coming to the cone here and
you take that corner like this you're never going to be able to make a man miss. So when
you get here we really want to hug the corner, work the plant and we're going to turn the
corner as soon as you get there, all right. One more with resistance, then we're going
to go without. Here we go. Here we go. Be quick, be quick, be quick. Good. Nice job.
Take time in between reps. If you're too tired we got to slow down. We're trying to recruit
more muscles than we normally use. We're trying to make our feet move faster than we normally
go. We have good arm action, good knee action, working with the resistance and then when
we take them off we're going to push the pace. So always push the envelope, working for speed.
No sense in rushing through the exercises and not getting anything out of them. Work
100% effort, take breaks in between. I'm not talking 5 or 10 minutes. I'm talking get your
breath in 40 seconds and go get another one. Here we go. Good, good, good. Get out and
go, get out and go. Good. You can add these with other workouts, the other drills we've
been doing. Put them all together and you're going to have a nice speed day. Always push
the pace like I said. If you work half speed you're getting any results. So push.