Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 18 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Let go.
I don't want to.
I'm not going to let you go.
Hey, monkey.
Okay. If you call me "monkey" I want to be a monkey for you.
Even if that's the only way. I've come to the point where I really want to cling to your shoulders.
The man that is right for you . .
is out there somewhere.
Because you . . .
aren't so bad.
I don't want some other guy.
If he's not Goo JoonPyo, then he won't do.
I'm sorry.
Is there someone you like?
Aren't you going to ask who it is?
I don't want to hear.
I can't hear a word. I don't want to hear one word. ahhhhhhh!
I don't want to hear anything!
Did you just see a ghost or something?
I didn't see anything.
I really didn't see anything!
Let's go.
If I leave you alone,
you might jump in the water again.
I feel like a fool. What is wrong with me?
You're not a fool.
don't scold yourself so much.
Why Macau of all places?
I'm trying to find someone.
Ah, your boyfriend?
Uh, well, yeah.
Goo JoonPyo: "I'm leaving first."
Song WooBin!
You'd better hurry up and get down from there.
Hey, So YiJung.
Why are you still my friend?
Give me a straight answer.
Aren't you embarrassed to be friends with the son of a mafia boss like me?
Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and get down from there!
I'm embarrassed myself, so I can only imagine what it must be like for you guys.
It's only because of you guys that I get by.
Those from "decent" homes don't even consider me human.
even I know that.
Song WooBin, why are you...
But, I...
I'm only embarrassed in front of you guys.
My boss...the path I've got to take...
I don't care what others say or think, but to you front of you guys...
I'm embarrassed sometimes.
That annoys me and I feel like I'm going to die.
Do you know? Do you guys even know?!
You jerk!
To you,
to you, that's all we're worth?
Do you think we are any better than you?!
If you act like this, what about me? What about us?
If, once in a while you're embarrassed, can't you let it out in front of your friends?
So then, does that really make us friends? Brothers?! F4?! Tell me, you bastard!
So YiJung
OMG! F4!
Hey, what do you think you're doing, you bastard?!
Get lost!
Why'd you drink so much?
YiJung, are you okay?
Young Master, should we take care of this?
You guys stay out of it.
I'll take care of those bastards on my own.
Do you know how much his hands are worth?
Even if Rodin could come back to life, I wouldn't trade it for that hand. Do you have any idea what you've done?!
Hang in there.
Good morning!
Unni did you sleep well, too?
I didn't sleep a wink.
Last night was a milestone event for Goo Joonpyo and Ha JaeKyung.
Joonpyo was so embarrassed, he took off first.
You two looked really good together yesterday, too.
See, wasn't it good that I suggested we come here?
Just as thread follows the needle, I'm going to take off now, too.
You two have fun and take your time coming back.
JiHoo, you have to make sure Jandi has a lot of fun okay?
Uh, Unni, we, too . . .
"Yoon JiHoo"
"Geum JanDi"
"Praying for university acceptance"
Y"Yoon JiHoo"
"Praying for constant happiness."
If you drink this, you're supposed to get in.
It's a good face.
That young lady's face is a lotus flower that can make muddy waters clear.
Cherish her.
That girl is going to make a family for you.
How come I didn't see that girl here today?
Grandma, she's not a child working here.
Of course, she's not a child.
She's all grown up, a young lady.
- I love her to pieces.
- Uh-huh, yes.
If I had a grandson, I would love to have her for a granddaughter-in-law.
No, no, that's not going to work,
because she's already been set aside for another.
Now, please be careful.
Be careful on your way back.
I'm back.
Mom, what is all this?
Is there a war?
JanDi, sit down there.
We have an important announcement to make.
An announcement?
Geum JanDi, my eldest daughter, listen carefully to what I'm about to say.
What is it this time?
Dad, did you get into trouble again?
Do you think your dad is someone who always gets into trouble!?
Well, you're right. So,
in order to cut off this horrible problem at its source,
I've made a crucial decision.
- A decision?
- Uh-huh.
Early tomorrow morning,
Mom and Dad have decided to move down to where your uncle lives.
It's been difficult to come out from under the hardship we're in now, it seems that there isn't any hope for us here.
Mom and dad are going to head down and work on the fishing boats there that way we can send you money to spend.
Our living expenses will be completely covered.
But then, what about KangSan and me?
You two have to stay here and go to school.
Geum Jandi, take good care of KangSan.
From now onwards, you are the head of the family.
Was there ever a time when nuna wasn't the head?
Ah, Mom!
I'm sorry, JanDi.
Listen to nuna.
Make sure to wash properly and...
Oh, my poor baby.
- Yes?
- What's going on?
Um, that is...
Please set it here.
This . . .
Hey, monkey.
What are you doing at someone else's house!
Oh, my husband has woken up?
You must be hungry.
Let's eat breakfast.
Here, have a seat.
What... is all of this?
What else could they be? Obviously I prepared all of this be eaten.
There are chefs in my house.
I know, but I wanted to something for you and this was this only thing I could think of.
You and I are the same, there's never anything we need to buy or that we want right?
So I thought about what if it was me.
I thought, "What is it that I've always longed for?".
So what was it?
Initially, I wanted a happy, fulfilling breakfast table.
I hated eating all by myself at a huge table.
Since you've prepared everything, I'll eat it, but...
Really? Then start by eating this.
This is really good. And this is good, too.
This one.
Try to eat this.
All right, eat it before this gets cold . . .
You have to eat this when it's warm.
I was so happy when someone took the flesh off the bones and set the fish on my rice for me.
You've never done anything like this, have you?
Is it good?
That's a relief.
Eat this as well.
And meat too.
Do you want to try this?
My ambitious work.
Have some of these vegetable too.
Dessert's after this.
Have you tried some soup? I made it really yummy.
Did you find anything?
It's not really possible for there to be any.
A place with no deposit, cheap monthly rent, that's decent for a junior high and a high school student to live.
It's not likely.
Can't you just come to my house and live with me?
What about KangSan?
Ah yes. You have Geum KangSan.
There's no solution.
I'd better get going.
You're the one who needs help now.
Here's the tea.
How's your shoulder?
It's better now, but now my knee is aching.
I'll get a hotpad for your knee.
Where did such a lovely sweetheart come from?
What is this?
House / Apartment
Is cutie looking for a place to stay?
Yes, I'm looking but it's not easy finding a cheap place.
- Wait just a moment. I'll get you a hotpad for your knee.
- No, no.
When did you get here?
What's this?
Though it's late, it's our engagement gift.
- Gift?
- The one that our parents got is totally not my taste.
So, I had these made and I wanted to share them with you.
J J?
Uh-huh, Joonpyo and JaeKyung.
No, JaeKyung and Joonpyo.
Even our initials are fated, don't you think?
Put it on for me.
Where are you going?
There's a place I need to go to.
Where's that?
You're my fiancee, not my wife!
Just go home.
Don't do that.
Straighten it out with that.
It's truly fascinating.
How can something like this be made from ordinary dirt?
You're more fascinating. What kind of girl has no other interests apart from pottery?
Then, what about you? Is there anything you like more than pottery?
- There is.
- A girl?
Ummm, a girl is like a math problem.
In the beginning, I wonder how I'm going to solve it.
I figured out, if I just study it a bit more, then a solution can be found.
It's pretty simple, but there's still a wonder to it.
Why are you looking at me like that?
To me, you
are like an unsolveable problem.
A problem that starts off completely twisted and can't be solved.
Hey, get back here.
What on earth happened?
According to WooBin, your hand...
It's all over.
For real?
A swimmer who hurts her shoulder and has to stop swimming...
A potter,
who ruins his hands and has to give up spinning.
Doesn't it seem like a survival documentary?
What is that supposed to mean?
By any chance...
are you talking about Geum Jandi?
Do we know any other swimmers besides Geum JanDi?
So YiJung,
Tell me straight.
What do you mean her shoulder's wrecked?
Is this what you were talking about in Macau?
If I think about it now, you really had your wits about you, back in Macau.
People like us can't have anything to do with stuff like...
innocence and love.
I said to tell it to me straight!
Do you remember when JanDi threw herself in front of that chair so you wouldn't get hurt?
When she found out that she could never swim again,
do you know how much Geum Jandi cried?
Is that true?
No matter how much of a tantrum you throw, it's still the same.
People like us,
we do nothing but hurt the women we love.
Here, right here, KangSan.
Is it okay? Just the two of you in living here?
It'll be fine. The room has a good view and it's kind of cozy, right Noona?
Thanks, GaEul. It's really late.
- I'll go then.
- Thanks.
- See you, San.
- Be careful.
KangSan, are you going to be okay?
Noona, you just don't overdo it yourself.
Let's take care not to make our Mom and Dad worried.
- Okay, Noona, over there.
- Let's start cleaning.
You do.
Noona, I'll get that first.
I'm going to hang a framed picture on the wall
Whose fault is it that Geum JanDi can't swim anymore?!
Why aren't you swimming anymore?
I quit.
Why would a swimmer quit swimming?
Its none of your business.
Watch over JoonPyo while I'm gone.
You know what I mean, don't you?
I understand.
Get a hold of me right away if anything seems remotely strange.
Don't worry. Have a good trip.
Hey, delivery girl!
One milk for me, too.
Hurry up and throw it-- one milk.
Big brother Joonpyo?
Hey! Goo Joonpyo!
What are you doing here?
So, is there anything weird about me being at my own house?
Your house?
From today on, I've decided to live here.
Why? Why would you live here?
Shall we say it's some kind of preparation for independence?
Why on earth would you do something like that here?
Don't you watch any dramas?
It's pretty standard procedure to toughen up the princely heir, to train him.
Haven't you heard about deliberately throwing the son off a cliff?
- Where was that? Ssss... S...
- Sparta?
Yes, that's right.
Hey little bro. Don't study all by yourself. Help your sister to study too.
It's hard to communicate when we're on such totally different livers.
Different livers?
Different levels.
Whatever training thing you're doing, I wish you well, but could you get out already?
We are a little busy here.
Regardless, we're neighbors now.
Let's try to be good neighbors.
If you have any difficulties, I'll help.
Can I reject that request?
What I've just shown you is the wheel procedure and what you are doing is the coiling procedure...
Pay attention to the details, please.
That's it for today.
Thank you.
Hurry up and confess your feelings to him before it it's too late.
The thing is...
I'm a little scared.
He's totally different from me.
The thing is, love cannot be achieved by patience.
You can't hide it because you want to.
Anyway, why did you break up with your lover, teacher?
I wanted to stay by his side, the way he wanted me to, but...
I wasn't able to do that.
Because I kept wanting more, and it was too hard.
Did you confess your feelings?
I wonder... did I confess?
If you don't want to regret it later, like I do. Then GaEul, you should build up your courage and confess your feelings.
What is all this?
Hey! What kind of student comes back so late?
When you're done, you should hurry up and come home..
Hey! By any chance, did you buy all this stuff?
Oh, this? I couldn't use it all by myself, so I threw it away here.
Threw away?
what's that smell?
Looks yummy.
KangSan, watch out since it's hot.
Why? What?
Yours seems more tasty.
What? Did I cook mine separately? It's the same as yours.
Give that to me.
Hurry up and hand it over!!
Mmmmm, hey, don't!
That was really delicious!
Little bro isn't there any more?
Because of you, we didn't get more than one mouthful!
All this time, you guys planned to keep this delicious food to yourselves?
That's awfully childish, between neighbors.
Are you done eating?
Then you can leave. Go!
Little bro, don't you have more ramen?
What's up?
I don't like people who come over without a reason.
I do have . . . a reason.
With me,
Will you go on a date with me?
A date?
Didn't we already do that last time?
Not a fake one. A real date.
GaEul, did something shocking happen to you?
Or, did you get dumped by some guy?
I'm not kidding.
I . . .
I like you, YiJung SunBae.
Thank you.
Thanks, but...
I have a few rules when it comes to dating.
One. I don't mess with good girls.
Two. I also don't mess with idiotic girls.
Three. Never mess with girls related to my friends.
GaEul, you go against all 3 rules.
You know that, right?
Hence, my answer is, "No."
You know where the exit is, right?
Argh! What the heck is this? Ahhh!
Hey! Aishhh, what is that?
AH~~ What's that!
Help me!!
Hey! Don't come!
Hey! Goo JoonPyo, what's wrong? Are you ok?
Hey! That thing...
Is this ok?
I couldn't study because you are so noisy.
Such things are a nuisance in this neighborhood.
If you do this one more time, I'm going to call the police!
Hey, Geum JanDi.
Why! What?!
Can you stay for a little while?
Unni! (*Older sister)
Why didn't you tell me you moved?
How did you find out?
I went to your house but no one was there so I asked GaEul.
I heard about your parents. Are you okay?
But what is all this?
Moving presents!
Moving presents?
Chen, wait in the car.
Yes, miss.
So this is the neigborhood rooftop house.
It's really romantic.
Ah, sorry. If it hurt your feelings, I'm sorry.
I really didn't mean that.
I know.
It's cold. Do you want a cup of tea before you leave?
Is that okay?
Here. Sit here.
Okay. Are you sure its ok?
Is this your new way of waking people up?
I didn't know you were interested in art.
Ah, this?
I was supposed to go to a showing and write an art report, but it ended.
But it was so expensive, I probably wouldn't have been able to go anyway.
So I thought I'd look at this book and write it.
When is it due?
When is that report due?
There is no exhibition today.
Come in..
Do you want that one?
Uh, no.
This is good enough for me.
Do you know by chance,
why the lotus blooms in the mud?
Never mind.
That girl is like the lotus flower, able to clear a muddy water.
- Cherish her.
- Pardon me?
That girl will make a family for you.
Now I've become your model as well?
Did you just wake up?
If I'd only known, then I would have made a book.
What kind of book?
An accounting book for all the money I should collect from Geum JanDi: transportation fee, coffee,
for this exhibiton, and now modeling fees.
If I add it all up, it should be a big lump sum.
Well, here's the modeling fee for a start.
Since it's drawn so well...
I should give you something in return.
The lotus flower,
clears and refreshes even in the muddiest of waters.
The name is pretty and its function is pretty too.
Just like you.
That's it.
The answer to my homework.
The more I see you, the more I'm reminded of the lotus flower.
Lotus flower?
Do you know why the lotus blooms in mud?
That's your homework until next time.
Thanks for the present!
(What homework?)
What about the witch?
She's still in Vancouver.
- Help cover things up for me.
- I understand.
Goo Joonpyo!
Please, you really can't do this.
Goo Joonpyo!
Hey, you again?
Obviously, the two of us connect.
For some reason, I just felt that if I came by the house, I'd get to see you.
Did you boil your cell phone or put it somewhere?
You're supposed to call and get permission to visit before going to someone's house.
Didn't you learn stuff like that?
Oh, I'm tired!
Now that I think about it, I don't recall ever learning anything like that.
Joonpyo, do you do that?
Hey, monkey.
Aren't you getting up?
Why are you lying down on my bed?
Get up, hurry!
Get up! Hurry!
Get up!
Do you want to make a bet with me?
It's so quiet, it's making me antsy.
I have one question for you. Will you answer?
Love or friendship . . .
if you had to pick just one, which would you choose?
You put too much pressure on your wrist.
YiJung SunBae!
This . . .
Isn't it pretty?
It seems like JoonPyo hyung still likes you, noona!
Is there nothing more you should report to me?
Go find out immediately.
This is Geum Jandi, who will be staying here from today.
Where did you get someone who can't even memorize the menu?
Please look favorably on me.
My private maid?