[MBLAQ][Audio] Who is the Smartest of MBLAQ (Eng Sub) @ Love Game - Radio

Uploaded by wasser00000 on 12.08.2011

DJ : This is a listener's question.
DJ : "It's an one dimensinal question."
DJ : "Who is the smartest of MBLAQ 5 members?"
DJ : "It shows during your life."
DJ : Right. The members know him though he doesn't show off.
Seungho : I think we have individual smart field.
DJ : Please tell me.
Seungho : Mir is sociable and has merits to fascinate others.
DJ : His personal relationship in spite of maknae(youngest)...
Seungho : Cheondung retains much innocence, still.
Seungho : And he is imaginative and has many ideas.
DJ : Ah, creative
Seungho : In case of Joon, acting and remarkable ability to express by body because of his dance's experience...
DJ : He's the best because his major is a dance.
G.O : In case of Seungho, the area of computer and machinery...
DJ : He is an earlyadopter
G.O : Yes, he has a lot of knowledge.
G.O : I'm interesting in current affairs, as world news/history.
G.O : I read a funny news recently.
G.O : So, I informed members of news.
G.O : I enjoy giving information to members after knowing beforehand about world news.
Seungho : For example, When I'm reading the newpaper in the IT category at the internet portal site, G.O is looking at world topic by me, and Mir is seeing entertainment section.
DJ : Lee Joon is reading acting area.
DJ : You must go about with 5 members together .
Seungho : Yes, we are MBLAQ.