Why you askin' me that?

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As reporters, we look for characters--people who inspire us and have a story to tell.
And then there's this next piece by Sergeant 1st Class Randy Randolph
and producer Dave Annarino.
They headed to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, for a segment we like to call,
Why you askin' me that?
[♪upbeat music♪]
I'm Sergeant 1st Class Randy Randolph here on the streets of Fort Belvoir,
asking people for answers to questions you don't care to know.
Hey, come on! Hey, Sergeant. What's going on?
You got a few seconds? This is a fun segment.
We just want to ask you a couple questions. What's your job, Chief?
I'm a CID agent. >>If you could pick one celebrity to do your job, who would that be?
[chuckling] One celebrity.
Oh, man. >>Hmm. >>Um. >>Uh.
[in unison] Um.
Megan Fox, for obvious reasons.
Hey, don't go that way! Hey, you guys gotta go this way! That section is closed.
What's the worst thing you ever ate in an MRE?
All of it. >>Chili mac.
The bread that comes with it. >>Why is that? >>Did not agree with me.
I hate MREs. They're gross.
What's the worst thing you've ever eaten at the chow hall?
Yakisoba. >>The spaghetti. >>Uncooked chicken.
Anything after breakfast. >>Meatloaf. Their meatloaf is the worst. Yep.
What's so bad about it? >>I don't think it's really meatloaf. [laughing]
Come on! If you woke up tomorrow and you were the Chief of Staff of the Army,
what's the first thing you would do?
Get rid of the beret. >>I'm going to get rid of the berets.
I'm tired of wearing the beret. >>I like the older ones.
It's a two-hand when you come out of a store...
For field work and stuff like that, they're not...
with a drink or something like that...
I don't know. >>I'm not coordinated to put it on with one hand yet.
Not doing it for me. >>I wouldn't change it because every time you change it,
it costs me money. [laughing]
Do you know who this man is?
In Germany, this guy right here, an Army employee,
was reunited with his wallet after 61 years.
If you could be reunited with one object from the past, what would it be?
[♪classical music playing♪]
My first car. >>My mom.
I would have to say my '79 XS Eleven Special Yamaha. I miss that thing.
Hmm. My enlistment contract. [scratching sound] [rewinding sound]
My enlistment contract.
[laughing] >>I have no idea right now, and I've got to go.
Wait. Hold on one second. What's in your cargo pockets right now? >>My wallet.
Just your wallet? Okay. So you wouldn't lose your wallet like this guy right here.
All right. One more question for you.
What's one question we should have asked you?
Wow. Are you ready for the last question?
[laughing] I don't know. Where are these questions coming from?
Why are you asking any of these questions? [laughing]
[Randolph] Well, there you have it, important answers to those hard-hitting questions.
From our camera to your home, I'm Sergeant 1st Class Randy Randolph.