Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Obama Girl Contestant Bio

Uploaded by DanceOn on 29.03.2012


I'm Amber Lee Ettinger from
And you may know me from my Obama Girl videos, which are
political satire videos on Barely Political.

But I am here in sunny California.
I'm originally from Pennsylvania, and I recently
moved here from New York.
And I love it here.
This is awesome.
And I'm so, so, so excited to be on DanceOn right now.
It's pretty much like a dream come true because for me, I
love Dancing with the Stars, and this is kind of the same
thing, except it's all YouTube stars.
How fun is that?
And who doesn't love to dance?
I love to dance.
But by no means am I a pro dancer.
I mean, I've taken classes when I was little.
I was a cheerleader.
I remember dancing in my dorm room.
Me and my roommates used to jump on the bed and just blast
the music and just go crazy.
And it's the best stress reliever.
So I love to dance.
I think my favorite music to dance to is hip hop.
For me, I think who I'd want to have a YouTube dance battle
with would probably be Epic Meal Time because they came to
my house and they kicked my butt in the kitchen, and I'm
going to kick their butt on the dance floor.
So in this competition, we are getting paired up with four of
the best choreographers in the US right now.
I'm so excited.
For me, I really want to win DanceOn because A, I'm really
B, I think I'm an OK dancer.
Like, I can like--

I need to learn a little more.
But I think I can shake my booty a little.
And I think the biggest competition in this would
probably be Hot for Words.
But is she hot for dance?
We'll see.
A wish.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I wish for you--
AMBER LEE ETTINGER: For Amber to win DanceOn competition.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Amber, I wish for you to win the DanceOn
AMBER LEE ETTINGER: So make sure you guys tune in.
Check out all the videos.
Vote for who you think I should be paired with.
Vote for all the videos that you like, and just stay tuned.
This is going to be awesome.
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