WWE NXT First Episode Review

Uploaded by Doomguy2k on 24.02.2010

all right with that drives the speech and got here
I'm going to get so it didn't he
the next tier of view up the papers a piece of that chest alone
without that there are safe you are as you do not have a say
that for up to a new debate concept that this is the to Cuba
this was crying
he had so the different
any need to call
I would forget studio just gets a aside it put it that way
critics respond back his after brussels maybe I'm the
his good choices about how come you've got the wrong tree
it's it
accused if you wore thinks so
I do and I'm very sorry for this
apologize for it if he's guilty on three challenger
exactly it
it sets the priorities don't believe is something different
I want to stop this is something different that
the recipients hadn't seen before
our be it
it's been shown for that yes and I think he's pictured for
because show called top not on there is in doubt
I mean I like the concept that show I was the
focused a great deal
well to get well you know and it's bright daschle said own
the shots stop with this
it's murky
%uh data on they come out soon morning John
this is
that's a problem
while plot home
scientists say it was quite clear in his to the the down
that will speak
she remembered all of the empty eyes but
did you not only is enters its side
dale party wins
actress joan rivers and molded alone
I think he's got talent
hollywood top Korea on that this guy is at each of site
is that he's got the body he's got that
a huge has used the issue
hollywood parties been to the white house couple times of
and is that what I do is I think is is of the integrity of the member states
you know that that crazy Iran
because of Justice John and
and this
on this tough guy
that wins match of us just talking about
I know
but she is
reebok shoes spy versus spy busing insists is
botched it
I could foresee a personal insult me play
she is good but she's so
take a look
that you
he was a match-up all
but Paulson
but over the next ten minutes before that
i'd like to talk about that
to want to match up with the men that passes
to be that was do it
I'm those to use it or lose the jury only you saw some do it
back to a point that you saw some
seeking to stop for
Frank they have said so it was quite
I mean
I what I say is a good show I hadn't been suppressed by it
I do like the campaign trail
the upset that misses Clinton could have sole power
yeah I can't wait until next weekend
I mean I
and on
captain are
the but show was good
Ahmadinejad discussed up and
this is would you like to see men day to highlight the
I really just recap show I didn't watch it
and I hope he dies and John wayne gacy guess I shouldn't happen
at the bottom not true that the senate said we don't make keep up
told him that know who dresses fact it's tough sell
I recommend issue at the geese that the old each W Bush
this statement is it taking
a debt from OJ-
I'm burned by the gays years old the heat ages scrappy all three
gay people
if so it shows that subject that here
and we say for watching this review
honest to God
also undecided i'll see you guys later