Wegmans Red Quinoa-Avocado Salad

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 15.05.2011

Quinoa's an ancient grain with a mild, nutty, delicate flavor.
It's a whole grain, so it has a lot of fiber,
and 50 percent more protein than any other grain.
It's the perfect choice for my red quinoa and avocado salad.
This Haas avocado is so rich in flavor.
It has a very creamy, buttery texture to it.
You can tell this variety by its pebbly skin on the outside.
Also, to know when it's ripe, it turns from green to really almost black,
so look for the color, and also give it a little bit of a squeeze,
gentle pressure, to see if it gives a little bit.
If it's not quite ripe, then just leave it out
in your counter at home for a couple days.
Foods You Feel Good About Lemon Vinaigrette
is my favorite bottled dressing. It has no artificial flavors,
preservatives, or coloring added to it, and it's made with extra virgin
olive oil, lemon juice, and lemon zest, so it has a very clean,
refreshing, bright flavor to it. So, I'm headed off
to my kitchen. Okay, I want to show you what
quinoa looks like before you cook it. Actually, it has little grains like
this, it's almost like birdseed I guess, if you'd want to call it that,
but of course not. Little red seeds.
Okay, now I want to show you what it looks like after it's cooked.
It's been cooking in this pot in about one package of quinoa
to about two and a quarter cups of water, with or without salt,
depending on how you like it, for about 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, the quinoa will absorb all of the water in the pot,
much like cooking rice, and the little kernels,
or those little grains actually pop open,
and here's what it looks like. So you see a little bit more white,
almost curlycues in it like that. Now, we don't want to
finish the salad quite yet, first we have to chill this
for about 15 minutes, so I'm gonna take this over
to the refrigerator. Okay, the quinoa is chilled,
I already cut up one avocado into small pieces
and put it in the bowl here, but I'm gonna show you how
to do the other one right now too. So, what I want to do is just
take a chef's knife and then cut around the perimeter
of the avocado from top to bottom. And let's take a half here first.
Now I like to use a smaller paring knife, just easier for me,
and score it in two places, just right through the skin
but not too far down into the avocado,
and I just find that peels off a lot easier that way.
So, with that, alright, you can cut that into small pieces scored that way.
And then turn it around and do the same thing this way.
That's just a really easy way that I like to do it.
Let's place those avocado pieces right in here.
Can make them as big or small as you like to.
Here's where a little bit of the difficulty comes in.
I'm just gonna wipe my hands so they're not too slippery at this point.
And to get the pit out. You can use a knife and just
give it a little twist like that, and move it around, and it usually
comes out pretty easily that way. So, we'll leave it that way again,
and again, scoring all around, remove the skin, should peel off
pretty easily, there we go. You can cut as large
or small as you like. This works well for salads too,
or just slices for burgers, or sandwiches.
Okay. And they can be smaller if you
prefer, but, I think this is good. I love avocados and I like
to bite into those. Alright, to finish off the salad,
we are going to add about a cup of chopped cilantro.
And a cup of green onions. The white and the green part both.
About two plum tomatoes cut into small chunks like that, little pieces.
One package of frozen corn. Just thawed, of course.
Alright. We've got almost everything in here
except just a couple things. We're gonna season this with some
pepper and some salt to taste. You can always adjust
for seasoning afterwards, maybe about a half
a teaspoon of each one. But, of course, that's
to your liking. And finally, dress it with some
of our lemon vinaigrette, about a half a cup
of lemon vinaigrette. So I'm just gonna estimate
what that's going to be. Give it a light toss, real gently
because you've got a lot of delicate ingredients
going on in here too. And I will just stir this up, and then
if I need a little bit more dressing, that's good; if not,
I think we're good to go. I just love this salad.