10/10/2009 (News/Machinima)

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Valve spends the monies, Rock Band Pricing and my interview with Shoe...you'll see. This
is Inside Gaming for October 10th, 2009.
Hey kids, welcome to this show you watch, it makes you happy and gooey inside. Now shut
the fuck up!
Army of Two is getting a book and I'm not even kidding. The muscle dood bromance graphic
novel slash comic book is set for a January release date, here's a snippet:
The bro in the red mask with fire and shit totally shot the other guy, and they we all
like "Hell ya, looks like we're ready to invade Charlie town." Also, he owned a truck.
South Park is back, and not just the new season of the show. Now going into defense mode,
South Park Tower Defense is all ready for download...and fishdicks.
Also LucasArts has a new game called Lucidity and as luck would have it...no one cares.
In case you've never heard of Left 4 Dead, get ready to. It's been reported that Valve
is spending a not so slim 25 million promoting the game...diz am.
And because we have no time, here's some headlines:
LBP on da PSP is out on November 17th!
Mickey is looking awesome!
Lego Rock Band cost 50 bucks
And Alpha Protocol is getting delayed, sad?
To round off this little thing we label news, we called up former EGM editor in chief Dan
Shoe for his thoughts for the upcoming Holiday season. And to talk about his new position
at bitmob.com. Roll it.
sure to check out Bitmob.com for the latest in all things shoe and for your own chance
to be just like a real journalist...
SHOW E4G logo.
Or not.
Let's Take some First Looks Showeeeee
The boring as ever dragon age got a new dev blah blah...I'm only showing this because
Talbert and Shibley like this fucking game. There, you happy? Good.
Clone Wars Republic Heroes convinced me not to give LucasArts anymore money with their
new teaser featuring Zach Efrons latest replacement. Fuck you kid! OG Trilogy 4 life!
And finally, that David Bowie coolness we alluded to earlier this week also had a trailer,
enjoy it.
Alrighty, this is the part where I say alrighty and end the show. Follow us on twitter and
oranges are in season this year. And before we got here are the game releases for the
week, buy kids.
Dragon Age trailer http://bit.ly/1w1rJr
New trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroeshttp://bit.ly/ExrRj
Let's Dance to this new David Bowie Lego Rock Band trailer.http://bit.ly/4e2x7E
LittleBigPlanet is coming to the PSP on November 17th.http://bit.ly/2gg26d
EA strikes comic book deal. Army of Two and Dragon Age comics on the way. http://bit.ly/49rbzi
South Park Tower Defense and LucasArts' Lucidity hit XBLA this week. http://bit.ly/lTMYx
Epic Mickey looks epic. It's a Wii-exclusive and will be detailed in this month's Game
Informer. http://bit.ly/vtDrx
Valve spending a cool $25 million on advertising for Left 4 Dead 2 http://bit.ly/wVtGh
Lego Rock Band will be $49.99 on PS3, 360, and Wii.http://bit.ly/IF70O
Some news for the five of you that are excited for EyePet: It's getting delayed. http://bit.ly/Ftr3V
EA's Visceral Studios is working on a Jack The Ripper game.http://bit.ly/19raCt
Alpha Protocol delayed until 2010. http://bit.ly/b3XVk