The Anime Duet - by HalOfBorg

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The Anime Duet
Love and marriage.... love and marriage.
You are the apple of my eye,
the joy of my heart.
And the pain in my butt.
You give me chills up and down my spine.
When you drive.
I'll never forget when I asked you to be mine.
I was drunk.
When I met you, you took my breath away.
You had B.O. (body odor)
I remember when you took me to the prom.
On the bus.
I just love a man who's big and strong.
Do you know any?
If you ever left me I don't know what I'd do.
I'd do your best friend.
When I first saw you I said "What a fox!".
I meant ox.
I want you to know that you mean a lot.
Of insurance money.
You got down on one knee and proposed.
That we try a three-some.
Then you showed me the house where we would live.
With your parents.
You gave me everything that a man could give.
Herpies, crabs!!!!
I could just sit with you on the couch all night.
'cause I've lost the will to live.
Through all the years my eyes have never strayed.
From my 'Hustler'.
As long as you're by my side it's a perfect day!
For drinking.
I never loved anybody like I love you.
As far as you know.
You still make me laugh every single day.
When I see you naked.
You start every morning with a smiling face!
And a beer.
You still have the body of a twenty year old......
School bus!
I sill love every hair on your head.
Both of them.
You are like an animal in bed.
You don't shave your legs.
I heard that!
Shut up!
Drop dead!
Bite me!
Goodnight Dear!
HalOfBorg by "The Anime Duet"
Sean Morey by "The Lovers Duet" Song: HalOfBorg by "The Anime Duet"
Song: "The Lovers Duet" by Sean Morey
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