Anti-Glare Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 22.04.2011

Hey guys Maxine here with
And I have in front of me an Anti-Glare Screen Protector for your iPad 2.
Now if you riskily need the investment for an iPad 2,
you’re probably looking to keep it as pristine as possible for as long as possible.
And the screen protectors are great way to go about it.
Now for those who work in.. well that environments
and are constantly bothered by the glare that comes off their screen.
It’s a great way to normally protect your screen but also remove the glare from the screen as well.
It’s that Anti-Glare Screen Protector,
so once you apply it you won’t be getting in any of those passkey glare is that would otherwise
impact that the view of your screen.
And your iPad 2 Screen Protector comes with 2 things.
It comes with the terrycloth for you to wipe all the smudges and all the finger prints off your screen before you apply the Screen Protector.
And then it comes with the Screen Protector it’s self.
Now if you‘re looking to install screen protector and you and you want some help you can check out the link below.
And we’ll be walking through how to install iPad 2 Screen Protector.
But in the mean time you can check this out at
you can find this for $9.99.
This Anti-Glare Screen Protectors are also free shipping
as with all our products from
and you can save 10 % off using the Youtube subscriber coupon.
So that’s all for today.
I’m Max
and you
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