Ghost Stories from Japan #7: The Elevator (with English Captions)

Uploaded by montecristo73returns on 06.07.2011

Ghost Stories: Collection of New Tales
In a similar incident, the damages are estimated to be at over 120,000,000 yen.
That’s the main news for Monday 16th.
The time in just a few moments will be 2 am.
Alright. It’s Tuesday, December 17 and the time is 2 am.
Up next, Late Night Movies will be bringing you info on the latest movies…
Well, see you tomorrow.
Tomorrow in the front desk lobby at…
Right, at eleven.
-I can’t believe you can forget things that easily. -I’m sorry.
-And don’t be late. -Alright. See you.
Thanks for all.
“The Elevator”
Oh, it’s from Katsumi.
Hey you, it’s going down.
Are you getting in or not.
It's alright…
It’s seems to be full, so…
“It's alright” she says. Whatever that means.