2012 Charlotte 49ers Fall Sports Preview - Cross Country

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It is time to take a look at the cross-country season here two thousand
twelve in the Fall. Ryan Rose with you in our studios inside the Library central to
UNC Charlotte
Ed Schlichter Niner alum and head coach back with us again. Back again.
In the head coach chair.
We've got a couple of our outstanding returning uh... runners for the season
Hana Sutchar who is
a red shirt senior and Zach Greth down there just a sophomore but
also one of the top performers from last year and uh... let's get into this
for the first time ever, we had a first a few years ago hosting the A-10
and we've done that twice
now we're taking a step up and hosting the NCAA southeast regional.
What goes into that process of preparation? We're going big time
we had to come together with a bid process so
every division one institution southeast have the opportunity to put a bid
together and
put out a course that they thought would be good and you know everybody has to
vote on it of upwards of NCAA and our governing body USTFCCCA
uh... that's a lot of letters. Yeah a lots of letters
and so it goes all the way through there
and eventually somebody says yay or nay they put out their hand, okay it's good
to go
uh... and it worked out and I'm really excited about it
we've got a great course it's the same place that we host our annual
Charlotte invite so it's going to accommodate the southeast region very
well I think all the teams are going to be really excited about it I thought we did a
really great job last year with A-10
and uh... we're going try and take it up a notch
I'm really impressed with the southeast.
Now for you guys being able to run that at home actually going to be the third time
you get to run at home this year. That's kind of a large number for a squad to get to run
three times in town
is that exciting for you to know that you know some of the students and
fans of the program could come out and watch you guys actually run.
I think it's really exciting and we know what to expect
and it's cool when like
the crowd is a bunch of people we know and they get all hyped up and excited. I know a lot of people
last year that came to the Frank Liske meet made big signs for us and
stuff and that was just like encouraging. And Zach for you being able to practice on that
It seems like second nature once you get into competition mode
Oh yeah, definitely I mean practicing on that at least once a week
really give us
good experience going into the meet and just practicing on it so often we will be very familiar with it
and should really help with our performance. Now three home meets this year if you count the regional as a home meet. You've got the duals coming up
well first weekend of september the eight
second saturday of september and then at the end of september the
cross-country invitational
Now that one is going to be over downtown right? It's going to be in McAlpine same course as the
southeast regional
and last year we had just over thirty five teams and almost
nine hundred athletes running around
and uh... yeah it's going to be bigger and better this year I'm hoping for over forty
uh... we've actually just added a high school division as well
so we're gonna have some younguns watch us running out there as well so
it'll be pretty cool. That is a festive atmosphere when you get that many teams
out there. Now are there some young players or some young runners coming in that
can foot the bill and step up in to some spots? We've got a great team we bring back
eight of our top ten we added some clutch uh... freshman this year as well
I'm excited about Morgan Richards and Lauren Pollard joining the team
coming back besides Hana we have Katie Holloway, Jenna Christensen,
Kristen Stout, Jen Molke,
Taylor Carcella,
uh... Maraya Slatter I mean all of the girls that were at the top five last year at some
point we just rotate it all the time and we just got a really solid
group. And then Zach had some really good times last year as well did
fantastic at the regional Charlotte's second best runner
uh... you've probably got a much younger team on the men side as well would you
say? Yeah we're adding about eleven newcomers
two of them are going to be transfers in the sophomore role
but yeah nine freshies joining the program we will probably red shirt
a couple of our upperclassmen but Zach's got a great group to kind of
mentor so to speak
and put them together and going off of Zach's freshman year
I'd like to say that I recruited four more Zachs and if we can at least five
Zachs we've got a really good team. That's going really well then. The last thing
before we go, on academics I know that's something that you
you harp on and Zach being 4.0 guy right now is something that you
told me a couple years ago you said you tell the team you start with a 4.0, you've got to kind
of work your butt off to keep that 4.0, talk about your emphasis on
academics. Every season, fall and spring it's a brand new academic
semester, so I say
guys, you start with a 4.0
but it's up to you to keep it and this guy, 4.0 both fall and spring. Nice, he's got a long
road ahead but uh... that's a good start
Look, we wish all you guys good health this season and we look forward to having
that regional meet I know we're working on the backend with the website. If you
want to keep up with where these young men and women are racing you can
do that at the website triple w dot charlotte forty-niners dot com
Ed Schlichter thanks for stopping by
Hana Sutchar a redshirt senior we hope to put you out there in a good light here
this last year, good luck
and low times and same for Zach Greth down there our sophomore leading the
Men's side. Good luck to you this season we hope everything works well for you and you can watch their times
get smaller and smaller as they go from indoor to outdoor a lot
of running going on for these two and the whole team. we will see you out at the course we hope to see you out
there for one of three meets you can catch these guys in locally
so get on the website and come out and support your Niners.