What makes a life worth living?

Uploaded by blushooter on 02.08.2010

What is the meaning of life?
It's a difficult question, that surely each of us asked himself a few times during his
Every person gives a different interpretation to it, depending on their personal, cultural
and religious background. But regardless of what interpretation we decide
to give, and what answers we come out with, the world spins, the people live with their
own needs, and the various opinions get lost in the everyday routine, making the Big Question
not that important more than fore pure philosophical speculation.
In everyday life, as individuals, we are drawn to be more focused around a frame that includes
us, our family and our beloved ones, and generally how to best spend the time we stay alive on
this planet.
So, a question that sounds so much more appealing to me is...
What makes a life... worth living?
Some of us may say that a life worth living is the one in which you achieve something
you wished for a lifetime, or at the contrary some others would prefer not having
to achieve anything at all and having all they need, to be able to
live as they want day after day.
Some may have a spiritual approach to life, therefore affirming that a life worth living
is the one in which you are kind to people, you help the community, create good interactions
with its inhabitants and generate positive relationships with others,
therefore making yourself feel better.
And this, as noble as it is, can't surely be put aside by a more "materialistic" approach
to life from those people who desire for their life to be good in a form
of a successful career, a wealthy lifestyle, and having a lot of expensive "things";
And, sincerely, I think that's the central point of it all: Happiness;
it sums up all the things said, and all others that could come up to my mind and hopefully
to yours.
If we could, we would shape our existence according to our wishes and desires, thus
being a billionaire, discover a cure for a deadly disease or just spend a lifetime
to give medical help in war zones, because we think that by those particular
circumstances, we would be - happy.
But, assuming that it's possible... have we, as human beings, created a society in which
we CAN really be happy?
Sometimes when I look around, all that I see is a society based not on personal fulfilment,
nor to the simple research of happiness, as on duty,
sacrifice and, generally, on the compilation of a daily to-do list.
And tho I'm not saying that we have to live without duty and responsabilities, I'm driven
to think that these duties must have a good reflection on our mood and a meaning
for our perception of our role in the society and the whole world.
That's the exact thing that I thought when I quit my job.
I asked myself: Am I happy with this thing am I doing now?
The answer was surely, NO. But it was also the answer to the following question:
"Will this thing make me happy in the future?"
And so, I quit.
I decided to leave my job to do two of the things I like doing the most, painting and
video making.
And, as cool as it may sound, this means being broke and doing something that hopefully will
flourish in the future, even if at the moment it just puts me in a
more uncertain situation then before.
It also means having to deal with the costant mistrust of people around me, who only see
my attempts as a way of wasting time, or as a hobby that
can't make a living.
But at least, I'm happy.
So, if you have to decide either to follow a traced, secure route that you have doubts
on, or to follow your own path that seems much
more difficult, but that you think it'll be more fulfilling,
I made this video for you.
Just to assure you that you're not alone, and other people... like me, or like dozens
I know, are struggling on making this decision.
And now, tho I am not rich, nor sure on where I'm going and on what I will do in the future,
waking up and going to work has changed from the frightful and depressing experience that
it was into something so rewarding I just can't wait
to do.
Being happy of what I do in my life. That seems like something to me.
Does it to you?