Sprint speed training for football

Uploaded by myosource on 07.08.2011

This next segment here is going to work a lot on sprint speed. What we're going to need to do today is
get a good firm wall, make sure we have good footing. You probably don't want to
do this on any hard surfaces because there's going to be a lot of impact if you
could do it on a track, that'd be good. An indoor facility would be good as well. What we want to
do is we want to get a 45 degree angle here
and our back flat and then we're going to work to drive our knees up to the
parallel position; just like as if we were sprinting. Toes are up, when you get to the
floor, really drive them through.
I'm going to get in the position here.
He's at a 45 degree angle. We've got the bands on, we're going to work with
resistance. Here we're not going to go for reps as much as time and we're
going to go 15 seconds with and you're going to take them off
and we're going to go 12 seconds without. Really work for speed and we want to jump
right into it. Ready,
go. Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick;
come on, push yourself, push yourself. Drive your knees up, drive your knees up. Five, four, three, two, one; relax.
Now we're going to take the bands off and you're going to work for speed in this little segment where your legs feel like feathers.
As soon as you get the band unclipped,
clip them together on the same side of the rings so they're not flying all around. We're going to
go for 12 seconds here. Same thing, work for speed, use the quickness. Here,
we go. Quick, quick, quick; notice his legs are faster, so stay under control and really
drive your knees up. Here we go now, push yourself, push yourself. Five, four, three,
two, one;
Great job. Remember we're going to do this. When you do your segments here, we're going to
go for 15 (seconds) with, 12 seconds without. You're going to do that about five to six times, two
to three times a week and really start working to drive the knee up, but the most
important thing is quickness. If you're not moving quick, you're not getting anything out of
it, so push yourself.