Your Christmas Wishes Collaboration 2008 [CC]

Uploaded by bluecandylover on 24.12.2008

CRASHTUBES:At Christmas we always
have that certain something
that we really want Santa to
come tumbling down the chimney
and to deliver under the Christmas tree.
As well as wanting that special gift, people
also wished for a Christmas miracle.
YouTube What are your Christmas wishes?
SIMWICKY: Hey guys, Simwicky here, doing
this collaboration for Connor.
OK put it like this, If I could change
one thing in the world, I would like to
see way more vending machines, vending
machines are the ultimate in convenience
and I think they need at least one on every
corner, every street corner needs a vending
machine, that should be filled with healthy
food as well. Oh and for Christmas...
Probably an electric guitar.
BILLTVMACON: Well you asked for my Christmas
dishes, and really I only have this one, and
I was reading... That’s not what it said!
OK now I get it, my WISH IS, the hope that we
feel is in this country now will continue.
Everybody is so jazzed about Barack Obama
and what’s ahead, second wish I want
a Mac Mini. God that sounds awful. And peace
on earth! I like that! And penicillin for everyone.
Free air! Free air!
ROUGEBLUEJAY: For Christmas I would like my grandma
not to get drunk, my sister not to set fire to the
tree, and my grandfather not call me a waste of air.
Oh wait - That was last year!
It's all going to be different this year, you'll see.
In all seriousness, this Christmas I would like world
peace - and a Nintendo Wii. The world peace on is..
[MUMBLES], yep, don't judge me!
BLACKPANTHERTAT: Hi everybody, this is Greg and my
Miracle Christmas Wish is that the world would be
more like fiction, storytelling, anything can happen
anything’s possible, and my regular Christmas wish is
for an Acoustic Electric Guitar. Peace, Happy Holidays.
FOREST242: OK, If I had one miracle Christmas wish, it
would probably be like the ability for everyone in the
world to fly, I mean, who wouldn't want to fly, mean
that would be AWESOME!
What I am really wishing I get this Christmas is my
thumb back, yeah the other day I bought an Arabian donkey
down in Florida, it didn't turn out too good. Anyways.
Merry Christmas.
TAYLOREH: If I could get two things for Christmas my
big dreamy one would be a Microphone so I can make
better videos, What’s this? What? And my pursuable one
everyone from the Ottawa/Toronto area to give to Toy Mountain.
So some kids with could use with some toys this Christmas
could get them.
"I sang it once, and I'll sing it again".
# Everybody, everybody wants to be give #
So please give! Merry Christmas.
RYANZAWICKI: What do I want for Christmas?
A bunch of new CDs would be really awesome,
a new video camera all to myself so I can upload videos
in better quality, a MacBook Pro would be really sweet
and a bunch of cash, if I had one Christmas wish, what
would it be? Well to be honest if I had one wish
I think it would be so that I can spend time with all
my best friends, even the ones that live in different countries
and states, I wish I would be able to see them, give them hugs
and hang out with them, show them how much they mean to me
and how much they have influenced me, and even though everyone
lives so far away, this would mean so much to me regardless
of what happens. So yeah they were my Christmas wishes and
if any of those things came true I would be the happiest boy
in the world.
CRABSTICKZ: Oh Hello, It's Christmas, I wish this Christmas
for world peace - in all of England, and for everyone to have
the best Christmas, they've ever had in their entire life.
This Qwishmas, Quishmas? Erm this Christmas I also wish for
the entire Alfie Hitchcock collection DVD box set on Bluray.
It's not even out yet!
BLUECANDYLOVER: I've got two Miracle Wishes because I don’t
really want anything for Christmas, one is health and good
luck to my family and secondly WORLD PEACE! As everyone wants
world peace, don't they? Apart from George Bush of course!
Anyway, Merry Christmas Everyone and don't get too drunk!
Right, bye!
CHICKENNOODLEBARBIE: My Christmas miracle isn’t like for
myself as much as for everyone else, my whole family live
in Trinidad, and only my immediate family and I live in Canada
and it would be really nice for all of us to be under the
one roof, as big as we are. I think everyone should be with their
family at least once a year.
For a long time I really wanted to get a tattoo.
MRTOXICHAZARD: This is my Christmas Collab for Crash Video
My first Christmas wish is to be able to sing like Corey Taylor of
Slipknot, I know it sounds crazy, but I love his voice and
I want to be able to do it.
My actual Christmas Wish is to have the ultimate paint collection
ever, like every single colour, as I am a bit of a pain... and I
I love to have every single colour there is available.
GLITTERANDMOREDOOM: Hey Everyone. I am wishing everyone an amazingly
happily fantastically amazing Christmas, I am wearing ear muffs. I know
an occasion (?), and wow I am actually so excited, I feel like a little
girl again, but I don't care (?),
??????, that Irish, because I am Irish if you didn't know.
And, Christmas wish, I first though oh shhhooo because I couldn't
think of anything, but I think I could wish for that (?) where you
think automatically (?), and some snow, white Christmas, snow, polar bears
Penguins, little cute animals running around the place, and houses made
from candy cane. That is my Christmas wish!
CRASHTUBES: And me... well for starters I would really really like a Wii
Fit, but I think something that is alot more important than me wanting
stuff is my Christmas Miracle.
I hope for the New Year of 2009, we hopefully get out of the credit crunch
slump, and stop the whole economical downturn
and I also wish that Barack Obama to be one of the best presidents
that the United States of America have ever had. From me and the rest
of YouTube, Merry Christmas.