A Night at the Roxbury (1/7) Movie CLIP - Living with Mom & Dad (1998) HD

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Knock it off!
Where's mom, and who's this gorgeous
Young hottie in the kitchen?
Yeah. And why is she wearing mom's bathrobe?
What do you think of my new chin?
Is it better than last year's?
Captain, tennille, behave yourselves!
Ah, look who's gracing us with their presence.
Here, dad.
What is this garbage?
A health shake.
Balanced my insulin and hormone levels
So I can hit my physical peak.
Barbara, hurry. Get the video camera.
He's gonna hit his peak.
Honey, if you're gonna hit your peak,
Do it in your room.
That's mom, you're so funny. Hilarious.
Steve, in the store in a half hour.
Ok? And wear something nice.
Emily's back from school.
Hey, dad, I think you're confusing steve
For someone who gives a flying rat's ass.
Flying rat's ass?
That'd be wild to see.
Steve, at the store in a half hour.
And bring your dancing monkey brother with you.
Tss. Tss.
Tss. Tss.
Tff. Tff.
Tss. Tss.
Tch. Tch.
Tff. Tff.
Tss. Tss.