Stupid Game Show Answers - Best of the Worst

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 02.09.2007

[SGSA theme music]
[Bob]: What will your husband say is his very favorite kind of rodent? Georgie?
What's a rodent?
[Bob]: His very... [Audience laughs]
His very favorite kind of rodent.
His saxophone.
[Everyone laughs]
[Bob]: Gentlemen, tell me. What is your favorite pasta?
Um, flat on my stomach, looking at a TV screen...
[Bob]: No, no, no, no. [Everyone laughs]
[Alex reads the answer] Ken.
What's a hoe?
[Alex]: No. Woah. Woooah. Wooah. [Audience laughs]
They teach you that at school in Utah, huh? Al.
What's a rake?
[Alex]: A rake is right.
Um, and...this is someone. Dear Abby is a...
A columnist. [Audience laughs]
Oh, OK. Er, er, er R-Ruski. Another name for Ruski. [Times up buzzer]
[Everyone laughs and applauds]
We asked 100 people to name...
[Audience laughs]
We could show you an episode of it now while we're waiting for an answer.
Erm, what you looking to her for? You can't ask her if he likes! Playing the gangster!
[Buzzer] Oh...Mel!
Television! [Audience laughs and applauds]
[Pat]: Time starts now.
A GROUP OF PILL-PUSHERS? [Incorrect answer buzzer]
[Audience laughs and applauds]
This is Wheel of Fortune, Joe!
Vicky and Dicky. Oscar? I mean Dick. Oh... [Everyone laughs and applauds]
Something that can kill a lively party. [Buzzer]
[Audience laughs]
At Sir Irving's knighting, the Queen slipped with her sword. So instead of being knighted, Sir Irving was blanked.
Uh...Bar-mitzvahed. [Audience and Gene laugh]
[SGSA theme music]