Working at Google NYC - Eileen: Regional Sales Director

Uploaded by Google on 26.04.2007


Google is a different kind of sales environment.
It has technology at its core, but in a very real sense,
Google has built the world's largest media marketplace.
Search has been an incredibly successful way for marketers
to really target their messages.
We have users who are self-directed, looking for
And the same algorithm that gives a search result is able
to target a marketing message really effectively.
Many, many marketers have awakened to the fact that,
hey, I've got to be doing Search too.
So Google has this moment right now, where we're being
approached by the senior officers of marketing
organizations, right up through to chairmen of
companies, who want to come in and work with Google, actually
come into the Googleplex, actually visit us, sit on the
physioballs, so they can figure out, how do I make my
company more efficient by working with Google?
So it's that access and the welcome we have at so many
marketing organizations that is really very different.
I've been in the media game for a long time.
I've never seen that kind of open-armed welcome
that we get at Google.
My name is Eileen Naughton.
I'm the regional director for the direct sales organization
for the East Coast of the United States.