WRECKAGE - Launch Trailer

Uploaded by CaptainChris001 on 04.11.2011

It was a routine rescue operation
Marines, we hold this position!
But behind enemy lines...
If our guys are really up there, we'll get them out!
Everything can change..
in a moment!
It has been a hard week gentlemen, but you need to go back once more!
We're here for Dr. Lyra Hendrikson, we’re going to get her and move out of here.
We’re moving out, Hoorah!
All hands to me, we will stop them. Whua!
And then it's all about one thing:
We haven't been able to get any units in the air
for fifteen minutes! Hold on!
Keep those bastards down!
You want to get out there again? I don't think that's a good idea!
Jackson is out there and we have to get him!
You don't understand, I...
We're in pretty deep shit here, sir.
These split-eyed Koreans want to take these damned positions, so they can finish us!