Bronze Cha Cha - Shadow New York Ballroom Dance Lesson

Uploaded by aanw97 on 15.03.2009

This step is called the shadow New York or New York dance in shadow position.
And it goes like this: cha cha one two three,
a cha cha one, New York, four and one,
two three, four and one. We change to hand shake
right hand to hand hold. This is a shadow New York.
Two three, a four and one, two three, a four and one,
two three, a four and one, two three, a four and one.
The lady’s underarm turn. Two three, four and one.
Brings us back to the beginning.
So, to show you this in detail, I’ll do the man’s step first.
We’re gonna start by dancing it facing you.
Basic step, two three, four and one, two three,
four and one. Opening to New York, two three,
releasing hold, right hand to right hand. Now, the man is not going to step forward,
he’s going to step back. And as soon as he steps back he’s
gonna start turning. Replace three. Keep turning a forward lock chasse.
Cha cha one. New York on this side.
Forward, replace, side cha cha cha. And he does the same on this side.
Back, replace, turning the body, forward lock.
Cha cha cha. And if he keeps repeating this step,
he’s’ gonna go a hundred eight degree turn
from one side to the other. Two three, a four and one,
two three, a four and one, two three, I’m just repeating over and over,
four and one. The exit, two three,
changing hand, it’s a back basic for man as the lady turns.
Cha cha one.
The lady’s steps. We’ll bring Wendy in here.
She starts her basic with her back to the camera.
Cha cha one two three, four and one, opening to New York,
cha cha one, two three, a four and one. She’s now in handshake hold with the man.
She steps forward with the left foot, two. As she steps the right foot she’s going
to start turning the body, three. Keep turning the body and dance
a forward lock, cha cha one. New York, two three,
side cha cha cha. She’ll repeat the same pattern
going forward and turning, left right. Forward, right, turning, lock step.
So she’s gotta make quite a big turn on each side.
And, cha cha cha, forward, turning, lock step, New York, four and one,
forward, turning, cha cha cha. Now we dance an underarm turn.
This is an underarm turn, and two three, a side cha cha cha.
Putting that together, I’m gonna dance it this way
so that you can see the hand change and the leading involved.
Cha cha one, two three, four and one two three,
four and one, two three, switching to the right hand
to right hand hold. At this point we’re facing each other.
Now I’m going to lead the lady across my body
to over here and placing my left hand on her back
when she finishes turning. I have to step back right foot;
otherwise if I go forward we’re going to kick each other.
So we’re going to go two, three, forward lock to stay connected
side by side with the lady. We’ll go New York;
we take the hand off her back because we’re now in a facing position.
Once again I’m leading her across this hand stays in the middle between us.
It doesn’t come up, stays close to the body, leading her around hand on the back,
forward lock. So we have a two, a three, a four and one.