Chanakya - Episode 43

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Lead me from Untruth to Truth
From Darkness to Light
From Death to ImmortaIity
Pauravraj's aIIies were asking questions about their rights.
Had I given the promise? - Prince Chandragupt had promised.
But the assurance of the fuIfiIIment of the promise was given by you.
Pauravraj was worried.
Let Prince Chandragupt get the throne.
After that we wiII divide the kingdom.
At the other end, Chandragupt's mother was asked to come to the paIace.
Is your name Saudamini? - Yes.
You have to come with us.
An argument about Chandragupt's marriage was going on between Chandragupt and...
..Acharya when Chandragupt's mother reached there.
I need Dharini's name to shieId you.
Don't forget Nand supporters are waiting to strike you!
Mother and son met after years.
Didn't you ever remember me tiII today?
Sometime Iater MaIayketu brought news to Pauravraj about Chandragupt's marriage.
Father? - What is it, you fooI?
PIans for Prince Chandragupt's marriage with Princess Dharini are being made.
Susidharthak was trying to con Pauravraj.
'Mind, by nature, is crooked.'
'Just Iike the wicked woIf.'
He succeeded in conning Pauravraj.
Unaware of Chandragupt's arrivaI, his uncIe came Iooking for Saudamini.
My Chandragupt, here? On this position?
He isn't your Chandragupt, uncIe.
Is the Prince waiting for my permission to meet me?
Yes, Acharya!
Since when does he need permission to meet me?
He didn't Iike to interrupt you.
What are orders for me?
TeII him, I am eager to see him.
Sharangava, I know that the Prince has arrived here.
What do you want to say?
Yes, Prince! Don't hesitate.
You are happy, aren't you? - Yes, I am happy.
According to your instructions, I've broken up with my uncIe.
You did a wise thing.
You'II be happy to know that my mother too decided to go with her brother
No. I am not happy, Prince.
If this didn't make you happy then you'II be happy to hear my decision.
I'm eager to hear it.
I've decided to Ieave the paIace.
I'm not happy, Prince.
WiII you be happy if I kiII myseIf?
No Prince. I'II be happy if you wouId go and rest in your room.
I am Ieaving.
Shrangarav! Take the Prince to his room.
I am going to my home. - This is your home, Prince!
And if you think you'II meet your mother or uncIe there you're mistaken!
It was you who Iet them go, not me!
Where is my mother? Where is my uncIe? - They're safe.
This is not the answer to my question, Acharya!
You'II find the answer at proper time.
Greetings, Acharya. Greetings, Prince.
Have I interrupted you, Acharya?
Have I, Prince?
Prince, you seem angry. And dissatisfied too.
Can I be of any heIp to you?
If my presence here is objectionabIe then I'II beg Ieave from Acharya and you.
But if Acharya does not object, then I've a request to make.
Go ahead!
I heard, that I've to take your permission to Ieave the paIace.
You've heard it right.
I need your permission.
From now on, take such permission from the Prince!
Prince. I need your permission.
You can Ieave, Pauravraj. - Thank you.
Sharangava, where is my mother? Where is my uncIe?
You know where is my mother.
Have you ever disobeyed the teacher?
Prince, our mother is safe.
The way you grieve for your mother, Acharya grieves for his motherIand.
More than you, your mother understands Acharya's grief.
Therefore, she respected the Acharya's decision, not your decision.
I can onIy request you.
So I'II say onIy this much:
Don't hinder Acharya's way.
Sharangava! Who eIse do I've here except my mother?
Prince! Did you ever ask Acharya who is here for him?
Or who was there for him in Vahik?
You weren't abIe to bear his crying at the funeraIs of those peopIe.
Were they reIated to him?
Those who have foIIowed you here... do they have anybody here?
Siharan chose to die here rather than in his native place.
Who did he have here?
Who are here for me?
Who is here for Nipunak? Who is here for Akshaya?
I can understand your compuIsion for being here, Prince.
But what was our compuIsion?
Have you ever heard that emotionaI ties are stronger than bIood ties?
WaIking with Acharya I had feIt that...
...I'm way behind in the journey of Iife than him.
You were his favorite.
So, I used to envy you.
But I've reaIized today that you've not even begun to waIk with him.
I'm Iucky that my mother isn't here!
So, I can't miss her.
I'm Iucky that my Acharya is here!
You're here and our goaI is here!
And our mother is here.
That's why you want to assert your right over her too!
Oh Grand Sire! You are the master of righteousness!
You're the eIdest in the famiIy.
Am I not your daughter-in-Iaw?
Isn't it your duty to protect a woman?
You are a teacher by profession.
For you there is no difference between the Kaurava and Pandava.
Is it what you have taught them?
That your daughter-in-Iaw be insulted by her peopIe, in front of her eIders!
And every member of the Kaurav famiIy is dumb and siIent?
Great men who wouId die for their honor... why is their vaIor siIent today?
Do you aIso desire to see Draupadi's body?
Shame on you and your society!
Shame on your righteousness and your religious gurus!
Shame on the Kaurava cIan!
Shame on the progress of men!
Shame on you, Oh Nature, where a woman is is unsafe even amongst her own peopIe!
Shame on this nation, where chiIdren where your daughters are unsafe!
Is there nobody here who can protect me?
Is there nobody here who can protect me?
It is time for my rehearsaI. We'II continue after the rehearsaI.
Is there nobody here who can protect me?
Krishna? - Yes, brother?
How can be you so fooIhardy?
I am doing what you shouId have done. It isn't fooIhardiness.
Don't try to teach me in my own Iand.
I too know, what duty, respect and virtue mean!
She is my sIave.
A woman is never anybody's sIave.
Ask them if you do not beIieve.
The Pandava Iost their wife in the game of dice.
Their own wife? - Yes, Krishna. Ask them.
First they Iost their kingdom and then their own wife.
Duryodhan! Grand Sire! Acharya!
I'm surprised that you've kept mum.
Pandava were staking their wife in gambIing, and you agreed?!
You kept quiet!
They bIindIy stake anything they Iiked, and you accepted that!
Grand Sire! Acharya! Yudhishtra!
Did you forget that you're the guardians of this kingdom, not the owners?
This Iand beIongs to those who toiI in it!
This Iand beIongs to those who sow the seeds in it!
This Iand beIongs to those who irrigate it with their bIood and sweat; tend it.
How can you stake it for gambIing?
Had you forgotten that a woman is the pride of the society; of the nation;...
...of this society's faith and honor! How can you stake her for gambIing?
Yudhisthra, Arjun, Bheem, NakuI, and Sahdev ñ you shouId have protected her.
Duryodhan, Dushasan, how couId you Iet society's honor be put as a wager?
Why didn't you stop Yudhishtra when he put his kingdom and his woman as wager?
PeopIe's respect and weaIth were being staked, yet you were quiet?
King! What punishment do you pronounce for these criminaIs?
Krishna! Don't interfere in our famiIy dispute!
I shouIdn't interfere? A woman is humiIiated and I shouId not interfere!
This Iand is humiIiated and I shouId not interfere!
Krishna! Who are you to interfere?
Duryodhan, I am neither a king nor a member of a royaI famiIy.
I am onIy a smaII unit of this society, ready to fight to uphoId its dignity.
Krishna! Have you forgotten that you are a mere cowherd?
Dignity is not Iike your Iambs or goats to dance to the tune of your fIute!
Yes. I am a cowherd.
I tend Iambs and goats.
But does that take away my right to fight for the truth?!
If you can't defend the honor...
does that take away my responsibiIity to defend the dignity of the society?!
If the brave warriors, inteIIectuaIs and hoIy men and defenders of reIigion...
...can't defend reIigion and women, do I aIso Iose my right to defend them?!
If you are not capabIe, then do I become incapabIe too?
Duryodhan. I am a cowherd.
I graze Iambs and goats.
I consider cow too as a mother.
I caII them as my mother.
I respect them.
But if an animaI behaves Iike a beast, then I punish it too.
Grand Sire, teachers, Yudhishtera! Any of you inteIIigent men, pIease teII me...
If a king, or his staff or inheritor stoops to the leveI of an animaI...
destroys the dignity of the society then how shouId a cowherd treat him?
Krishna, you are crossing your Iimits!
I am a cowherd.
I graze the cows and goats.
I know very weII how to tackIe the animaIs.
I aIso know the Iimits of my duties.
If you're proud of your arms then Iift and use whatever weapons you possess.
I'm ready to face the consequences.
Sharangava! Don't Iet anyone escape aIive.
Sharangava! The Prince? - He is quite safe.
How did it happen, Akshaya?
Enemies of the Prince tried to poison him.
When they faiIed, they tried to set his room on fire.
But fortunateIy the Prince...
May God protect the Prince from any harm!
It wiII be better if the Prince is Ieft aIone now.
Beware of the foes, Prince! May God protect you.
PIease rest undisturbed now. Farewell!
Bad Iuck.
He wouId have died without our effort.
But how did he escape? -Because of that teacher!
The viIIain even succeeded in protecting the Prince!
I'II see how Iong he can protect the Prince.
But MaIay, who dared to do this?
The suspects incIude the former servants of the King.
But onIy Acharya Vishnugupt knows the truth.
And nobody has a cIue about who started the fire.
CouId this aIso be that viIIain's pIan?
Can he dare to pIay with fire?
He can do anything for his seIfish interest!
Suppose he hasn't done this nobIe deed, yet we've no reason to be pIeased.
Now we've to find who is the enemy of our enemy who wants to kiII the Prince.
Who couId that be, father?
Let me keep this secret be with me, son.
Go and have rest.
CouId it be Minister Rakshas?
Is Prince Chandragupt aIright? - Yes.
Greetings, PM!
I want to see those who conspired to kiII the Prince, behind bars.
How much time do you need?
I'II soon... - I don't want assurances.
I want an answer immediateIy. - As you command, PM.
In paIace arson some bodies are found in the basement under the Prince's room.
You can take them in your charge. - As you command.
[Who couId be behind this arson?]
[If Acharya hasn't done it...then... then who...?]
NobIeman Bhagurayan! Any news from the paIace?
What? - Didn't something happen at the paIace?
Some unknown person set fire to the Prince Chandragupt's room in the paIace.
Has the criminaI been found? - Not yet.
The person responsibIe for the arson is stiII in the paIace.
Do you know him? - You too know him.
Whom are you referring to? - Acharya Vishnugupt!
Acharya Vishnugupt!
Those who died were our coIIeagues.
Meaning? What you think is right.
But you never toId me!
I wanted to keep you out of it for your safety.
Any news from your side?
NobIeman Pauravraj wants to meet you secretIy.
Nobleman Pauravraj!
Today the Prince has been attacked, tomorrow we couId be attacked.
It is not safe to stay here in these conditions.
I know MaIayraj.
But getting the weaIth of Magadha, we wiII have to show some courage.
By courage do you mean we shouId Iose our Iives?
OnIy your enemies wiII Iose their Iives. Why do you worry, King of Kashmir?
If these conditions continue then none of us wiII survive.
You're being afraid needIessIy.
Why don't you speak to the Prince?
MaIayraj! This is the time to support the Prince.
WiII it be appropriate to taIk about the distribution of weaIth?
Let the Prince be free from this shock.
We can't wait any Ionger.
In absence of peace how can you escape from Magadha with your share of weaIth?
What are you impIying, Pauravraj?
Those who attacked the Prince, can attack us too.
So, shouId we sit idIe tiII peace is restored in Magadha?
There is no other way out for us.
What if the Prince's enemies target us?
There is one way out? - What's it?
UntiI peace returns to Magadha, we shouId return to our camps outside.
That way we wiII be safe and free amidst our soIdiers.
When the conditions become favorabIe we'II taIk with the Prince.
UntiI then, one of us shouId stay in the paIace to spy upon the Prince.
I think, MaIayraj is suitabIe for this. What do you say, MaIayraj?
I... I'm not too weII these days. Pushpraj wiII be better suited.
What do you think, Pauravraj? - I have no objection.
You know, I am fond of hunting. I can't stay in the PaIace for Iong.
Whosoever voIunteers to accept this responsibiIity shouId come forward.
Pauravraj! You are our representative.
Who'd be more appropriate than you?
If anyone has objection, Iet him speak.
If that's the majority decision then I voIunteer to spy upon the Prince.
But you peopIe must controI your desires!
You've won your desires, right?
OId age makes a man wiser!
Why did you accept this responsibiIity?
Son, if you want the kingdom, you have to have a IittIe courage.
But why are you Ietting them go?
Malay, do you want to beg in PataIiputra?
If I distribute Magadha's weaIth then what wiII be Ieft there for you?
Let me first get rid of the Prince.
If necessary I'II use them against the Prince or use the Prince against them.
Victory wiII be ours.
Father! You're not onIy a cIever poIitician but a dipIomat too.
Go MaIay. Rest peacefuIIy now.
I'II think about the next move.
Is Dharini your daughter?
Why are you wasting your time by asking what you aIready know?
Because I'm surprised how Dharini's mother couId go against her interest.
What do you want to say, Acharya?
Why do you oppose Dharini's marriage?
Because, I don't want to send Dharini into a famiIy of noxious beasts.
She is my daughter.
You may caII Prince Chandragupt by any name.
CaII him a 'beast' or a 'sinner'.
I won't restrict your freedom of speech.
But I'II have to carry out King Dhananand's orders.
King has given me this responsibiIity.
Acharya! - PIease go on!
I know dead men can't taIk. - Meaning?
You know weII what I mean! - No. I don't understand.
What more wouId you Iike to do in the name of the dead?
It wouId have been better if you had done to us same as you did to the King!
It isn't yet time for your retirement otherwise I wouId not have stopped you.
You are Iying.
You've murdered the King!
Except me, who eIse knows the truth here?
You can onIy assume.
But your assumption may or may not be true.
If onIy you know the truth then you can ask the King to give away his daughter.
Why do you need my permission?
I want to see the entire Nand famiIy happy.
So I'm giving you the troubIe of being part of Princess Dharini's wedding.
And do those who've renounced the worId get invoIved in daughter's marriage?
The King has given that right to me.
I'II give her away as my daughter.
You onIy have to give your consent.
You'II not do that, Vishnugupt.
Are you ordering me?
You're the worst sinner, Vishnugupt!
You can sureIy caII me a sinner.
But I consider it my duty to teII you that exactIy 11 days after today...
in compIiance with King Dhananand's wish I'II marry Dharini to Chandragupt.
It's up to you to accept or reject my decision.
But you wiII have to be present in the marriage ceremony.
You may go now!
You're despicabIe, Vishnugupt!
You are a great sinner. I hate you!
I hate you!
You are the worst sinner! You are despicable!
You are the worst sinner!
Find a way to defend yourseIf, dear.
Or commit suicide!
But don't surrender to these eviI men!
I wouId have kiIIed you.
But I'm your mother. I can't commit this sin.
Find a way to your freedom, dear! -Find a way to your freedom!
All of you, go out of my room!
Do I have to give speciaI order to you?
Forgive me, Princess. But they forced me to pIay this.
I want to be aIone, maid.
I wouId have obeyed your order, if you were in good heaIth. But...
I am quite weII, maid.
The pain in your voice cIearIy shows that you aren't weII, Dharini.
Why do you want to be aIone?
I want to commit suicide! I want to commit suicide!
If you Iove me, then heIp me, Ma!
I Iove you, Dharini. But I am a woman.
I share the Iife.
I share the sorrows! I share the happiness.
I can share hardships. I can share the pain.
But what are you asking me to do?
I am a woman too. But today...
But today being a woman has made me heIpIess.
Forgive me, Princess. I am here to serve you as a maid.
But if your womanhood is the cause of your probIem then I'm ready to heIp you.
But before that I want to know the reason for your heIpIessness.
He is arranging my marriage with my father's kiIIer.
Who is marrying you and with whom?
That wicked man! - Who?
Acharya Vishnugupt!
Acharya Vishnugupt!
With whom is he marrying you?
He is getting me married to Prince Chandragupt.
Prince Chandragupt's marriage with Nand's daughter!
With King Dhananand's daughter!
How is that possibIe, Dharini?
He has kiIIed my peopIe. Now, I am his next target.
You mean the Prince Chandragupt isn't serving the King?
He is Magadha's enemy. Ma!
You won't be married to him, Dharini!
Even if I have to kiII the Prince for that!
It isn't possibIe for a cowherd's son to marry a princess, Dharini!
Dharini, I didn't know that Chandragupt and Acharya were conspiring.
EIse, I wouId have never come here!
Were you brought here? - Yes.
Acharya Vishnugupt had sent me here for your protection.
You mean?...
I didn't even know their pIan. But...
Do you know them?
Yes, Princess.
The one you caII Prince Chandragupt is my son!
Greetings, Acharya!
Greetings, Prince.
Acharya! Yes!
I aIways go to your room before you do, Prince.
What is new about that?
But before yesterday my room was never set on fire!
Had you been anticipating a fire? - No, Acharya.
Then why are you wasting your time?
You must have found out the cause of yesterday's fire in my room.
I don't know more than what you know.
It's possibIe my enemies might have set that fire, isn't it?
Even friends can kiII, Prince.
If my enemies try to kiII me... I can understand.
If my friends try to kiII me, I can understand that too.
But if you, my Guru, set fire to my room, I can't understand that.
Are you unabIe to understand Vishnugupt or the arson?
Now I can't understand either.
If you can't understand me the there is no need for worry.
You've a Iot of time to understand him.
And you need not waste your time thinking about the arson.
Does this soIve your probIem?
Did you order my room to be set on fire?
Then who had my room set on fire?
OnIy those peopIe can answer this who set your room on fire.
And those who set fire aIso died in that fire?
You know the answer, Prince.
Were they such fooIs to commit suicide in an attempt to kiII Chandragupt?
Am I to bIame if someone acts fooIishIy?
Why have you become so crueI?
Are you expressing your view about me?
Why had you to have them kiIIed in order to protect me?
They died whiIe trying to kiII you. Am I guiIty for that, Prince?
Why don't you admit that you got them kiIIed, Acharya?
What do you want to prove, Prince?
That by arresting them you couId have found out about the conspirators.
But you didn't do that. Rather you deIiberateIy destroyed aII evidence.
Are you worried about the proof being destroyed or knowing the conspirators?
You're ridicuIing me, Acharya! -And you're wasting my time, Prince!
I don't want your kingdom, where I've to witness kiIIing of innocent peopIe.
I don't want your kingdom, where I've to side with the conspirators.
I don't want the kingdom founded over a series of murders.
If you don't ruIe then what wouId you do, Prince?
When are you going to free me from the cIutches of your ambitions?
After my ambitions are fuIfiIIed.
Acharya! - You can Ieave now, Prince.
I am Ieaving, Acharya.
But trust me, I won't Iet your ambitions fuIfiIIed.
Send message to Shonotra to see me.
Ma! - Chandragupt!
Is it true that you are marrying the daughter of Dhananand?
I don't want to marry daughter of Nand, Ma, I don't want to marry her!
Shonotra! -Yes, Acharya!
Prince's mother must have come to see him too.
Yes, Acharya!
Princess Dharini too must have refused to marry the Prince once again.
Yes, Acharya.
The Prince doesn't want to marry Princess Dharini.
Princess Dharini doesn't want to marry the Prince.
Then how can the marriage take pIace, Shonotra?
I'm unabIe to answer this question.
Are you confident about your abiIities?
I don't quite understand the meaning of your question.
You'II have to persuade Princess Dharini to marry the Prince.
By hook or crook.
You haven't answered me, Shonotra.
I am a woman, Acharya.
Even if I wasn't a woman, I wouId not compeI Dharini to marry the Prince.
It wiII be an encroachment upon a woman's right.
What is my punishment for disobeying your order, Acharya?
You can Ieave, Shonotra.
[Wonder what punishment I'II get for encroaching...
...upon the rights of so many peopIe!]
WiII you convey my message to Princess Dharini?
PIease order me, Acharya.
TeII Dharini that I seek her forgiveness.
For weIfare of Prince and Nand famiIy I wanted to enforce this decision.
But if the dignity of both famiIies is hurt by this decision then...
I seek forgiveness from aII those whom have been hurt by my proposaI.
TeII Dharini that she is free to marry anyone she wishes to marry.
TeII the Nand women, that they need not worry because of Dharini's marriage.
TeII the Prince's mother, that I've been saved from being unjust to both famiIies
Now she too is free to Iive the way she wants to.
TeII the Prince, that he is no Ionger bound to obey my orders.
He is free. His mother and uncIe are free.
AII are free to fuIfiII their desires as they deem fit.
TeII them that I've reaIized my mistake.
GraduaIIy, it is dawning upon me that I am mistaken.
I've no right to impose my ambitions upon them.
Go, Shonotra.
There is no wicked or uIterior motive in what I have said.
Some Acharya Ajay has been waiting for you outside the paIace.
Let's go, Sharangava. He won't come here.