You Suck at Photoshop - 3D Layers

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 07.03.2008


My name is Donnie, and you suck at Photoshop.
But don't feel bad, because not everybody can have the mad
skills that make at least one lady say, Fergalicious, so
burn on you.
So let's say you've been seeing somebody new that you
met on Facebook, and it got off to a rocky start.
But after having talked on the phone one or two times, you
really feel like this could be something special.
You're ready to take it to the next level.
You want to create an image for her that
says, you get her.
You understand how much it hurts to go through a divorce.
You know how hard it must be for her to raise her two adult
sons who still live at home, and are also semi-professional
go-kart racers, and that that's been an incredible
burden on their lives, because she's had to service their
semi-professional go-kart racing manager.
You want an image that says all of that.
Well let's go to our images and start to find an image
that makes that sort of a commitment.
What do you think about a house?
Or a landaminium, depending on what kind of deal you were
able to get?
Doing something to this house might make a bold statement
that says, you belong here, if you think you do.
So what could we do?
We could put a sign up on the house that says, "Welcome to
My Life." You could put some balloons out front.

Or you could do something significant to the house
itself that says, I'm really very serious about you being
here, like a massive revision to the wall on the side of the
house that accommodates
go-karts and go-kart equipment.
So maybe you started building a layer that does just that,
that actually puts two giant holes in the side of your
house, with garage doors and some ramps so the go-karts can
go in and out of your house.
But what you really know that you need to do is say, I mean
business, by putting a go-kart into the photo, and really
making a statement that, yes, I am willing to have motor
vehicles in my living room.
So we're going to use Photoshop's 3D Layer tool.
We're going to go to Layer, 3D Layers, New Layer from 3D
file, and maybe you downloaded a 3D object that looks kind of
like what you think a go-kart racer might look like.
Let's open that up.
Photoshop's going to bring it in as a 3D object, and we can
see it here.
And maybe, you talked to her and she explained that her two
sons are not normal human height because of something
that their father did to them early on that involved lots of
coffee and apparently some very restrictive unitards that
they had to wear all the time.
And that they're not actual normal human height, they are
like 65% the size of a normal human adult, and we want to
reflect that in the photo.
So we want to make sure this racer's small enough for these

So we'll start by double-clicking the 3D layer
so that we can manipulate the 3D object.
And we have lots of tools up here that we can use to
manipulate it.
Rotate the 3D object, we can roll it.
This is xy space.
This is the z space, and then we can also drag the 3D
object, slide it in space, or scale it.
What we're going to start by rotating it.
Grab the rotation tool.
We'll do this pretty quickly.
I guess what we'll try to do is make it look like it's
coming out of the living room, and it's getting ready to go
have a fun day of driving illegally around the
Because there's no way you can have a permit for these things
in this kind of neighborhood.
So we'll get it sort of about where we want it to look like
it's coming out of the living room.
And then, we'll scale it.
We'll move it down here.
And what we want to do next is, we want to create a quick
layer mask so that it looks like it's actually part of
it's inside the house.
So anytime we do something, we need to Apply Transformation
to 3D Scene.
I'm figuring you're going to forget all of this stuff, so
I'm just going to keep moving along.
Option click with lasso tool, and frame out the left and top
parts of the garage hole in the living room.
And then, we'll go over, and while the 3D layer is
selected, click Add Layer Mask.
And now you'll see that it looks as if our racer is
actually inside the house.
So now all we need to do is sort of just continue.
We double-click the 3D layer again.
And again, remember, I mean not Hobbit size, but not too
far off of it.
It needs to fit their smaller frames.
So you can do a lot of things to make it
look even more real.
You can change the light source, you could add shadows
to show it coming in out of the house, or you could maybe
even do something to show the realisticness of actually
turning the front part of your house into a garage.
And that's to maybe look at what over time will happen.
And maybe, you also want to add in some other special
things that might make those people feel welcome.

Whatever you think it's going to take to really sell this
idea to the person that you're sending it to.
And speaking of sending it, let's go to File, Save for Web
and Devices.
We're going to save this as a .jpg.

And so we're just going to go to Facebook.
No, we're just going to go to Facebook, upload the photo for
her and everyone to see.
That's not too creepy.