Administrator Fugate Tours Flood Damage in Tennessee

Uploaded by FEMA on 07.06.2010

FUGATE: Well we started out in Shelby County, and met with the emergency
management folks and homeland security and went to the, uh, county emergency
operations center and got a brief on what was happening in this part of the state.
This is south of Fight Road looking towards Charles Baker Airport.
So we moved out, went visiting some of the communities that had been impacted.
Water got up above, ladies you don’t say it is destroyed
for purposes of your benefits
We had an opportunity to fly over some areas. As we were flying over we got into
some areas where you could tell farmers were not able to get out and plant or they
had planted and their fields were flooded. We actually flew over one area where the
small little area, the business district was totally under water
It is always good when you talk to people and you actually ask someone who is living
there, how deep did the water get in your house, and they tell you, they are showing
you what is happening and then I am asking them, are you registering with FEMA, well
we are not sure how you do that, and being able to tell them about the 1-800-621-FEMA
that that’s the important first step for helping people to do the registration so
we can get an inspector out there to begin this process.
I like to get out and actually talk to the mayors, talk to the local officials and
particularly my counterparts, the local area emergency managers and get a sense
from them what the see the challenges are so we can be better prepared to support them.
JAMES MEDLING: We are very happy to have Mr. Fugate here with us today, to bring
the FEMA folks in here and we are looking forward to working with them where we got
an office set up at the Dyersburg Mall so we can have a one stop shop for all the
survivors and we appreciate all the resources that he has brought to bear here
for us today that we can help our people.
FUGATE: We talk about disasters being local, we need to really make sure we are
listening to what the locals are telling us as we come in to support them so having
an opportunity to talk to local officials, get a sense of where they are at, what
their challenges are, helps us do a better job as part of the team.