Bijou Brigitte - All in One Reference Project

Uploaded by MSIeurope on 12.12.2011

We are now visiting one of the biggest and most popular european lables for jewelry and accessories in a shopping center in Hamburg.
We are talking about Bijou Brigitte! Whoever comes to the shop, doesn’t pay at a conventional check-out counter but at a modern TouchPC from MSI.
But why exactly has Bijou Brigitte decided to chose an MSI All-in-One TouchPC? We asked Nastaran Grünsfelder, responsible for Europe.
“We could not imagine how all these components work together."
"After we implemented the TouchPCs, we saved so much space. Compared to normal sytems, we have no unnecessary cables anymore.”
Space saving cash registers are very important for retail stores. Furthermore the costs are noticeably less compared to a traditional PC.
And what are the other special advantages of the MSI TouchPCs for Bijou Brigitte?
“Of course MSIs design! It matches the look and feel of our jewelry."
"And there are a lot of other advantages: It`s user friendly, employees of all ages can handle it and almost no training is needed here.”
It is user friendly and you don’t need special training. The new check-out system with the MSI Multi-TouchPC is well received.
And how was it like working directly with MSI?
“Communication was very easy! In the beginning we all had different requirements and expectations, on either side."
"Because of the good communication with MSI we developed a system that satisfied our needs. With another partner, this would have been impossible.”
Satisfied customers and satisfied employees. Together, MSI and Bijou Brigitte found a solution.
The All-in-One TouchPCs from MSI: A good decision for your check-out counter!