Maserati Quattroporte 2012 roadtest (English subtitled)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 06.12.2012

So this is rather nice. the new Maserati Quattroporte.
And it hasn't even been on a autoshow yet. This is the first time I see it, and I can drive it!!
In real life, is it less impressive as the pictures looked? Not really.
A lttile smaller headlight, a little touch of Infiniti here, but also the GranTurismo.
then the side: the famous three sign here, it is very long car. 5,26 meters!
This part I like the most. The sharp nose. Something competitors don't really have.
Further back, a really big hips and shoulders, for more room in the back and the trunk.
Look at this line here. Really wide. the rear is a tad boring, but I felt that was also the case last time.
The balance is ok. some Infiniti M also right here. maybe some Audi.
But even so, in reality this is really a very impressive car to look at.
For a change I'll start with my conclusion: this thing ROCKS. really a great car.
And why? cause they changed what needed to be changed and left alone all that was right.
And that is a good combination for any new car.
Of course design is personal, I think it still looks great, although it misses the raw edge the last one had.
Same thing goes for the sound. Still great and harsh, but the passion of the naturally aspirated one was even better.
You cannot say it sound boring now, just a little more sophisticated. And maybe a sport GTS is still to come.
So the engine then: a V8 with 2 turbo's, 530 PS from 3,8 ltrs. And also there will be V6.
that one gets around 400 PS and also will have two turbo's.
so a loooot of torque. But you can still go high in the revs for more power. Good for emotion.
All that power makes this a very fast car. The fastest in its segment with 307 km/h.
But of course that is because the compition uses limiters.
The engine is very good. So much power, good sound, like a Maserati should be. Very important.
The gearbox has improved considerably. It is the 8speed from ZF, like the Audi A8 en BMW's.
The drive itself: this is very big car, but it weighs 1.900 kilo's. less than the M6.
They used a lot of aluminum to achieve that. Doors, hood, bootlid etc. you can feel that.
Still a big car on small roads, but it doesn't feel like that in corners.
the steering light and direct. And that is what you want.
The interior has improved as well. And it needed that... to much Fiat and PSA the last time.
Now it is very clean with the central display with touchscreen. I see some buttons from the Chrysler 300C.
Not a big problem, that car looked allright. And it is not a common as a Peugeot so you don't notice that fast.
I like the end result. And look at the steering wheel. the leather looks great.
the paddles, not attached to the wheel, very good. The look nice too.
More room in the back due to customer demand. That is where the lenght payes off.
And, very important: it is more comfortable than before. That previous one was bumpy.
that is dangerous however, if it ruins the drive. But put all in sportsmode and you can have fun.
It is a dynamic as a limo in this segment could be. You mis nothing.
This is beyond a Jaguar XJ supersport, is my first thought. I should drive them back back to be sure.
Very interesting: this is the first Maserati of a whole new range. They gonna sell a lot more cars.
And this car is the first of what is to come. well, this car is much more sophisticated than the brand ever was.
that is a good thing for a car like this, a limousine. That Italian passion remained! But technical it became more German.
No cracks, no squeeks, a great drive a good gearbox: perfect combination! but...
.. they shouldn't go that far with the other cars like the new GranTurismo. That needs that raw edge more than this car does.
So they shouldn't follow this new line from the Quattroporte all the way down.
If they can manage to set those cars apart like that: briljant.
+ more luxerious, more refinement + the passion remaind. - not the raw edge of th previous one - infotainment not as good as compititon.