Crimes of Israel against the Palestinian people

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Moscow documentary film studios
The Middle East
this is what it looks like
the victims of Israeli aggression
this is a country once called the pearl of the Eastern Mediterranean
every house neighborhood and town destroyed
means people's suffering
thousands upon thousands of people
Accused of Genocide
Menachem Begin
in nineteen forty eight he was at the head of a group of zionist terrorists who
massacred the population of the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin
now as the Israeli Prime Minister
Begin has launched an aggression against the sovereign state of Lebanon
his moto
living space for Israel at any cost
the United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon is no obstacle to the Israeli
this force did not stop Israeli tanks motorized divisions and air force
banking on a Nazi type Blitzkrieg
Israel did not stop in southern Lebanon forty kilometers from the border as
Begin had promised
and that already is Beirut
the capital of Lebanon
the Palestinian and Lebanese patriots fought back heroically
a question to the official Palestinian representative Mahmoud Labadi
journalist: "are you ready to lay down your weapons now?"
in going back to palestine and in going back in having our self determination
then yes with pleasure
the Palestinians are fighting for the right to the homeland they were
deprived of by Israel - they are backed
by the United States, we should not forget
that Israel is the super power of the Middle East
we should not forget that Israel is supported
by the most sophisticated weapons from the United States of America
partners in the military strategic alliance shaking hands imperialist and Zionist
domination in the Middle East is the common goal of the united states and
US Admiral Hayward is showing his Israeli colleagues
I would like to give a reassurance of the
commitment of the United States of America and the US navy
and other forces to
provide the stability to the south as necessary
stability for Washington means American military presence and the creation of new
military bases
that is why when Israeli defence minister Sharon orders the bombardment
and shelling of Beirut
he gives no thought to the responsibility
for any crime
for genocide
for the massacre of the peaceful population
he counts on United States protection for Israel from any action taken by
the world community
the United States has done this many times before by using its veto right
in the United Nations security council
Israel's actions are sanctified by the Camp David deal behind the backs of all
the Arabs and at their expense
after meeting with President Reagan on the eve of the aggression Begin said he
reached complete understanding with Washington
and this is the fruit of that complete understanding between Washington and Tel Aviv

Western Beirut
a population of over half a million
one hundred thousand children
the special US envoy to the Middle East Philip Habib is supposedly on the
peace making mission in Lebanon his real goal however is the surrender of the
Palestinians and not stopping the mass murder
could that be the reason why the US navy is off the shores of Lebanon
the Israeli military
assured grasped regrouping of troops and again plundering Lebanese lands
Israeli general Bar Lev
our army is a first class army
very human, very efficient
very human indeed
don't these crimes place the israeli rulers in the same class with the war
criminals of Hitler's Reich
here is the chairman of the PLO executive council Yasir Arafat
you know that the Israelis
they want to continue their conspiracy
against the Lebanese people
against our Palestinians
to continue in this genocide
in this massacres, in this
crimes, shameful crimes
against the residents
as you can see cluster bombs
fragmentation shells
bombs and shells of various caliber and purpose including clustering and phosphors bombs
and bombs filled with poisons
many of them are stamped
made in the USA
for the Pentagon Lebanon's but a testing ground for American weapons
tested on people
Palestinians and Lebanese
why do you not paint a red cross on the building on the roof?
because we are afraid that
that this will help the artillery and air force
to shoot the hospital directly
even against prisoners
they are kept in concentration camps where they're interrogated tortured
and killed

Paris, London, Delhi, and Karachi. Brussels, Sophia, Ottawa and Prague sophia unwind from
everywhere that people chant Begin and Sharon are killers hands off Lebanon on our killers hands off the land
no difference between Israel star of david and the fascists swastika
"Long Live PLO"
"Long Live PLO"
antiwar demonstrations in Israel itself
the war is banking on the taxes grow with the moral damage to the country is
i don't believe what we are doing now in Lebanon
and around Beirut is right
i think it's immoral it's against the
need of the State and the people of Israel
the Soviet people are deeply pained by the tragedy of the Palestinians and the
the Soviet peoples support the stand of the Soviet government
demanding the immediate withdrawal of israeli troops from Lebanon
and insuring the and unquestionable right of the Palestinians to their own home and
to statehood
no one should remain indifferent to the cries of those who are dying in Lebanon
at the hands of the Israeli invaders
the genocide must be stopped

direction Alexander Pavlov
sequences from foreign news reels were used in the film