Public Speaking: Giving a Great Speech : Public Speaking Tips: Breathing, Smiling & Focusing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.08.2008

Okay, you've practiced, you're well prepared, and you know your time. Guess what? It's time
to get up and give the speech. No, don't throw up, it's going to be okay. You've practiced,
you're prepared. That's one of the first ways to give a great speech. Now, the funny thing
is, is what happens to most people when they get up to give their speech, is they forget
something very important. They forget to breathe. They get up here, they're so nervous, and
they do their whole speech, and they finish their speech, and then all of a sudden, I
can breathe now. Breathing will calm you down. If you get flustered, if you're notes get
all turned around, if you just don't think you can do it, stop and breathe. Take your
time. One of the big problems with speeches is that they tend to go too fast, and if you
force yourself to breathe, it'll slow you down. Another really important thing to do
is to smile. I see all these speeches and people get up and this is what they look like.
And they give their whole speech like this, and they are terrified the whole time. It's
hard to build a relationship with that. And you want to have a relationship with your
audience. So remember to breathe and smile, and then you need to focus. If you focus on
what you have in front of you, and you're prepared, and you've practiced, you're going
to to give a great speech. So don't forget, breathe, smile, and focus.