TL;DR - How We Lost a Lot of Weight in Korea

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izayoi99 asks
You guys have been on a diet right?
It looks like it's been going well for you two
How'd it go so well?
Any tips? I must know
It was D:
It can't be a smiley face, the eyes are above and
if your mouth is like that
Yes we've been on a diet.
How long have been on it for now?
I think we've been on it since April
We've been doing a whole life change rather than just calling it as a diet
because diet usually entails like being something for a bit
As soon as you get your desired result, you stop doing it
but we are trying to change the way we eat and living altogether
The first thing we decided to do was really tough, cutting out all of our carbs
Now it might be a easy thing to do when you are living in North America
you can have really cool meals that are on the menu, like carb-free menu choices
But in Korea, everything is like white rice, white noodles
really really tough
Pretty much rice is starts off with every single meal
Every time when we went to a restaurant, we had to tell them that we don't want rice with our meal
They would look like us like crazy, and we would be like
"We're on a diet, we can't eat rice anymore"
"What do you mean??! Rice is healthy!! You should eat the rice"
"Rice is the Meal!!!"
"I can eat this Kimchijjigae with no rice "
of course we are talking this conversation with Korean
and it's hard to explain it to somebody
I think they would be less surprised, if we tied our hands and eat it with our faces
than rice altogether
People living in Korea, born and raised in Korea, eating rice is normal, healthy thing for them
But for us, considering we only had rice in Canada
Apparently never
Rice is like turing itself between the tighs in my ass
and my arm fat, muscles
"Is this your arm fat? I want to snuggle "
I'm like, "Don't do it rice, no......"
So that was our first step, cutting out the noodles and white rice
and all the yummy things that I like about Korea
Second step perhaps more difficult,
Cut out all the crap
and ate and drank lots and lots of crap
We would like to thank you for really nice fan mail package that you sent us
For all those delicious crap, but we ate all of it
Pretty much all the time and as a result we became a little bit rounder than usual
Yah, the biggest problem probably was that
we would be eating a lot of junk food thinking that this is like a treat
But then before that, we had white rice and before that we might had ramen for a snack
We would eat all day
we had ramen which is really junky,
we had white rice which is storing up my ass,
then we had junk food which is sugar and we don't even drink pop or anything
But if you drink orange juice, it's just sugar
all day long sugar sugar sugar
The last thing we tried to do is eject a little bit of exercise into our lives
because we just film stationary,
and then we sit in front of a computer and just edit in stationary position
so we're not burning anything
So we tried to inject a little bit of exercise into our lives
we did something called
in which it almost plays songs on everything we are doing
and dance uncontrollably for 5 minutes
It doesn't necessarily just dancing, we could do pushups, jumping jacks
fist fights
Fist pumping is very good as well
So we tried to do something a little more exercise
we don't have like a full exercise ....... , we don't go to the gym or anything
We just sing all the time
When we are in front of the computers, when our editing program is rendering
we would be like,
"I'm in the gym!"
"Just working on my fitness!!"
I liked to dance to T-ara's Yayaya
I enjoy dancing to Honey Honey
I enjoy dancing to Fergilicious
(That's a good one)
And the last thing that we've done, we're talking about the lifestyle change
and we're replacing a lot of stuff that I cook with
Now I'm using coconut flour instead of white flour
I don't use white sugar anymore, I might use honey instead
or different like xylitol, source from coconut,
coconut oil and other nerdy stuff you don't wanna hear about
This has been proven to help us out of bail like I went from 217pounds
down to 184pounds now
I was like 172pounds and I'm now down to 150
Every morning when I go up on the scale goes up like
We still have a bit more that we want to get to
like tone up and firm up a bit
But we are on the right path, I think finally
We are looking to loos 5 more pounds
maybe 10 maximum and then that's it
Then I will be my original
Stop doing this motion because it means something nasty
What?!! What are you talking about?
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