You Suck at Photoshop - Color Balance

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DONNIE: My name is Donnie, and you suck at Photoshop.
And-- and so--
pull your hand out of your pants and give
yourself a low five.
Great job.
Let's say you're on a train rocketing through the
Himalayas on-- you just escaped from a monastery where
you've spent the last few years.
And you're on your way home.
Because you want to exact revenge on your wife's lover.
And it's really cold.
And you've been in a monastery for the last few years with a
bunch of dudes.
And you just want-- you want to warm
things up a little bit.
But you, you went to open up Photoshop to get some of your
warming photos.
And Photoshop had thrown up all over itself because it's a
new version of Photoshop.
And the people who made Photoshop thought it'd be
really cool if they made it look like an
MP3 player from 1996.
And then--
I mean, I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking, Donnie, Donnie.
We can't afford to buy a new Photoshop every 10 minutes.
Because we spent all of our money on our girlfriends on
Friday night on fourth meal.
And so I actually, I think, I agree with you.
I mean, for you to spend money on a new version of Photoshop
would be like buying a large hadron collider to do your
social studies homework.
So I'm going to show you a video that proves that you
don't have to have the newest, greatest thing to believe that
you're part of the crowd, or that you can do it.
And perhaps along the way, we'll get inspired by the
things of the past.
My name is Donnie.
And you succeed at Photoshop.
You succeed at Photoshop is brought to you in part by
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Byte Magazine, and Sega Dreamcast, the
console of the future.
Welcome to another installment of you succeed at Photoshop
with me, Donnie Hoyle.
I'm so glad to have you back with me again.
You are getting so much better at Photoshop.
And I--
I'm very proud of you.
Well, let's just get right down to it.
Uh, let's go to our good old friend, Photoshop.
You know, every time I open the application up, I just
think about all of the great, wonderful ways that we've
expressed ourselves together.
And well, let's open up a photo.
Maybe you recently, uh, went on a camping trip with that
new special someone that you've been spending, well, a
lot of time with.
And you and some very good friends from your high school
days threw a bunch of tents and supplies in a-- in a
camper and headed on out to, uh, to do
some camping together.
Let's open up a photo.
And I--
I've got this great photo here.
And as you can see, it's, it was a beautiful day.
Um, the colors aren't as rich as they could be.
And in fact, they're--
they're not balanced quite, quite right.
What, what can we do?
I know what you were going to say.
Let's use the Hue Saturation tool.
good for you.
That's-- even though that's not correct--
it's great that you're taking the initiative to try and come
up with different ways that you can do it.
But why don't you let me show you the right way to do it?
Does that sound good?
We're going to actually go to Image, Adjust, Color Balance.
And I'm going to balance the color this way.
Now, what this allows us to do is we actually have a little
bit more precise control over the different types of colors
in the image.
And it allows us to focus in on certain things.
So I--
I definitely think the sky was a lot bluer that day.
You know?
And so--
DONNIE: I'm down in the basement working on my
Photoshop video series, m'lady.

Love is a many--
no, you, you have to use the TV-- press
the TV Video button.
And don't--
and tape over Quantum Leap, but don't tape over
Touched by an Angel.
Touched by an Angel.
Lady love berry.
I love you!
I love you.
Well, let's um, so let's, let's start by
uh, hitting the mid-tones.
We'll select the mid-tones here.
And we're going to bring up the blue.
And we, we'll be very care-- oh, by the way, we have to
click the Preview icon here, so we can
see what we're doing.
We want to make sure we don't get too much blue in there.
And OK, that's looking pretty good.
And we haven't done too much here to the--
to the-- to the other colors yet.
Let's go to highlights, because the sky, uh, is, is
really brighter part up there.
And we can start to see the-- the sky coming up.
But what's happening?
We're getting too much blue.
So let's, uh, one of the, one of the good things to note
about art and life is that you always want to have your cool
and warms, uh, in-- in opposites.
So if your shadows are cool, you want your
highlights to be warm.
That's right.
And if you-- if you do it the other way around.
So we've got some cool highlights
with this cool blue.
So let's-- let's go to our shadows and bring up a little
bit of the red in here to pop some contrast.
See how that brought that to life a little bit there?
And uh, and we'll just-- now check this out.
When we, we flip to Preview, look how dull
and dreary that was.
And now we're getting so much brighter and livelier and--
well that's, you know, show me the money.
Um, so--
I, I'm going to be right up, sweetie.

Um, so let's try that with a-- with another image that might
have a little bit punchier color.
It's going to be a--
a little stronger, and see if we can do the same thing.
Let's see.
I've got a--
oh, this is a good one.
I've got this heading home.
This was on our way back from the trip.
And-- and look at those oranges there.
We really--
Nothing will stop us from painting this picture.
Nothing will keep us from exacting our revenge--
MALE SPEAKER: Where are you, man?
Come on.
Man, where are you?
DONNIE: We want to create an image that says the ring
bearer has returned the ring to its rightful owner.
And-- and he is going to return to reclaim his throne.