Auto-Tune the News #4: spa regulation. serbians. sotomayor.

Uploaded by schmoyoho on May 29, 2009

What do you expect from the next supreme court justice?
What doesÉPresident Obama need to do?
Oh, Joe, it's absolutely clear. There's no question about it.
There's no question about this question.
And what president Obama needs to do with the questionÉ
for the American people and by the American people.
Let me put it like this: Ay, nah nah, hey hey, nah nah ay oh.
- I agree. - Where are all the shawties on the court?
It's ridiculous, one woman on the Supreme Court,
uh, doesn't seem right to me.
Ain't nobody have a breakfast with all sausage and no eggs.
We need a shawty with a hot body and sexy legs.
When the court convenes it's an ancient sausage festival.
Only two ovaries, sixteen testicles.
There are so many qualified women out there.
Qualified to get low in they apple-bottomed robe.
- Well, I completely agree with you. - And I complete agree, too.
How does Ginsburg stand bein the only woman who ain't a man?
Judge Ginsburg said she's really very lonely without another woman.
Without another woman. Lonely without another woman!
I know what it's like with a woman gone,
cryin in the nude with the curtains drawn.
- Breaking news! - Oh snap! News is broken!
Breaking news, in ya face!
Obama has picked Sonia Sotomayor.
(Oh!) She's a shawty. (Oh!) She's a Boricua!
- Jurisprudent! - With soft thighs!
And other soft features, that Ginsburg can appreciate,
stayin up late, makin sure to thank heaven above.
Because she ain't lonely without another woman.
Without another woman. Lonely without another woman!
Listen up, y'all, Joe Biden's got a shout out!
This one goes out to all the Serbians.
Also the ladies. But mostly the Serbians.
And until the Serbian people look themselves in the face,
understand what their leaders have done, and convinced them of;
until that moment arrives Serbian people will not
be able to shed this notion of victimization
that all of their leaders prey upon and manipulate them with.
Until that moment arrives. (oohh oohh oohh)
Until the Serbian people look themselves in the face.
Until that moment arrives. Until that moment arriiiiiiiiives!
April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring?
- Romance for a shawtayee! - Possibly lead poisoning.
- ::Barf:: - Lead poisoning.
::Barf, barf:: I'm gettin sick like ::Barf, barf, barf, barf, barf::
Before you dig in and start to enjoy all the fruits and vegetables of your labor,
(Shawtayee!) you'd better get your soil tested first.
(Oh!) Your soil tested first.
Oh, I live in the ghetto, so I'll expect the worst.
Paint chippings and old pesticides may be buried insiiiiide... (Me, oh my!)
..raising the level of lead in the soil.
The tests are inexpensive, and some local health departments
- them for freeeeeeee. - Even for a talking head thug like me?
Once you're in the clear Mary, Mary quite contrary
- Plant away. - Okay.
And when asked how does your garden grow,
tell them it's healthy, green and lead-free.
I'll say it's healthy, green and lead-free.
- Shawtayee! - Healtheeeeeee.
Healtheeeee, believe me, I ain't tryna munch on a poison zucchini.
This bill actually has the secretary of energy regulating jacuzzis.
Now, the idea strikes me as close to being nuts.
I agree--I'm an angry gorilla and that makes me angry.
The only jacuzzis this will regulate will have to produce
2,500 mega watts of energy.
You made me angry with lies. Hurt my angry gorilla pride; I'm angry!
On page 233, uh... Line 5: portable electric spas.
- Portable electric spas! - No spa is above the law!
Now, I don't know what a portable electric spa is...
I was told it was a jacuzzi, but that's in this bill.
So it's true! I'm no longer angry at you.
My original anger's renewed!
We will give you a hot spa that is energy efficient.
I hope that doesn't offend you.
He might have a point, my anger's makin a switch cuz you're being a little b*$&!
But maybe not.
Maybe you're just defending freedom and justice for jacuzzis. Ooohhhh.
What's this? A single tear that is wet that I shed. Ooohh oh oh oohh.
When an angry gorilla cries... Who's gonna be there to dry his eyes?
And when an angry gorilla's depressed, Who's gonna heal him with a soft caress?
Ooh ooh ah ah, the tears are rollin down my cheeks.
Ooh ooh ah, liquid sorrow that my eyes excrete.
And I'm a soulja, but a soulja's got feelings.
Don't know whom to lend my anger to.
That's why I'm crestfallen and confused...
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