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You're that guy from Dance Showdown, right?
-Oh, yeah.
Thanks for watching.
-Oh my god!
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
I'm your biggest fan.
Can I get an autograph?
D-TRIX (OFFSCREEN): Well, actually, I don't really have
anything on me.
FEMALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Can I have your jacket?
I'd love it if I could have your jacket.
D-TRIX (OFFSCREEN): No, no, no.
Don't touch-- don't go-- don't touch the hair.
Wait, please, don't touch-- get your hands-- get your
hands out of my hair.

Yeah, you'll never guess who I just ran into.
It's that guy from Dance Showdown.
Yeah, Bryan Tanaka.

D-TRIX: What up, y'all?
This is your boy, D-Trix.
This is it.
This is the week where you at home get to decide which of
our four finalists becomes grand champion
and winner of $25,000.
In just a minute, I'm going to flash back to all four dances
and tell you guys what I think about each of
their dancing skills.
Just like last time, it's up to you, and your votes alone
to determine our winner.
And for everybody watching this, you have to remember
that this is not a popularity contest.
This is a dance competition, and 25 G's is on the line.
So watch the performances and vote for the best dancer.
And you can do that by going to
Y'all ready?
Let's do this.
All right, Kherington and Kingsley.
I'd have to say, for sure, that Kingsley stepped up his
game from the last performance just because he's feeling a
bit more comfortable.
For the stunt I gave you guys, it probably could have been a
little bit better.
She was rolling off your back.
I felt like you could have given her a little bit
more of a push up.
Overall, you guys definitely accomplished the challenge.
In the beginning, you guys had this little moment where you
guys were drinking.
I felt like that acting was a little too good, as if you
guys were professional alcoholics or something.
Was it acting, Kingsley?
Was it acting, Kherington?

And now I want to point something out.
Every time, Kingsley, that you were dancing with Kherington
together-together, you were always looking to the side.
All right, stop right there.
Now she's grinding on you.
She wants that brotherly Kingsley love, but you ain't
giving it to her.
But I would say, when you were by yourself, you were feeling
it a lot more, especially during the fist pump part.
If you would have just felt that same way when you were
dancing with Kherington, the performance would have come
alive a lot more.
SeaNanners and Lauren--
before this whole performance, you guys had no chemistry.
SeaNanners was being mean.
But you guys really came around and figured out a way
to work together.
You guys were having a great, great moment together.
Pause right there.
See your face?
Look how happy you are.
I felt like because your chemistry was on with Lauren,
you were able to perform to Cameron and just show him that
you were having a great time.
And the challenge I gave you guys, doing the D-Trix Sweater
Commando, you made it look easy and effortless, which is
a great thing.
And then on top of that, you guys gave yourselves your own
challenge, with you dodging her kicks and then she was
dodging your punch.
And then she dropped, and you ran over her and landed in a
cool position.
I felt like there was more jabs in there than a weekend
at Chris Brown's.

Brian and WhatsUpElle--
by far the best performance of the night.
She is two for two.
She's great at dancing.
She's great at performing.
She has great chemistry.
She has what it takes to be the winner.
But the sad thing is that she doesn't have the YouTube
This routine was extremely ambitious.
The first one was so good that you have to top that.
And I felt like that's exactly what you did.
And Elle, the whole cloning part, that's a great idea.
I wonder what life would be like if we had a D-Trix clone?
Be quiet.
Shut up!
Be quiet!
What are you guys doing?
This is my show.
That was a bad idea.
The only thing with these clones is that you have to
make sure that the choreography is
on point and together.
That one part where you guys dipped, maybe the choreography
wasn't together.
But the good thing is that you guys went back in sync and
back on to the routine.
The challenge I gave you guys was the Chawg Roll.
You guys made it so easy looking.
You guys added stuff before it.
You dropped down, he did this butterfly over you.
And then you dropped and rolled right away.
And you were performing at the same time.
All right, rewind this back.
I've got to see this part again.
OK, right there.
Look at your face, Elle.
Look how happy you are to do this Chawg Roll.
Before you were scared as [BLEEP].
You didn't know what to do because you
didn't trust this dude.
Look at that smile.
That's a smile on Elle, enjoying it, loving it, living
it, and trusting Brian.
Good job.
Woody and Kherington.
Ah, man.
Woody, you'se my man, dude.
But this dance, ah, it started and just kind of kept going
down this hill.
It just did not work out.
There was just times when you were looking to the side,
looking for Kherington or what the next move was.
Those are the type of things that we can obviously see.
Even when you do get into the groove of things, your
performance, it just looked like your face was just this
sad little puppy dog that didn't know where to go.
Now, the thing is, is maybe it wasn't all your fault.
Kherington, she was kind of tough on you during
You never danced ever.
And for a professional dancer to tell you basically you're
not doing it, it kind of hurts you, you know?
But the challenge, I would say, with the Tour D Catch,
everything turned out well, and you guys executed the
stunt perfectly.
Rewind back to this point right there.
OK, you see, this is for Woody's wife.
I want you to see.
Look at the left hand.
No boob grab.
He played it safe.
He's not even making eye contact with this babe.
So Woody's wife, take it easy on the guy.
I felt like the best parts of this whole routine is when you
were just acting and not actually dancing.
That's what your strong points are, who you are as a person.
I would say out of all the couples, the most improved
would have to go to Kingsley and Kherington.
The best chemistry would have to go to Lauren and
The overall best performance of the night would definitely
go to WhatsUpElle and Brian.
Woody, you know what you get?
You get the award of being the best non-boobie grabber.

All right, people.
Those are my thoughts.
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