World of Tanks IS-7 Hills 7 frags 100k credits ИС-7 Пагорки 100к by Ellestar

Uploaded by EllestarTheElflord on 30.10.2010

Accelerating with a rev limiter. It will cost a fortune but i hope noone will be able to shoot me in tracks that way.
Yeah, noone is camping me here so to blow my tracks. Hiding from artillery just in case.
Targets, targets... SU-14, absoulte best one!
SU-14 is down so i'm free to practice my shooting skills :)
And it was a very good chance to hit it too :( As usual, i don't use manual because of my laziness if there is a good chance to hit it on auto :)
Wow, what a mess.
Nah, not this one, he has good cover and he can move back at any moment too.
IS-3 seems like a good target.
What's going on overall? Noone seems to target me yet.
Then i can finish off IS-3.
Is he crazy to just stand like that in the middle of the fight on a medium tank? Doesn't look like he was detracked.
King Tiger's fat ass, yeah! And close too.
Manual this time just in case.
No, no, you don't want to hit me :) Hiding behind the rock.
Yeah, like that. Better hit rock.
Wow, i actually hit it. I thought it will be a miss. Probably a lucky random to the left of my crosshair.
And i actually hit this one too. It was a 50% chance at best.
I guess it was too far for auto, or just unlucky this time. But i couldn't have seen where he wants to move with manual anyway. 0.6 patch will fix the last problem though.
Ops, VK4502 is being interested in me. And he has a good cover, too. I should be more careful from now on on that position.
I REALLY should have hit this time. But sometimes autoaim can aim at places when a gun can't aim that low. I guess it was it.
It didn't penetrate, but whatever, changing position.
Manual aim from 3rd-person view sometimes miss because of erratic vertical movements of a gun. So it's better to avoid it, no matter how good it looks.
Going back a little so not to let him shot my front armor at a good angle (from the top).
Looks like i hit him after all, went from 100% to 70%.
Nah bad position for me, i'll look for other targets.
Yeah, he looks like my patient :)
Another IS has 35% (can be one-shotted), i'm safe behind. Check what's going on around when you reload.
First IS is hiding behind a rock, and i don't want a 2nd one to run away anyway, so i shoot 2nd one.
I know first IS will like to see my front armor so i'm turning immediately after i shot a 2nd IS.
IS wasted a shot to my front armor so i can safely show him my side armor and finish him.
Time to get rid of a medium tank on our flag.
Going up a hill on a medium tank while running away from IS-7? He's soooo dead.
Ok, not exactly dead, but it's a very-very bad idea anyway :) I'm out of AP shots.
It's better to finish medium tank so he'll not shoot me in the back (i have like no armor there).
But VK45 is fine too. HE is actually better on average than AP at that range against his front armor.
No VK45, huh? Well, it's time to check what's going on behind me anyway.
Yeah, hi to you, too :) He should have waited until i'll start a fight with VK45 instead of going solo.
And i'm covered by terrain from VK45, nice :)
Hiding again from a counter-shot.
Is he trying to flank IS-7 going up the hill on VK45, of all things? LOL
Anyway, i'm ramming him so he'll be able to shoot only my turret front armor on his next reload.
100k credits :)