sketches of the first anniversary: the 3/11

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Hey Yonden
It's meltdown baby
Hey Shikoku Power Co.
It's meltdown baby
We don't want nuclear power plants
We don't want Ikata
It's meltdown baby
Everyone, how are you?
We're doing the dump nuclear power plants campaign
Please bring power companies still using nuclear power to us
Everyone on the streets Walk with us
It may not affect society immediately, but let's make an action
Thanks for your cooperation
Nuclear power baby no bloody way
Generate our power maybe some other way
Half-life’s a hundred thousand years and a day
Where you gonna bury it and hide it away?
No Way! No Way!
Let’s get nuclear power out of the way
Nuclear power baby no bloody way
Radiation work no bloody way
Over the dose limit Say goodbye
Workers' compensation approved
No Way! No Way!
Radiation work no bloody way
When I saw the tsunami on TV,
when I saw the tsunami come crashing over the cliffs, with Fukushima Dai-ichi in the background,
I knew the power plant was finished
Sometimes I wonder why I'm here
I wish this was just a dream
We’re normal folk We live in normal homes
We work normal jobs Then a disaster like this happens
And suddenly we’ve lost the lot We mustn’t let this happen in Shikoku
That’s why we’re heading back to court
Our children wanted to play outside
But, we had to restrict it and made them wear masks
Don't get wet in the rain Don't go into the puddle
My husband and I almost had a nervous breakdown
I hated myself stopping my kid's hand picking a dandelion
But, we had to leave everything we had
My husband was doing well in his work
So, it must have been a difficult choice for him
There were so many difficulties, but we decided to move because...
the accident wasn't resolved yet, and it could get worse
And, we couldn't get food from the west in Yokohama
Most of all, we didn't want our kids to be exposed to radiation
The hardest thing was that my good friend accused me,
"People like you evacuating by themselves cause panic"
You might wonder why we left Yokohama
Strontium was detected near our house
Decontamination work in my son's nursery didn't start until last fall
No matter what others think,
even if I were estranged from my relatives and friends,
I wanted to protect my kids
I was so glad to be here that my kids can play outside freely
They were running around in the rain, and in the nature
going into the ocean and river They were able to enjoy summer
On the other hand, I asked myself if my decision was right
I was anxious about the future and was worried about my distant family
Then I met with other mothers who evacuated to here
I was able to think more positively
We’ve already fought two cases against Ikata Power Plant in Ehime
The local people up there took it all the way to the Supreme Court, but they lost
But one good thing came out of it The Supreme Court made a statement
They said that a nuclear accident would cause unacceptable damage
And they said that to prevent a disaster by any chance happening,
the nuclear safety inspectorate should do the strictest checks
Show your teeth, the Supreme Court said, in case a disaster should happen by chance
So, the court case was dropped, and they said they had these strict checks in place
But, an accident happened anyway, in Tohoku
On October 30, 1991,
there was seawater flooding on the ground floor of the Turbine Plant 1,
and one of the emergency generators was knocked out of action by the water
So then, one of the top brass safety inspectors came up to me, and I asked him
“Well, if a just a bit of flooding knocks out a generator, what if there’s a tsunami?
Won’t there be a meltdown right away?”
And he goes, “Exactly. You’re a sharp guy, aren’t you?
But the inspectors running the show refuse to even think about tsunamis...
when we’re talking ‘severe accidents’ It’s just taboo”
You see, the emergency generators are actually in the basement of the Turbine Plant 1
To move them, they’d have to change the whole layout of the plant
And they’d have to rewrite the nuclear power safety standards…
You’re talking a colossal amount of time and money That’s why tsunamis were strictly off the agenda
He didn’t quite say all that, but when he said ‘taboo’ that’s what he was talking about
Now, we’re just regular staff We’re just cogs in this enormous machine
So it didn’t really matter what we said The management weren’t going to listen to us anyway
So my point about a tsunami didn’t go anywhere
It was just a spur of the moment idea I had But, looking back at things, I was right
And I was just disgusted when nobody listened at all So, that’s TEPCO, eh?
A power plant drawing the best of the world’s science together Yeah, right
And looking back, I used to be proud of my job, too
The world needs power, electric power, and I was one of the people making it
And I thought we were a great team, going all out to produce safe nuclear energy
And another thing
I was working with the fuel itself, and I was in the company for 17 years,
working with radioactive wastes
And there was no set disposal policy at all And there still isn’t
I got sick of being a partner in folly So I quit
Ikata Power Plant is 120km as the crow flies, west of Kochi City
And the nearest place in the Prefecture is the source of the Shimanto River
It’s only 50km away
The nearest part of Tokyo to Fukushima Dai-ichi is a good 250km away
Even so, they’ve still found radiation in Tokyo
Now, we’re only half that distance Things would happen very fast
Especially in winter you get northeasterly winds, so you’re talking no time at all until we’d get hit
So whatever happens, we’ve got to stop it before it starts
And more to the point,
the government itself issued a statement on earthquake forecasts last year
Now, Kochi City’s right in the center of the forecast zone
But they extended it
Right up the coast to Ikata Power Plant That’s the forecast now
You see the forecast maps on TV,
The impact goes right up north to the peninsula just below where Ikata’s sitting
So, that’s where we are right now And the earthquake’s definitely going to come
And it could easily reach right close to Ikata
Last month, Greenpeace flew balloons near Ikata
One of them reached Shimanto-City in 3 hours
It could also happen in Kyushu and Honshu, depending on the wind direction
Oops, it flew away
They only talk about tsunami
Ikata is right upon the fault line It could get demolished before tsunami comes
The new fuel rods were carried into the plant the other day
They're only thinking about restarting
But we won't allow it We demand decommission
So it’s back to court, and we want to win this case with the support of all Shikoku
We’re looking for people in every community on the island to join in the case as plaintiffs
So far we have 300, but we want many times that number
My hometown is in Chiba near the Ibaraki border
We found high levels of cesium in the garden
I didn't want to believe it, but it's definitely a hotspot
In Chernobyl, it would be considered as the Control Zone
It's no entry zone for under 18 years old
Eating and drinking are prohibited
But, 4 million people are still living there
Many of my friends and family are there, too
What will happen in the future?
I'd like to create space for families from there
to stay for long or short term
I want to do whatever I can
25 years ago, after the Chernobyl accident,
Ikata had the power control test
Then the book called "If Still Not Too Late" became a bestseller
But now, we must say, "It was too late"
We didn't expect this Fukushima disaster to happen then, either
We cannot regret enough
We, mothers and grandmas,
fathers and grandpas should never leave nuclear power plants...
to our children and grandchildren, and the next generations
It’s no good just pointing the finger, though, is it
So, thinking about the next step,
what I think is important is we should really start using natural energy
But, y’know ? giant windmills or something? I’m not so sure
We need to find something good for people, the environment, and the community together
And, another thing Let’s say you have an electric kettle at home
That’s 700 watts a day Now, let’s say ten million kettles
That’s seven million kilowatts! Leave the kettle on for an hour
That’s six 1.1-million kilowatt generators going full blast
Isn’t that something?
So you don’t have to set a home generator
Cut your energy use by a third
You cut nuclear by a third
That’s what we can start tomorrow
If you didn't say anything in this country, it is counted as "yes"
Say "No", "We don't want it"
Tell them, "We are furious!"
Wherever you are, even if it were small
Let's raise our voice!
Even a worm will turn
We look like worms to them
We can turn it back
If we gathered, we can make it bigger
To fight back against money and power, we must get together and be united
Don't underestimate us!
Show them our citizens' power!
Thank you very much
We'll keep doing this in our own unique way
subtitles by JG and Studio Gajumaru